Do you believe in the possible existence of aliens?

What would happen if we happened to meet some aliens?

Do aliens abduct humans?

Rivi/Men in Black
Rivi/Star TrekThere's a great big universe of potential out there!

V.L. Jennings believes that science fiction is primarily about asking questions (in other words- speculating), and secondly about exploring the universe with those questions in tow. 

Mrs. Jennings wants to encourage people of all ages, to keep asking questions and try to see things from different angles. Never stop exploring the hows and whys of the universe around you. This is where the real wisdom comes from and how our human potential grows!



As she breaks the bonds of reality to explore new frontiers!

Rivi/ fourth Doctor and K-9 Come on in and join the fun! There are fun short adventures in her blog to read and fan extras sprinkled around for you to check out as well!

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