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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Writing Update and Sneak Peek

Map for Visionary From The Stars

I HAVE been working on the sequel to the Alien Mind like I promised. I just have everything on paper for now as I've been writing at doctors appointments and while waiting before interviews (I keep my resume's in a leather folder with a few clean sheets of paper and a pencil just in case). Unfortunately, this means I don't have a sneak peak from the sequel ready to share yet. AWWWWW!  I know! I'm sorry!

However, I HAVE been having some success with editing/rewriting Visionary From The Stars here lately (my second book and NOT related to The Alien Mind). I'm currently about halfway through the manuscript (FINALLY!). It took me forever to get here!

Meantime I have alternated between wanting to toss out my map and subsequently realizing I drew it that way on purpose at least half a dozen times. This map may not make it into the final book, I draw to keep myself organized when describing a scene. I do however include these drawings on the Fan Extras section for each book which can be found listed on the Books tab above.

So, since I can't give you a piece of the sequel (Darn! It is getting good too!), for this week's sneak peek, I'll give you a piece of Visionary! I hope you enjoy it, feel free to tell me what you think!

Also, I'd LOVE to hear what you are working on! Doesn't have to be writing related. Anyone doing any projects this summer? Tell us about them in the comments!


“There should be a small stream coming up soon,” Chris stated while walking and peering into his MTD screen. Focused on the screen, he bumped into Laurie. Mumbling an apology he put his computer away and paid attention to the path.

“We should find two more members waiting for us on the other side of the stream.” Bushwhacker informed them.

 Upon reaching the stream, they crossed on natural stepping-stones they found midstream. When they reached the opposite bank, there was no sign of the expected ECOPs. 

“Where are they?” Chris asked.

Bushwhacker was scanning the forest edge stream bed with careful scrutiny.

“Perhaps we should signal them?” Laurie suggested.

“Yes, I suppose so. They’re probably just late,” Bushwhacker replied with a nod.

All three ECOPs took out their tegars from their belts, extended them with two shakes of their wrists, and commenced generating the signal. Two iguanas came dashing from the woods. They too were making the call in response. As the group came together, they each put away their tegars. The iguanas bent over panting and laughing, their hands on their scaly knees.

After they caught their breath, they both straightened up and introduced themselves.

“I’m Mon,”

“I’m Nom,”

“Sorry we’re late,” they chirped in unison, 

“Chameleons had farmland disputes,” 

“We just managed to get it all settled.”

Bushwhacker smiled and nodded, “Quite understandable, it is farming season for the chameleons. Whirlp expected something like that to come up… Mon, Nom, this is Laurie Kingston and Chris Hagan,”

“A pleasure,”

“To meet you,” said Mon and Nom smiling.

The brothers were identical, Laurie noticed, from the way the ridges above their eyes curved to the pattern in the scales down their chests. They both had orange spines running down their backs and multiple black rings down their tails. The tips of their tails were the only physical trait Laurie noticed a difference in; one was black the other green. The brother who had identified himself as Mon wore a red braided bracelet around his right arm.

“You two are twins!” Laurie exclaimed with a laugh.

“You are also iguanas, like Tarpin, if I’m not mistaken,” Chris added.

The way Mon and Nom kept jumping and hopping around, it was hard to tell.

“Right and,”

“Right again!” The twin brothers answered as they continued dancing in place on their tiptoes. 

 The children laughed.

“We thought Tarpin,” Mon started.

“Would  be joining us.” Nom finished.

“He will join us at the meeting,” Bushwhacker answered.

The twins stopped dancing and started doing arm circles.

“We should probably make camp now,” Bushwhacker continued, looking toward the setting sun.

Chris and Laurie went off to look for edible plants while the twins went to look for firewood. 

Bushwhacker put together a fire ring with rocks from the riverbed.

Soon after everyone had eaten, the twins stretched out on the riverbank and fell into a watchful sleep. 

Bushwhacker and the children sat beside a merrily crackling fire.

“Are Mon and Nom always this energetic?” Laurie asked. 

“They have their days. Mon and Nom can be serious when duty calls. Even so, you haven’t seen the worst of it. I’m just glad the Chameleons had the sense not to let them anywhere near their sugar cane; now that makes them hyper!” Bushwhacker answered.

Chris chuckled as he found himself trying to imagine Mon and Nom more energetic than they were today.


Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Game Of Hunger Or Life

The Ramp
The Ramp
 Originally started by Lillie McFerrin, this week I have picked my own picture with which to challenge myself to write a 5 sentence story.

Here goes:

Winter was coming and hunger would soon be upon the country; it was time to play the game of life to count those who would be chosen to make the ultimate sacrifice. Walking to the edge of the ramp, three year old Publisher dropped the smooth stone ball and the crowd behind him held their breaths as they watched the ball roll down, down, down, the winding pathway into the cave at the bottom of the hill. The crowd waited in silence as the bowling pins in the cave were counted with the toll of a bell- one, two, three, four, five...meant five thousand. Henry turned toward his parents expecting praise and cheering, instead he found them crying into his Grandmother's shoulders. She was one of the 5000 who's number was up.

By the way? Did you find the secret word? 

This week's clue is: What kind of name is that?!

