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Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Imposter

(My first attempt at sci-fi romance, pg-13 friendly- This is an experiment, I'd really appreciate if you'd let me know what you thought ;)

The breeze rustled the leaves on the trees while Talia focused in on every sound, listening for any indication of the return of her husband. Her knights would be stranded on this mercenary planet if they didn't fight their way through the ruins to the portal cave soon. She knew the solar flares would keep the portal inactive for another six weeks.

Talia breathed deep trying to loosen the knot in her throat. Something had gone wrong… she didn't want to abandon him...

A twig snapped underfoot. She turned to find Sir Richard, his concern leaking through his stoic gaze.

"Talia, we are running out of time, are we staying or making an attempt on the gate?" Sir Richard asked.

"We move, Daren knew when we had to leave, we've waited as long as we can." The authority in her voice crackled slightly.

Taking a moment to sweep her hair back up and don her white masked helmet, she waved her men forward and they crept down toward the stone ruins. The grass was slick under their combat boots. Little pieces of grass clung to their armored pants as they made their way forward.

Suddenly a cacophony of battle cries alerted them to their enemy’s presence within the ruins. Talia looked up just in time to see a figure dressed in a black from head to toe climb to the top of a rock wall in the midst of the ruins. He stood brandishing the mercenary flag at her approaching party.

Her husband had worn the mantle of the Black Knight, and here this imposter stood mocking her! Rage welled up within her, deafening her ears and narrowing her focus as she ran off after the scum. She didn’t stop as the enemy poured out from behind the stones attempting to surround her. Her knights, struggling to keep up with her, were already keeping them otherwise engaged. Nothing stood between her and the Black Knight imposter now!

Near the center of the ruins, the grass turned to voice which caked against her boots and spattered the hem of her white skirt. The scowl of disgust for this imposter deepened as the earthy smell of the voice assaulted her nose.

 The sound of a clearing throat caused her to whirl around, her sword held defensively in front of her.
“White Lady,” The man swept his sword free hand in a mock bow.

His mouth angled into an amused smirk and his eyes narrowed under the mask that hid the upper half of his face and hair. She lunged at him, momentarily surprising him with the rage that fueled the strength behind her sword.

“How DARE you take on his mantle you Evian scum!” Talia spat.

“You’ll regret your choice of words!” The black knight called over the sounds of battle before rushing again at her.

A few smooth movements of the wrist and the imposter had managed to disarm her, as only her husband had ever managed to do. She spared a fearful glance in the direction of her sword only to find it buried hilt high in the ground. Even if she made a desperate lunge she wouldn’t be fast enough.

The imposter in black advanced on Talia and within two steps her back met the damp stone wall. The Black Knight held the flat of his blade across her chest as his body moved in closer to pin her to the wall. She turned her chin away from the point of his sword as the warmth of his breath brushed against her cheek.

His free hand forced her face back towards his; his hand feeling like fire to her chilled skin. She glared at him but He leaned in any way to whisper close to her ear. Her mind raced frantically as she looked over his shoulder at the rest of her knights seemingly so far away, all locked in battle. There was no one to help her.

“I believe I warned you that you would regret your words…” The man in black purred his icy threat into her ear.

He backed off her chest slightly, giving her room once more to breathe.

His sword slipped down her chest and in one swift movement he took her face in both of his hands and pressed his mouth to hers forcefully. Talia froze. His sword fell between them and clattered off the top of her armored boots. Her mind whirled as his warmth, force, and the musky scent of his sweat coated armor assaulted her senses. The stubble on his face pricked her cheek snapping her back to her senses.

 Her shock and anger drove renewed adrenalin into her veins giving her the strength to shove back her attacker. She quickly bent to grab the Black Knight’s sword from her feet and thrust the sharpened end in his direction. Her aim faltered though. She had reached up in disgust to wipe his saliva from her mouth but as her fingertips paused at her lips she realized her mistake.
“Daren?” She choked.

The Black Knight smiled with relief as he tore off his masked helmet.

“I was afraid you weren’t going to recognize me,” He replied.

Talia dropped the sword and threw herself into his embrace.

“How’d you?” She stuttered.

“I couldn’t make it back without going through one of the mercenary encampments so I made them believe I was a turncoat who wanted to join their forces- then I got stationed to guard these ruins. I still don’t think they’ve even recognized me yet!”

Talia buried her face into Daren’s armored suit. “I was afraid we were going to have to leave you behind.”

Daren hugged her close one last time and then pulled her out at arm’s length, studying her. “How about we go give our guys a hand?” He suggested.

Talia shot him an impish grin. “These mercenary guards aren’t going to know what hit them!”

Daren retrieved Talia’s sword before they both charged back into the melee.

By the way? Did you find the secret word? 

This week's clue is: Look at the ground at the center of the ruins. Something's not right...

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(Ruins photo credit: Baram ancient synagogue via photopin (license)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Burning Emblem- Flash Fiction

photo credit: lanterns via photopin (license)
Angela’s hands slapped against the cold steel wall as she ran headlong into cobblestone alleyway. Shoving away from the wall, she barely managed to evade the light from her pursuers lanterns.

Just a little farther!

She turned down another alleyway to her right just to be met with total darkness.

Wait, what?

Angela’s breath froze in her throat as she peered into the inky blackness in front of her.

A dead end!

She whirled around. Two men illuminated by a single lantern now blocked her only means of escape.

“This’ll teach you to run!” A voice behind her jeered.

Angela heard the swish of the rope seconds before it coiled itself around her legs and pulled taunt sending her sprawling to the ground. Rough hands surrounded and restrained her despite her best efforts to yank herself free.

“Check her ankle for the mark!” A venomous voice commanded from the darkness.

The lantern bobbed closer, allowing Angela to recognize the rough twisted faces of the very men who had burned her parents’ estate to the ground just weeks ago. A bearded man snatched back the cuff of her stocking revealing the royal shield and burning arrow emblem branded into the side of her ankle. Angela tried to twist her foot free from his grasp only to be met with pain in her arms as the men at her sides tightened their grip further.

“Don’t let the criminal escape!” The venomous voice spat.

“It’s her, Argyle.” The bearded man announced.

“Congratulations men! This flailing cur has a price on her head that outweighs any of the traitors we have caught this month! Bag her up, we’ll deliver this one back to Urshelon tonight!”

Urshelon? The platforms must be active again if they’re taking me off planet! Angela’s mind wheeled in alarm.

“I’m no traitor! I’ve lived on Erasted all my life!” Angela shouted.

One of the brute’s slapped a film across her mouth sealing in her protests while they pulled a scratchy burlap bag over her entire body. A hiss and sting in her arm told her that she wouldn’t be conscious for the trip.

Angela woke on the floor of a dimly lit room. The man with the beard shredding the last of the ropes around her legs with a sharp dagger. Angela eyed the dagger warily.

“Good, you’re awake!” The man whispered.

His trembling hands hurried to cut through the ropes binding her ankles and wrists.

“You don’t have long. The clothes on the chair may not be in fashion for a lady of your station, but they will help hide your identity well enough. Leave through the window, hurry and you won’t be noticed!”

The bearded man yanked Angela to her feet and pushed her in the direction of a chair on which a mans tunic and pants lay. The man left quickly and a key clicked in the lock. Angela looked back at the pants and beyond those, the cracked open window beyond which lay her freedom.

500 word Flash Fiction
In the world of Sword Of The White Knight

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Seclusion- Five Sentence Fiction

The Island On The River by Larisa Koshkina
Originally started by Lillie McFerrin, this week I have picked my own picture and word to challenge myself with.

The challenge word for this one is Seclusion. Use the word and the picture as inspiration and write your own 5 sentence fiction. If you write it on your own blog I would LOVE to see it- or you could share it in the comments if you don't blog. I’d LOVE to see yours! Leave me the link to your 5 Sentence Fiction blog post in the comments!