Based on the secret word, do you think you know what the secret phrase is? The secret phrase opens the first door which contains special secret goodies from Stacy Garrett who is currently trying to promote her new book The Door with an indigogo campaign . It truly is an amazing project that deserves to be supported! Gorgeous original photos illustrate this amazing fairytale story! You can find a list of other sites hosting other pieces of this week's secret phrase over on Stacy's facebook page or on "The Door" link on her website!

If you have figured out what this week's secret phrase is... enter it here and thanks for playing the game with us!:!the-door/tqu6j 

"The Ramp" photo credit: Aerial View via photopin (license)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Imposter

(My first attempt at sci-fi romance, pg-13 friendly- This is an experiment, I'd really appreciate if you'd let me know what you thought ;)

The breeze rustled the leaves on the trees while Talia focused in on every sound, listening for any indication of the return of her husband. Her knights would be stranded on this mercenary planet if they didn't fight their way through the ruins to the portal cave soon. She knew the solar flares would keep the portal inactive for another six weeks.

Talia breathed deep trying to loosen the knot in her throat. Something had gone wrong… she didn't want to abandon him...

A twig snapped underfoot. She turned to find Sir Richard, his concern leaking through his stoic gaze.

"Talia, we are running out of time, are we staying or making an attempt on the gate?" Sir Richard asked.

"We move, Daren knew when we had to leave, we've waited as long as we can." The authority in her voice crackled slightly.

Taking a moment to sweep her hair back up and don her white masked helmet, she waved her men forward and they crept down toward the stone ruins. The grass was slick under their combat boots. Little pieces of grass clung to their armored pants as they made their way forward.

Suddenly a cacophony of battle cries alerted them to their enemy’s presence within the ruins. Talia looked up just in time to see a figure dressed in a black from head to toe climb to the top of a rock wall in the midst of the ruins. He stood brandishing the mercenary flag at her approaching party.

Her husband had worn the mantle of the Black Knight, and here this imposter stood mocking her! Rage welled up within her, deafening her ears and narrowing her focus as she ran off after the scum. She didn’t stop as the enemy poured out from behind the stones attempting to surround her. Her knights, struggling to keep up with her, were already keeping them otherwise engaged. Nothing stood between her and the Black Knight imposter now!

Near the center of the ruins, the grass turned to voice which caked against her boots and spattered the hem of her white skirt. The scowl of disgust for this imposter deepened as the earthy smell of the voice assaulted her nose.

 The sound of a clearing throat caused her to whirl around, her sword held defensively in front of her.
“White Lady,” The man swept his sword free hand in a mock bow.

His mouth angled into an amused smirk and his eyes narrowed under the mask that hid the upper half of his face and hair. She lunged at him, momentarily surprising him with the rage that fueled the strength behind her sword.

“How DARE you take on his mantle you Evian scum!” Talia spat.

“You’ll regret your choice of words!” The black knight called over the sounds of battle before rushing again at her.

A few smooth movements of the wrist and the imposter had managed to disarm her, as only her husband had ever managed to do. She spared a fearful glance in the direction of her sword only to find it buried hilt high in the ground. Even if she made a desperate lunge she wouldn’t be fast enough.

The imposter in black advanced on Talia and within two steps her back met the damp stone wall. The Black Knight held the flat of his blade across her chest as his body moved in closer to pin her to the wall. She turned her chin away from the point of his sword as the warmth of his breath brushed against her cheek.

His free hand forced her face back towards his; his hand feeling like fire to her chilled skin. She glared at him but He leaned in any way to whisper close to her ear. Her mind raced frantically as she looked over his shoulder at the rest of her knights seemingly so far away, all locked in battle. There was no one to help her.

“I believe I warned you that you would regret your words…” The man in black purred his icy threat into her ear.

He backed off her chest slightly, giving her room once more to breathe.

His sword slipped down her chest and in one swift movement he took her face in both of his hands and pressed his mouth to hers forcefully. Talia froze. His sword fell between them and clattered off the top of her armored boots. Her mind whirled as his warmth, force, and the musky scent of his sweat coated armor assaulted her senses. The stubble on his face pricked her cheek snapping her back to her senses.

 Her shock and anger drove renewed adrenalin into her veins giving her the strength to shove back her attacker. She quickly bent to grab the Black Knight’s sword from her feet and thrust the sharpened end in his direction. Her aim faltered though. She had reached up in disgust to wipe his saliva from her mouth but as her fingertips paused at her lips she realized her mistake.
“Daren?” She choked.

The Black Knight smiled with relief as he tore off his masked helmet.

“I was afraid you weren’t going to recognize me,” He replied.

Talia dropped the sword and threw herself into his embrace.

“How’d you?” She stuttered.

“I couldn’t make it back without going through one of the mercenary encampments so I made them believe I was a turncoat who wanted to join their forces- then I got stationed to guard these ruins. I still don’t think they’ve even recognized me yet!”

Talia buried her face into Daren’s armored suit. “I was afraid we were going to have to leave you behind.”

Daren hugged her close one last time and then pulled her out at arm’s length, studying her. “How about we go give our guys a hand?” He suggested.

Talia shot him an impish grin. “These mercenary guards aren’t going to know what hit them!”

Daren retrieved Talia’s sword before they both charged back into the melee.

By the way? Did you find the secret word? 

This week's clue is: Look at the ground at the center of the ruins. Something's not right...