Angela quietly set her bag in the center before climbing gingerly into the small boat being rocked by the gentle lapping waves of the river. Crouching low in the boat she kept and eye out for the river patrols while carefully rowing toward the portal island. The boat bottom ground into the island's shore and Angela spared one last glance at the sky decorated with its colorful haze before running into the woods. The aurora was almost over after which the portal wouldn't work for months. She was leaving behind all she knew, heading once more toward anonymity; her friends had deserted her, anonymity was her only friend now.

This is my way of hashing out a concept for The Sword Of The White Knight... I hope you enjoyed it.

I'd love to hear from you- please don't hesitate to comment!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Poisoned Dagger- Five Sentence Fiction

Five Sentence Fiction - Potions -photo by Lillie McFerrin
This week's five sentence fiction IS directly from Lillie McFerrin's blog.

The challenge word for this one is Potions. Use the word and the picture as inspiration and write your own 5 sentence fiction. If you write it on your own blog I would LOVE to see it- or you could share it in the comments if you don't blog. I’d LOVE to see yours! Leave me the link to your 5 Sentence Fiction blog post in the comments!

Angela woke up in a strange bed, the smell of lavender and other various herbs surrounded her in a calming atmosphere just as every part of her body remembered that it wanted nothing more than to run from the pain that had taken over her body. She remembered Alexander's look of concern and then the cold indifference that swept across his face when she was forced to reveal her true identity to Grissom and his troops. She remembered the searing pain as Grissom's icy dagger had found its mark, and the burning as the poison leached from the blade into her blood.

She didn't know if Alexander would forgive her for hiding her identity from him, and that, she realized, would hurt her more than this poison ever would.

"I have to leave, its not safe for any of you while I am still here," Angela protested weakly while a lady firmly held her down with one hand and cauterized her wound with a fire blade.

This is a scene was inspired by my work in progress with The Sword Of The White Knight- this scene may not make it in but I figured I would share it anyhow.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Rejected Begining

This piece is a beginning I was hashing out for The White Knight. I rejected it because it started in the present, walked into a flashback and then ended right before the present. Just confusing. Anyhow, while I'm not keeping it for publication I thought you might find it interesting at the very least.

photo credit: Simon & His Camera via photopin cc

     Andrew sat down on a boulder along the side of the road blinking back tears. He hadn't made it in time to warn his brother. Now his brother and his brother's wife were both dead, and their daughter was nowhere to be found!
  Andrew sat down on a boulder along the side of the road blinking back tears. He hadn't made it in time to warn his brother. Now his brother and his brother's wife were both dead, and their daughter was nowhere to be found.

     He hadn't spoken to his brother in 5 years. When he saw the troupe of Grissom's army marching along the outskirts of Aglasia's border he knew he needed to let go of the past and headed out towards his brother's manor. Grissom's army would destroy all in their path if they were not stopped.

   But he had gotten there too late, Grissom's army had reached his brother's manor first. They executed the adults, killed the livestock and burned everything else. Andrew ran among in and out of the smoldering remains of the farm calling out for his brother's daughter. Fearing that she had been taken prisoner he had taken off down the dusty dirt road vowing to chase Grissom's army to the ends of the earth!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Mapping The White Knight

The Set Up: 

The Prince is used to ordering people around and getting what he wants but he has no direction in his life. Trying to inspire him the king puts his son in charge of the entire castle- instead of inspiring him, the prince resorts to barking unnecessary orders just to maintain an illusion of power. Angela is a slave being sold as a servant to the highest bidder. She gets sold to the king where she gets put to work in the palace grounds. She spends her few moments of free time in the evening watching the knights practice sword fighting out on the castle grounds. She doesn’t know why but for some reason their movements fascinate her and she finds herself trying to imitate them.

Plot point 1:

 Angela gets asked one day to bring some swords to the great hall. When she gets there she realizes that there is a dueling lesson being held for the Prince in the great hall. As one of the pages trips she accidentally laughs. The prince sarcastically offers for her to try her hand at it and she beats him in the duel. When the prince gets over being embarrassed that she beat him he asks her if she would practice with him to help him get better and the two become friends.

Two different groups of invaders start attacking the country side led by two men who want to lay claim to the king’s throne. Knowing the knights could use all the help they can get the prince convinces Angela to have her teacher join the knights. He does not know that Angela has no teacher so Angela disguises herself as a masked man and is daubed the White Knight. However when she gets knocked unconscious by a bad wound in one of the battles her secret identity is almost found out. One of the knights who happened to know who her father was figures out who she is and comes up with a distraction so she is not found out.

Turning point:

The prince creates the secret identity of the black knight so he can go against his father’s wishes and continue to fight with the knights in the battles. Angela starts to realize that she is beginning to have feelings for both the Black Knight and the Prince but she knows that the prince does not realize she is a knight nor does the Black Knight know she is a servant. She finds herself equally torn in worry between the two as all the other knights including the Prince are ordered to help defend one of the closest outposts. When she receives news that the invaders may have the Prince as their captive, she rushes to his aid.

Plot point 2:

Angela and the other knights invade the enemy’s camp and free the prince. When they are discovered she unveils her secret identity to throw the leader of the invaders off his element and using her skills as a duelist she manages to win their right to walk free. After they get back to the camp the prince reveals to her that he does not care that she had a secret identity it still would not change anything… However he leaves it at that and she is left wondering what that “anything” is to begin with- after all she still has feelings for two different men or so she thinks.

Turning point:

 Hoping to try to put an end to all the battles, the king announces that the prince must choose who he will marry by his birthday. The king apologizes to the prince saying that he had arranged for an easier choice by having made an arranged marriage with one of his knights daughters who then disappeared when her family was killed… when the same knight that knew Angela’s father reveals to Angela that the knight that the king is talking about was her own father Angela begs him not to tell anyone.


Despite not knowing who the arranged marriage was supposed to be with, the prince asks Angela to come to the celebration held in honor of his birthday. He instructs her to come as herself not as the White Lady. At the celebration when he tries to ask her to marry him she hesitates and admits to him that she can’t because she has feelings for another as well. He reveals to her that he and the Black Knight is the same person. The king objects to the prince’s choice in marriage but not after the Prince reveals all that Angela has done under the secret guise of the White Lady.

(This is just one possible mapping- I haven't quite decided which route I will take yet)

Brainstorming The White Knight

Brainstorming The White Knight 

My story idea is about a young servant girl that has a secret past and a current dual identity as a masked Knight. It would be a obstacles to love type story as she finds herself falling for the ill tempered prince of the castle who is also supposed to have an arranged marriage before his 21st birthday or his cousin will take over his father's throne. There is also a neighboring warlord that has connections to the servant girl's past that is also trying to take over the kingdom for himself.

I began looking into this story idea because I have always been facilitated with medieval times stories, and wondered if there could have been any women that fought as knights (if there were any more like Joan of Ark) and what might their stories have been like.


1. Angela has always wanted to be a knight; will she be willing to give all that up for a chance at quenching a forbidden love?

2. She has tamed a forgotten garden, her alter ego has defeated many foes with a sword but can she win the Prince’s heart?

3. Destiny entwines a Prince and a servant girl; will love cast a light to reveal their secret identities and help them to find each other?

Pitching The White Knight (Act 3)

Pitching The White Knight- College Assignment

The King tells his son that he had tried to make the decision easier on him years ago by arranging his marriage to the then new born daughter of one of his knights when the prince was only three. Sir Roberts interjects by asking what happened to the girl and the king told them that she was never found… her family was killed a few years back- the same day the queen was mortally injured during a surprise attack on the palace. Sir Henry Steinbach was a great Knight the king told his audience; hearing the last name Steinbeck made Angela realize that she had forgotten part of her name in her amnesia and the last bit of her lost memories came flooding back to her as she muttered her father’s name under her breath. Overcome with emotion Angela quietly excused herself from the room and retreated back to the gardens.

As memories of her father teaching her how to use a sword just like he did came flooding back to her, as well as memories of all the happy times they had, she sat under a willow tree in the garden with her knees tucked under her chin. Sir Roberts soon came out to the garden and sat next to her. Angela made to get up and hide her feelings but Sir Roberts caught her elbow and asked her to sit. He told her that he knows she knows she is the one the King was talking about and so do the rest of the knights excluding the prince. He tells her that none of them will say anything but he knows that she has feelings for the Prince and does not understand why she won’t tell him. Angela looks away and Sir Roberts stands up once more and walks back inside the palace.