Based on the secret word, do you think you know what the secret phrase is? The secret phrase opens the first door which contains special secret goodies from Stacy Garrett who is currently trying to promote her new book The Door with an indigogo campaign . It truly is an amazing project that deserves to be supported! Gorgeous original photos illustrate this amazing fairytale story! You can find a list of other sites hosting other pieces of this week's secret phrase over on Stacy's facebook page or on "The Door" link on her website!

If you have figured out what this week's secret phrase is... enter it here and don't forget to come back next week for the next hint!:!the-door/tqu6j 

(Ruins photo credit: Baram ancient synagogue via photopin (license)

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Patricia's House Guests

Patricia was watching her neighbor's children for a few weeks during the summer. Alice and Jason hadn't had a vacation in a few years, she knew they'd appreciate her help.

"Whats a few weeks?" Patricia thought to herself as Benny, the littlest, proceeded to dig a hole in the middle of her favorite flower bed. "That'll be a bath tonight!" She mumbled to herself.

She picked up Benny and directed him to a clear section of dirt that didn't contain flowers before turning to check on the other two.

"What on earth are you doing?" Patricia asked Dot, the eldest, who was running around in circles with a stick she had found under the old oak tree. 

'If only a stick could solve all MY problems!' Patricia chuckled to herself.

A duck ran through Patricia's legs in a panic closely followed by Toby, the only blond one of the trio. The ducks all quacked frantically and lose feathers fluttered around the yard.

"Come now Toby! Don't scare the ducks so!" Patricia called.

Toby slowed down and turned to grin back at Patricia. Patricia rolled her eyes. It was so hard to stay upset with any of them! A bit of a breeze picked up and pulled at the edge of Patricia's wrap. Benny jumped up in surprise as the sound of distant thunder rolled across the sky. Dot, on the other hand, paid no mind to the approaching storm until the rain started to fall.

"We better go in guys!" Patricia called, throwing her wrap over her head as she ran toward the porch. Toby, Dot, and Benny swiftly ran after her, pausing for just a moment on the porch to shake the rain off of them before they followed patricia inside to dry off. 

Patricia passed around the towels to dry them off before all three curled up beside her on the couch to watch the rain make a mess of the yard. The ducks looked happy enough to have the puddles all to themselves. Toby followed their antics intently while making pictures on the window with his cold nose. Another round of thunder gently shook the house and Benny and Dot snuggled in closer. The rain continued to fall, she knew it wouldn't be long before the three of them would fall asleep... right here, in her lap.

"Maybe it would be nice to have some dogs of my own around here..." Patricia pondered. 

*(photo credit: rain and blue pot via photopin (license)

By the way? Did you find the secret word? 

This week's clue is: "It would be mean to call them dogs!"

Based on the secret word, do you think you know what the secret phrase is? The secret phrase opens the first door which contains special secret goodies from Stacy Garrett who is currently trying to promote her new book The Door with an indigogo campaign . It truly is an amazing project that deserves to be supported! Gorgeous original photos illustrate this amazing fairytale story! You can find a list of other sites hosting other pieces of this week's secret phrase over on Stacy's facebook page or on "The Door" link on her website!

If you have figured out what this week's secret phrase is... enter it here and don't forget to come back next week for the next hint!:!the-door/tqu6j 


This Week's News:  PDMI's Marketing Director called to let me know two days ago that the Hilton Head Island (SC) Barnes and Noble has ordered copies of my book to put on their shelves! I'm super stoked! This is the second Barnes and Noble confirmation I've received!  Just a reminder, I'll be at the Magnolia Mall Barnes and Noble in Florence SC on July 26th for a signing. Rumor has it that Rivi may even show up with me to take pictures with visitors!  

If any of you spot my book "The Alien Mind" out in the wild, please take a picture of it for me! I'd love to see how far it is going!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dancing Among The Stars on New Years Eve

Earth and MoonLucy was dressed in a completely inappropriate shade of pink for this formal black tie New Years Eve party. When her sister had promised to fulfill her wish to see the world she was not expecting a trip like this and had totally not packed the right outfits. Among a glittering sea of ankle length black sparkly dresses and penguin suits the breakout actress of the year was dressed in a knee length salmon strapless number that was bound to turn heads, just not in the way she hoped.

"Don't do anything stupid!" Her manager had warned her. "I'd LIKE to be able to get you a second gig!"

Now how am I going to explain this? 

Lucy blushed and stared down at her feet which while yet another couple danced past her with mouths agape. She'd tried to tone the outfit down with a string of her grandmother's pearls and dainty black high heels. Her legs were so long though that she doubted that it even made a difference.

 She'd never wanted to disappear this badly in her whole life!

"You know the trick to pulling off a bright colored outfit?"

Lucy whirled to face the person who had snuck up on her. The man sported a three day old scruff that Lucy found terribly attractive. A black semi formal jacket with a white button down shirt untucked over a pair of black kakhis added to the look that suggested that he'd been shanghaied into coming to this party.

"The trick is to act like the party is being thrown just for you." The man answered, "You're Lucy Sumter right?"

"Yes, I am." He's handsome, my luck he's probably paparazzi. Lucy wanted so badly to hide.

"You just starred in the highest grossing film this century, You should be out there on the floor as if you owned the place!" The man cooed.

The man held out his elbow and Lucy took it wordlessly.