The prince later comes out to the garden and tells her that she is his greatest friend and that it would make him feel better if she was there when he had to give his announcement. He asks her to come as herself, not disguised as the White Lady. With a confused and sinking feeling taking over inside her she nods in reply. He asks her if anything is wrong and after she replies that there is nothing wrong he leaves with a new smile on his face.

A week later, at the celebration among all the dancing, music, merriment and food, Angela stands off to one side talking with Sir Roberts who is quietly and diligently trying to persuade her to tell the prince how she feels. He quiets though as they notice the prince approaching them. The prince asks if Angela would come with him and she follows him through the crowd up to the platform on which the King sat on a thrown. Angela stays where she is as the Prince jumps on the platform and motions the orchestra to stop playing.

The Prince announces to his father and all who are watching that he has decided who he will marry. Feeling like a spectator at an event she does not want to witness Angela turns to try to make her way through the gathering crowd. Realizing that she must not understand, the prince jumps down off the platform and grabs her hand, pulling her back. The crowd parts a little and as Angela realizes what he is doing he asks her if she would agree to marry him. She replies in a desperate whisper as tears form in her eyes that she can not agree to marry him while having the same feelings for him as she does…

Prince Daniel completes her sentence for her by taking the Black Knight’s mask out of his own sleeve and discreetly hands it to her (so as not to reveal it to his father). Angela is both relieved and shocked, but before she can answer the king stands to his feet and asks the prince what he means by deciding to marry a common servant. Defiantly, Prince Daniel informs the king that Angela is not only a hard worker; she is a dedicated and loyal friend, not to mention that she has protected his kingdom on numerous occasions. Confused the King asks Angela to explain. Bowing her head

Angela pulls the White Lady’s mask out of her sleeve and after putting it on she puts her hand through a fold in her dress to pull her sword from her skirt. Raising her head she announces to the King that she is the White Lady…

As comprehension dawns on the king he smiles and steps down from the platform to shake her hand. He then tells her that if she would agree to demonstrate some of her skill for him here than he would be happy to accept. She smiles and replies that the knights actually had a big demonstration prepared to entertain his majesty with all of their talents. The audience separates to allow the Knights some room. As their demonstration comes to an end it closes with a one on one duel with Prince Daniel and Angela. For the first time in ages the prince gets the best of her and after holding her at sword point for a second and hearing his father clap in approval the prince pulls her close to him and kisses her.

The end

(Go To Act 1   Go to Act 2)

Pitching The White Knight (Act 2)

Pitching The White Knight- College Assignment

Regaining consciousness again she finds that the prince has still not left the room and a few of the other knights are there with him. He tells her that he thought she might want to know that one of the Knights, Sir Roberts, sent Angela on an errand, but he is certain that if she were here she would want to be here too. He also states that Angela would have been quite inspired if she had known her teacher was a girl. Sir Roberts steps forward and tells the prince that he is certain he understands why she wanted to hide her identity and if he might speak to her alone for a moment. The prince and the others comply and leave Sir Roberts there to speak to “The White Lady”.

He tells her that he recognized some of her signature moves as those once used by a dear friend of his- her father. Angela realizing that her cover is blown now closes her eyes. He tells her that it is a very risky proposition for a servant to claim knighthood but also saw her encounter with the leader of the enemy, Sir Roderick, who they were just fighting. He told her that he knows that the leader is still searching for the girl that gave him the scar across his face (her) and that it would be better for her identity to remain concealed. Angela tells him that she won’t have to worry about that for much longer because she is certain the king will remove her from knighthood.

Sir Roberts informs her that she has great skill and not only would the king be foolish to dismiss you in a time like this (enemy’s on the border) but also that any one of the knights would stand up for you. He tells her to tell the king that after her family was murdered she decided to disguise herself as a guy and remain hidden long ago because the enemy leader would be seeking her for revenge.