He led her out past the center of the dance floor. Lucy looked quizzically up at him, wondering why they had not picked a spot to dance yet.

"I thought you'd appreciate the view." He smiled at her and pointed to the great big window in front of them.

"Isn't it just stars?"

"Well, yes, and no... Look down,"

Lucy's heart gave a terrible jolt as she saw the large blue orb of the Earth hanging below their feet. She was terrified of heights!

"Awesome! I was hoping you two would get along!" Lucy's sister Nancy announced as she approached the pair of them.

Lucy looked first at her sister in complete shock and then blushed as she realized she was clutching the shirt of the man she had just met.

She peered nervously once more at the glittering swirling blue planet beneath them.

"You know, I don't think you told me your name." Lucy quickly brushed the wrinkles from his shirt.

"Um," He managed.

"Andrew. His name's Andrew," Nancy exclaimed with an impish chuckle.


**Photo Credit: Mother Earth via photopin (license)
First sentence prompt: 'I was dressed in a completely inappropriate shade of pink'
Protagonist Prompt: Laurie, the famous actress
Goal Prompt: To see the world
Subject: New Years Eve
Word Limit: < 500
This one tops out right at 500 words.

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Friday, December 18, 2015

I need your help! Name that program!

I need a name for a program that checks the chemical and elemental composition of an object in space. something that would check to see if there were any lifeforms or potential for life forms... any ideas? If your idea is chosen I will be sure to add your name to the acknowledgement section of the book when it is published!

8554367793 ed17a7277f

Visionary From The Stars, sneak peak excerpt for reference: (Bare in mind that this is a non edited excerpt)

Jean realized in awe that a comet was coming slowly into her view. She spared a few seconds to peel her eyes away from the viewscreen to make sure her instruments were recording the comet’s majestic passing. Sure enough, they were all doing what they were supposed to do. Crediting the [previous to this passage] strange signal to her bored imagination, Jean welcomed the chance to observe the passing comet. 

Jean crossed over to another window to get a better view and realized the “comet” didn’t look quite right. It was round, but instead of the usual comma tail, five spire-like objects extruded from its sides bending backward to meet and produce a fiery tail. Uneasiness filled her stomach. Jean jumped as the (Insert Name Of Program) sent out an alarm. She ran around the center circle and rounded on the culprit computer console. Jean frowned as she realized what the huge load of information scrolling down the blue glowing screen was trying to tell her. Horrified and mystified, she turned to the viewscreen across the room. 

What is this thing? 

Slowly the comet’s pace slowed until it matched her own ship’s relative speed. The comet turned slowly towards her ship, beginning its approach. Confused, Jean looked back and forth between the nearest computer terminals. One of them began screaming a proximity alarm. Six others sent out computerized voice messages meant to alert Jean to the comet’s possible time to impact, probable future course, and various choices of evasive actions to choose from.

 “Impossible!” She exclaimed, aloud, to the viewscreen. 

Comets just don’t change direction like that!

##End Excerpt##

photo credit: Comet C/2011 L4 Through Telescope via photopin (license)
Photo is not intended for the book.


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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Deleted Scene- Hades POV from Kaitlin Bevis

Today I am bringing to you a deleted scene from a Facebook friend of mine, Kaitlin Bevis, from her newly released book 'Persephone'!

But first... a little about the book:

One day Persephone is an ordinary high school senior working at her mom’s flower shop in Athens, Georgia. The next she’s fighting off Boreas, the brutal god of Winter, and learning that she’s a bonafide goddess—a rare daughter of the now-dead Zeus. Her goddess mom whisks her off to the Underworld to hide until Spring.

There she finds herself under the protection of handsome Hades, the god of the dead, and she’s automatically married to him. It’s the only way he can keep her safe. Older, wiser, and far more powerful than she, Hades isn’t interested in becoming her lover, at least not anytime soon. But every time he rescues her from another of Boreas’ schemes, they fall in love a little more. Will Hades ever admit his feelings for her?

Can she escape the grasp of Boreas’ minions? The Underworld is a very cool place, but is it worth giving up her life in the realm of the living? Her goddess powers are developing some serious, kick-butt potential. She’s going to fight back.

- If you visit you will find links to where you can find the book, apparently its also in audio format!

Deleted Scene- Hades Point Of View:

She was beautiful. Hades hadn’t expected that. Silly really, the daughter of Zeus and Demeter would hardly be plain. He wasn’t sure what he had been expecting as he tore his way through the earth. He hadn’t taken the time to think, had only been advised of what was happening above his realm, and acted.

She held her head high as the ice retreated. Her fists clenched in defiance as her white dress swirled around her petite frame. She had to be frightened. He could almost see her pulse hammering in her throat. Still, she stood calmly facing his chariot as he drew to a halt.

He felt as though he was seeing the sun for the first time. Had she only been beautiful, he would have been able to tear his gaze away from her. He had seen no shortage of beauties in his long and lonely existence. Helen of Troy, Andromeda, even Oreithyia could not have matched this girl for beauty. It was the purity and intelligence sparkling from her cypress green eyes that held him captive. That she was still standing spoke of immeasurable bravery to say nothing of that defiantly clenched fist.

He loomed over her, in his black chariot. He was trapped in her gaze, unable to move forward. His mind kept repeating an endless refrain of thanks that he had not been too late. Another thought kept edging to the forefront of his brain. He tried to shove it back unsuccessfully.

He had to have her.

That she would complicate his life beyond measure was of no importance. Demeter would be furious. If this begat a war with the few gods left, so be it. Cassandra had warned him this would happen one day.

Gods help him; he’d thought she was kidding.

About The Author:

Kaitlin Bevis spent her childhood curled up with a book and a pen. If the ending didn’t agree with her, she rewrote it. Because she’s always wanted to be a writer, she spent high school and college learning everything she could to achieve that goal. After graduating college with a BFA and Masters in English, Kaitlin went on to write The Daughters of Zeus series.

Twitter: @kaitlinbevis
Facebook Page:
Google Plus: 

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Alien Mind VBT Post: Rivi's First Abilities- Flash Fiction

Yesterday my virtual book tour for The Alien Mind took me to the site of author Skye Hegyes. I wrote up a flash fiction piece detailing Rivi's adventure in discovering her first abilities. This particular flash fiction takes place before the events in The Alien Mind. I hope you enjoy it! You can find Rivi's story here:

And please don't forget- The Alien Mind (paperback) is available for pre-order! Those who order in time to get their copy for the release party July 10th and post a picture to of them holding the book (or e-book) will be entered into a drawing for a special prize!

Pre-order your copy of The Alien Mind today! 
  Skye 6-26-15

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bad Idea- Flash Fiction

By: Etta Jean

"At what point is this a bad idea?" Eliana asked her cousin warily as they crept outside the castle walls.

"At the point where Alex and Maduin find us and yell at us." Mai felt no fear as she trudged into the trees. She had wanted to go exploring, and at thirteen, she was finally starting to really develop in her angelic gifts.

Eliana didn't feel quite so confident. Not that she didn't have faith in her magical gifts as a Wizard, or her younger cousin's gifts as a Shaman, but, well, she always felt a tiny bit more comfortable when Maduin or Alexander was around to babysit. "At the risk of being the voice of reason, I kinda don't think we should have ditched our guardians. Also, Alexander knows everything you do, Maitena. He's going to tan your hide."

 "If he can catch me."

 "He'll clip your wings and have no problem."

 "For the love of the elements, Eli, you wanted to explore too!" Mai swung around on a glower. "Just go back if you're uneasy."

 "And leave you alone? Oh, hell, no. Then my hide is toast." She closed her eyes on a sigh as a growl rose on the air. "Do I get to say I told you so?"

Mai turned quickly and scowled as several monstrous beasts lumbered out of the trees.

Her sword appeared in her hand, and though her heart tripped madly, she kept her nerves down. She had to protect Eliana. Wizards were much squishier than their Warrior and Shaman counterparts. "You blast. I stab."

Eliana drew her wand and gulped back a yelp as a beast lunged at her. Mai cut it down first and then went after the others. Eliana started casting Sun spells, and the energy blasts either obliterated beasts entirely or made them easier for Mai to kill. The cousins seemed to be winning, but Mai looked a bit bloody. She did not have time to heal herself.

One beast made it past Mai and knocked Eliana flat. She threw her arms over her face as it lunged for her, but it never landed. She cautiously lowered her arms and saw a familiar figure standing in front of her. He turned and narrowed his red eyes on her, and she gulped.

"Uhm. Hi, Maduin."

Mai thought she had gotten all the beasts only to hear a growl and jerk around sharply. The monster never reached her; a bullet took it down first. She slowly turned around and found her guardian looming behind her, and his violet eyes had turned black with fury. She winced as she realized the sight she made. "Uhm."

"We found the point where it was a bad idea," her cousin muttered. "And I definitely told you so."


~ Thank you for reading! This story comes to you from a dear friend of mine! She is celebrating the release of her newest novela called Shadow On The Sea. While the story you just read above is not actually IN the book it IS about two of the characters in the book. Think of it sort of like a deleted scene! 

I know it has been about a week or so since my last post. My school started and I am preparing for a Sci Fi Convention so I have been a bit busy. I hope to get back to blogging regularly by June though, once I get into the swing of these electrical engineering courses. 

We hope you enjoyed the mini story and please take a moment to check out Etta's links before you leave! ~


Shadow On The Sea

The world of Ceres has been ruled for millennia by the winged race known as Lightlings. When the Chalice Kingdom celebrates the birth of the next crown princess, they have no idea just what events have been set into motion. The beautiful angel has a special, shadowy, gift, and only by learning to control it will she be able to claim the lover rightfully hers by destiny, and save her world from an evil bent on consuming them all.

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Rocks Are Not Alive- Flash Fiction

MB Balances RocksEdward knelt, trying to console his crying son. Jacob held his knee and rocked back and forth, tears making streaks down his dusty cheeks.

 “Son, I told you not to run out here, there are too many rocks.” Edward said, carefully trying to hold his voice steady. 

A trail of blood ran down Jacob’s knee and pooled around the rock beside him.

 “Jacob, please let me see your knee. I can’t stop the bleeding until you let me see your knee!” Edward pulled his son’s bloody hands away from his knee.

 Pulling out a cloth from his pocket he wiped away the blood only to realize that his son’s knee wasn’t even cut. Sure, a little red maybe... but there was no injury to be seen.