As the kingdom’s enemy’s draw nearer the king has demanded that the prince no longer joins the knights in battle for his own safety. He also announces that a new knight has joined the kingdom – the Black Knight. Strangely enough Angela finds that she enjoys talking (as the White Lady) with the Black Knight and the Black Knight begins asking her to go for horse rides and walks along the lake behind the castle.

Angela soon finds herself confused by her own feelings as she realizes that she cares for Prince Daniel and also finds herself falling for the Black Knight. As she balances the time she spends with both of them she becomes more and more torn about her decision. She knows that she would never be allowed to marry a prince and decides to enjoy the Black Knight’s company. Two weeks pass and word reaches the Castle that the Enemy has reached the closest outpost, as many of the kings knights have already joined the fray only a handful remain in the castle. The king orders the rest to go help and Sir Roberts and the White Lady stay behind to keep watch and muster the rest of the castle’s infantry.

After a few days the Knights send a messenger to the castle. Sir Roberts attends the meeting while the White Lady keeps watch. When he comes back to the castle wall to tell her what he has learned he looks very upset. He tells her that the enemies claim to have the Prince held captive and they won’t release them until the Kingdom surrenders to their terms. Not knowing who she worries about more, the captured Prince Daniel or the Black Knight still away at battle, the ‘White Lady’ tells Sir Roberts that she has to go… perhaps if she faces the leader she can create a diversion long enough to rescue the prince. He tells her to go ahead and give her plan to the rest of the knights.

The White Lady enters the camp of the knights a day later and asks if they could all meet together. In a tent for the private meeting the White lady reveals her true identity as Angela Stine the garden servant. As the rest of the knights are shocked she continues the story of what she remembers from her childhood and that she thinks the leader would welcome a challenge from the girl that gave him the huge scar running down his face. As the Knights chuckle one of them asks her if she intends to just hand herself over to the leader. As the rest of the knights realize what she is proposing they shout in protest and there must be another way. The older of the knights suggests that they go in and try to rescue the prince and then only if they have to reveal Angela as a tool they will. Angela suggests that they figure out some way to signal the troops that could attack for further distraction if needed.

That evening a group of twelve of the knights along with the White Lady sneaks into the enemy camp. After some stealth and searching they manage to find the tent that the prince is bound in. One of the Knights cuts a slit in the side of the tent away from the view of the guards. Two knights and the White Lady enter the tent while the rest stay hidden outside to keep guard. The prince’s wrists and ankles are tied behind him to a pole in the center of the tent; he is dressed in a white under tunic and black pants. As the White Lady goes to release him the other two knights grab the guard standing outside and knock him unconscious and grad him inside the tent, binding him in the prince’s place. The White Lady wanted to ask him how he got into this mess but knowing they have little time before they are discovered she decides not to press the subject. Suddenly an alarm sounds.

The Knights all know what must be done. White Lady tells the prince not to say a word no matter what happens. She nods to the Knights who all stand to guard the prince and they step out of the tent with their hands up. Sir Roderick, the enemy leader, strides forward demanding to know what they think they are doing. The White Lady steps forward and tells them that they are taking the prince back. Sir Roderick demands to know who she is that she thinks she can make such an assumption. Pulling off her hood and her mask, Angela shakes her hair out and comprehension dawns on Sir Roderick. A sneer crosses his mangled face as he explains to her that he recognizes her as the 13 yr old girl that tried to stand up to him years ago to protect her family. A memory comes back to her and she tells him that it was a good thing that he left her for dead because now she can come back to haunt him. She raises her sword and after dismissing his guards protests Sir Roderick accepts her challenge.

They battle back and forth around the whole encampment with a wide ring of both Sir Roderick’s men and the Knights. Finally after some time and while the two are pacing around each other, Angela tells Sir Roderick that if she wins they must let her, the knights and the prince walk out of the camp alive. Sir Roderick laughs and replies that her terms are fine but if he wins the knights may leave but her and the prince will be his prisoners. A sly smile crosses Angela’s face and declares that the terms are a deal. The duel rages again as the two of them are going for the death of the other. Suddenly Sir Roderick corners her against a wooden cart. With a few feet between them Angela’s sly smile returns and with a flick of her sword Sir Roderick’s sword goes flying out of his hand and buries itself hilt high in the sand, point down {her signature move}. Lunging forward she in turn corners Sir Roderick and catches him off guard.