 “Odd.” Edward looked at the pool of blood that had collected around the rock. “Jacob, can you tell me what happened?” 

“I... tripped, on that rock, coming up the hill.” Jacob said between sniffles.

 Edward picked up Jacob’s foot and inspected every inch of his leg.

 “Nope no injury.” He commented matter of factually, tousling his son’s dusty hair. “Slow down, next time ok.”

 “But dad, where did the blood come from then if it wasn’t mine?”

 “Did you notice it on the ground on your way up here?” Edward asked. Jacob shook his head. 

“Hmm... maybe we should take some of the blood back to your mom, there’s some on this rock here.” Edward passed the rock to Jacob who held it gingerly with disgust. “Mom can put it through the scanner and figure out where the blood came from.”

 Back at the campsite Edward’s wife had set up a laboratory in one of the big orange tents. Recon had sent them to catalog the species indigenous to the planet to see if it was a candidate for terraforming. Edward placed the blood drizzled rock on a plate and slid it across the table to his wife who was intently peering into a microscope.

 “Take a look at this honey. This is the oddest thing I have seen in a long time.” Edward said, waving his hand under the microscope to get his wife’s attention.

 Marrisa eyed the rock out of the corner of her eye and rolled her eyes in exasperation. “You and your rocks! Must you bring them in here? And what’s up with the bloody mess all over it anyhow?”

“Thats what I wanted you to see! I just ran a few tests on it. The bleed is coming from the rock!” Edward explained.

 “Rocks don’t bleed dear.” Marrisa said chuckling, “It’s probably Jacob playing a joke on you again.”
“Watch.” Edward insisted. He picked up the rock and gently wiped it clean with a soft cloth.

The rock clinked against the plate as he set it down once again. Marrisa eyed him suspiciously. Then suddenly she heard it!

Marrisa’s eyes widened in shock as she realized a delicate song was coming from the rock. Almost as if in gratitude.

photo credit: MB Balances Rocks via photopin (license) 

This post is part of the 52 week flash fiction challenge on facebook
Week 7 word prompt: Bleed
Word Limit: 20- 500
This one tops out right at 500 words.

This one is a bit late (was due last friday) but I took a bit of a break after the AtoZchallenge to catch my bearings again.
Readers: How do you think you would react if you were suddenly faced with real life aliens? Would you be shocked? Scared? Would you panic? What if the aliens were part of the very ground you were walking on?

Thursday, April 30, 2015

XYZ: Dietary Needs During Intergalactic Travel- Flash Fiction

 Pam spotted her friend as soon as she walked through the mess hall doors.

 “When did you come aboard!” Pam asked.

 “Just a few hours ago. I had to get some things set up in my quarters first.” Gail replied.

 “Oh no worries! Where are you headed this time?”

 “Mmm, I’m thinking I’d like to be let off someplace warm and unindustrialized.”

 “Eros perhaps?” Pam suggested.

 “Yeah, Eros might do the trick. I dunno, I’ll know the planet when I see it.” Gail answered while signaling the ship’s concierge.

 “Yes, ma’am, what would you care for this evening?” The concierge asked politely.

 Gail shook her head, taken aback.

 “Evening?” She said with a sigh, “Great now I’ll have to readjust my sleep cycles again.”

 “Water please,” she added, remembering the concierge who promptly headed off to fetch her water. 

“Aren’t you the least bit hungry? Here try one of these apples, we just got in a shipment of them from the colonies!” Pam suggested as she grabbed a yellow apple from the basket on the table behind her. “Just smell the zestfulness of it!”

 Gail took the apple, and sniffed it hesitantly. Pam eyed her curiously.

 “What are you doing?” She asked.

 “Does this apple have xylitol in it? I’m highly allergic to xylitol.” Gail said.

 “What? What’s that?” Pam asked confused.

 “From the colonies huh; I’m assuming its host plant was genetically modified to survive in different environments. Ugh, nope, that means it does have xylitol in it.” Gail answered.

Pam laughed.

“Gail, almost all of the food we eat nowadays has been genetically modified! How do you survive if you can’t eat it?”

 “Your water ma’am,” The concierge said, offering Gail the glass of water which she promptly drank.

 “I am sorta hungry though, come on Pam, I’ll show you how I eat!”

 Pam followed Gail out of the mess hall and down to her quarters.

 “The captain was a little reluctant to allow me to bring my entourage but I told her that I would set it all up myself so the crew wouldn’t have to.”

Gail explained to Pam before opening the door into her quarters. The door swished open to reveal the fact that half of Gails room had been taken over by a plastic sheet room of some sort. Pam looked at her friend as though she was considering referring her to the ship’s doctor for a mental examination.

 Gail walked into the room and unzipped the door into the plastic tent and Pam followed her. Out of habit Pam fluffed her hair as the humidity rose once she stepped through the second doorway. She gasped once she saw what was on the other side!

 Trees and plants of all kinds! Carefully grown and manicured to produce just enough food for one person.

 “Now THAT’s zest!” Gail said, tossing a fragrant yellow apple from a nearby mini tree over to Pam. “No additives, no genetic tampering, and no xylitol!”

 photo credit: Greenhouse via photopin (license)


I am terribly sorry, I got behind on two days of stories this week and JUST realized that today is the last day for the Blogging From AtoZ challenge!

So, today's post was inspired by X Y and  Z! 
 X is for: Zylitol, Y is for Yellow Apple, and Z is for zipper   all part of the Blogging from A to Z April 2015 challenge! Click on the letters to join on in the fun!

Every day this past month (excluding Sundays- and the past two days I also missed) I wrote a post about something that begins with the letter for that day. Most of the time it was a sci-fi flash fiction piece and the occasional 5 sentence fiction.
* I've really enjoyed this challenge- but I've discovered that blogging every day may not be for me. I will certainly continue to bring you new flash fiction but I think I may be scaling it back to 2-3 times a week tops. WHEW!

For Readers: What is your favorite fruit? If you could bring its plant along with you on a space ship, would you?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

W: Everyone Needs Water- Flash Fiction

When nothing will do“You are weak and worse yet, you do not even realize you are weak!” The Aruk named 12 hissed at a group of children as he marched them along a grueling sandy terrain.

 Back inside the station the Aruk leader, called 1, glared through the window as he watched the children’s progress. 

“Why haven’t they given up by now?” 1 asked his 2nd in command beside him.

 “They’ve only been here for just a short time sir, but we do need to figure out how to break the human species’ spirit soon if we are going to have a chance at winning the war in the future.” 2 replied, his body flickering and never gaining solid form.

 1 huffed. 1 knew, being a temporal histographer, 2 could see how much longer they had if they had any hopes of changing their future.

 “This species gaining our powers is NOT in our best interest. If they fight this hard now to keep going, they would have been an unstoppable foe if they had been allowed to develop to their full potential on their home planet.” 1 said, his voice dark and brooding.

 Outside, the children were growing tired and thirsty. The sun high in the sky burned on their exposed skin. Still the Aruk guards shoved them on.

 A young boy by the name of Nathan stumbled a little in the sand. His guard shoved him and ordered him to keep up. His mind felt like jello, his stomach churned in the heat, his muscled weak from dehydration and yet he continued on.

 I won’t be the one to cause my friends pain because I failed the test, Nathan thought about the rest of his friends still back in the cells.

 If only I had some water!

 Spreading his arms out beside him, being careful not to disturb his fellow runners, he wished for a breeze to take away the heat.

 Or maybe even some rain! 

There was no rain or even the slightest breeze on this desolate planet the Aruk lived on though. Nathan’s eye was suddenly drawn to the forehead of the Aruk guard running beside them where sweat beaded on his purple skin. The guard wiped his three fingered hand across the red and black tattoo’s and flicked the sweat to the ground.

 Water! Nathan’s mind reeled.

He stopped running and held his hands out toward the guard in desperation.

 1 leaned closer to the window and watched in horror as the purple skin of one of his guards faded with almost instant dehydration. The guard stumbled back horrified. 1 waved his hand over the window to open it and called out to his guards.

 “Dispose of him quickly!” He ordered, The children mustn't be allowed to develop those powers!

The guards circled around the children and two guards pulled the kicking and screaming boy from their midst.

 “How, in the midst of all this, did he manage to develop the ability of a healer?” 1 demanded of 2 after he closed the window once more.

 2 didn’t answer. His form flickered even more feverishly now as he scanned the timeline.

 “Don’t dispose of him just yet,” 2 told the guards as they dragged the terrified boy past them. “Sir, the timeline has changed. If we can develop these humans’ abilities we can use them to fight FOR us in the coming war!”

This flash fiction piece takes place before the events of The Alien Mind. Just something I am working on to help me analyze my antagonists motivations and frame of mind. Bear in mind that none of this is edited or finalized- just me doing some free range writing ;)

photo credit: When nothing will do via photopin (license)

Today's post was also inspired by the letter W. W is for:   as part of the Blogging from A to Z April 2015 challenge! Click on the letter to join on in the fun!

Every day (excluding sundays) I will be writing a post about something that begins with the letter for that day. Most of the time you will find a sci-fi flash fiction piece here.

For Readers: I leave you with this quote: The best weapon is your mind. Without it you are defenseless. Without it you are weak and worse yet you do not even realize you are weak.

Tell us about a time that some fast thinking got you out of trouble...

Monday, April 27, 2015

V: The Vision Of A Futurity Histographer- Flash Fiction

Brown Fern
It starts with a vision. A youngling thrashes in his bed. A nightmare encroaching on his sleep. His nightmares usually involved getting lost, falling down a hole, or being stuck in a burning building. Things every normal youngling would be afraid of. This nightmare is different.

 A species he didn’t recognize, Two legs, two arms, and pale skin, stood with other members of his kind. They had defaced their head tattoo’s, committing sacrilege, to mark themselves as outcasts. Here they stood with this pale faced boy encouraging him to burn their world. The pale faced boy raises his hands and the air around the youngling tingles. Death spreads out from the pale faced boy like a plague. Trees and plants all wither and crumble. Friends fall and turn to dust. The youngling runs. The pale one advances towards him.

 The youngling trips and falls, cringing as he knows that this faulty step may have just cost him his life. A pale skinned hand reaches down to help him up. He looks up at the young girl and is shocked to find her dressed just like his sister would. Her brown hair flutters in the breeze and her eyes glisten with sadness as she grabs his hand. She thrusts him behind her skirt and holds up her hands to push back the death the young boy is spreading.

 She’s winning! He’s backing off! She’s winning!

 In his excitement, the youngling jolted himself awake. It was all just a dream.

 Young Ankh got up from his bead and headed toward his family’s common room. He found his family sitting in chairs around a small fire floating in the center of the room.

 “Good morning my youngling,” Ruet said with a warm smile. “Sleep well?”

 Ankh shook his head no and Ruet put down the screen she was holding and opened her arms to welcome him into her lap. Ankh headed over to her and curled up in her lap, finding comfort in her embrace. Drolin peered at him over the floating fire.

 “Little one, did you have another dream?” Drolin watched his youngling carefully.

 “Yes sir, it was awful.” Ankh answered. “There were beings in it that I didn’t know. The Aruk were telling them to destroy our world.” 

“Can you tell me more about these beings you saw?” Drolin prodded.

 Young Ankh recounted the dream to his family. He described the pale skinned strangers to them, including the one dressed like his sister.

 Ruet looked up at Drolin. Drolin nodded.

 “Youngling, go get your shoes. It’s high time we take you to start your training.” Drolin said.

 “What? But I don’t haven’t taken the test yet.” Ankh argued.

 “Only a futurity histographer could dream about people they’ve never met little one,” Ruet said, pushing him from her lap and giving him a quick hug. “Now run along and do as Drolin asks. The elder futurity histographers will want to meet you right away!”

(This flash fiction is actually a precursor to The Alien Mind- me exploring some of the characters' back stories as I plan for the second book. Enjoy!)   photo credit: Brown Fern via photopin (license)

Today's post was also inspired by the letter V. V is for: Vision   as part of the Blogging from A to Z April 2015 challenge! Click on the letter to join on in the fun!

Every day (excluding sundays) I will be writing a post about something that begins with the letter for that day. Most of the time you will find a sci-fi flash fiction piece here.

For Readers: Have you ever had a dream that seemed real? Have you ever had a dream that came true (I have these all the time! It's really rather freaky)

Tell us about your most disturbing dream.


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Saturday, April 25, 2015

U: What is an Umbilical Cord- Flash Fiction

Mui ne -  Sanddüne
Christy sat on the cool rock under the shade of a strange tree. Her friend’s spaceship burning in the distance. The crash had done it, she knew it had. Far away from any birthing center and on an uninhabited planet no less.

 The tightening pains were every 4 minutes or so. Her friend dragged a piece of metal piled with everything she could salvage from the wreck.

 “Janice do you think the baby will be ok?” Christy mumbled through gritted teeth.

 “He should be old enough to survive birth, yeah,” Janice answered.

 “Did it hurt this much when you had Daren? What was it like?” Christy asked, begging Janice to distract her.

 Janice looked worriedly at their surroundings, at their meager pile of equipment, and then to Christy’s swollen tummy hidden under the floral print of Christy’s dress.

 “I didn’t have any pain at all, I checked in at the birthing center. They took care of all that. I lay down and mostly just daydreamed... watched a few vids... a few hours later looked up to see my little Daren in the nurse’s arms.”

 Christy gulped and gritted her teeth again as another particularly strong wave of pain cascaded over her.

 “Do you think something is wrong? Is it supposed to feel like this?”

 “I dunno, we were just told to go to the birthing center at a certain number of days.” Janice knelt down beside Christy and felt her tummy, “My grandmother told me that birthing used to be different but she never explained it.”

 Janice unlaced Christy’s boots and invited her to put her feet in the sand to help keep her cool. A gentle breeze blew the soft sand and the hem of her dress soothingly around her ankles. Christy let her mind wander through the swaying of the leaves in the tree above her as she rode through each new wave of pain.

 Suddenly Christy’s watch beeped at her shaking her from her zone. Irritated she unclasped it and threw it out from under the tree and into the sand before heading back into the solace of the swaying branches. Janice jumped up and chased after the watch, brushing off the sand.

 “Hello! Hello!” She cried. “Yes, Kipling 1 we heard your distress call. Do you need assistance?” A voice called over the watch through the static.

 “Janice!!!” Christy cried out loudly, arching her back with a particularly large contraction.

 “Yes, I need to get my friend to a birthing center immediately!” Janice answered in a panic.

 “Ma’am, from the sounds of things it is a bit too late for that. The baby is coming already. You have two things to remember:
  •  Keep momma comfortable 
  • And tie off the umbilical cord so the baby doesn’t bleed to death."
 Janice looked at her friend in fear. Why oh WHY didn’t they teach you how to do this in parenting classes! What in the universe is an umbilical cord!

->photo credit: Mui ne - Sanddüne - Vietnam via photopin (license) <-

Today's post was also inspired by the letter U. U is for: Umbilical   as part of the Blogging from A to Z April 2015 challenge! Click on the letter to join on in the fun!

Every day (excluding sundays) I will be writing a post about something that begins with the letter for that day. Most of the time you will find a sci-fi flash fiction piece here.

This post is ALSO part of the 52 week flash fiction challenge on facebook
Week 5 word prompt: Bleed
Word Limit: 20- 500
This one tops out right at  491 words.

For Readers: I was trying to capture a moment in time where certain things we learn today might be missed as our technology advances if we don't continue to pass down the "old ways".  What are some things now that we have "forgotten" how to do because we have technology? Do you think we can do without those lessons or do you think they are still important?