Sir Roderick’s men gather around her with their swords drawn. She tells him that now is the time to honor their agreement. A wicked grin crosses his face and she knew that he never meant to honor their agreement. She tips her sword point up to his cheek and runs it along his scar until a thin trail of blood appears. Horsley Sir Roderick calls for his men to stand down and they allow the knights to take the prince and Angela out of the camp.

When they got back to their own camp the prince gets something to eat and calls Angela off to one side to talk. As he sits down on a log off to the side of the camp she takes a seat beside him. The prince asks her why she did not tell him she was the White Knight even after all those days they spent out in the garden practicing dueling. She told him that being a servant she did not think…He cuts her off and as he takes her hand he tells her that would not have mattered to him. She takes her hand back with a mischievous grin and tells him that his safety must also not matter to him if he allowed himself to get caught. However, realizing what his statement means to her, Angela is still a little stunned and looks away in embarrassment.

(Plot Point 2) Later and without notice in the middle of the night, Sir Roderick’s men pack up and retreat. The knights still know that they have not seen the last of him. A few days back at the castle the King requests an audience with his son and the Knights in the Knights hall. There are many tables in the room that the Knights would sit at during meetings. He tells the prince that he is tired of worrying about the safety of the kingdom’s future and by the next week there will be a celebration at which the Prince will announce who he will marry. The Prince stands in objection and argues that this is not the way he wanted to choose his wife. The White Lady sits at a table a few rows back staring at the top of her table, her heart sinks as she realizes that she does not want him to marry any other but knows that he must decide this, she also knows that she has the same feelings for the Black Knight and is not sure what she would chose either. Sir Roberts, sitting across from her, turns to glance at her realizing what she must be feeling.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pitching The White Knight (Act 1)

Fan made illustration
By Bethany Jennings

 13.1 Pitch Assignment 

(From College)

Title: The sword of the White Knight

Premise: Angela’s desire to become a Knight opens more opportunities than she would have expected. The Prince spends lots of time with her (in her servant identity) and she also gets to fight alongside the knights like she had always wanted. However as a new knight comes onto the scene and she starts falling for him she realizes that with her dual identity neither of the men she loves know both sides of her, and if faced with the decision to chose between them what would she do?

Message: Love can be found where you least expect it.

Central Question: Question: Will Angela ever be accepted for who she truly is?

Character Arc:Character Arc: As a dual identity Angela finds she has much more courage when she is the white knight than when she is Angela the servant. When the prince is captured and taken prisoner while on the battle field Angela decides to use her courage and tell the knights who she truly is so she can infiltrate the enemy camp face the leader and rescue the prince. And as if telling her own friends who she is weren’t enough, Angela is faced with another pressing decision… Tell the whole kingdom as well at the King himself who she really is or risk losing the one she loves



Act 1
Angela Stine, an 18 yr old young lady with very little memories of her childhood, finds herself on the endless cycle of being traded from slave trader to slave trader. The few memories she does have of her childhood were happy and she has no clue how she ended up this way. Her first clear memories date back only a few years earlier. Since then she has been bought and sold, worked hard and beaten, primped up and paraded by numerous owners and slave traders. Finally after the 25th trader, a very dispirited Angela finds herself back in a kingdom that holds vague fond memories for her.

Filled with a touch of excitement (since she dares not hope too much) she strives to put her best foot forward as her and the other slaves are dressed and paraded in front of the King. The King’s son, with a look of disdain, steps down from the thrown and without giving the slaves a second glance he walks down the row of them pointing and shouting directions. Stables, he tells one and kitchens he tells three; then with a pause he asks the traders if any of the slaves know how to tend rosebushes- His mother’s garden has long been without a keeper. As none of the slaves respond Angela tentatively puts up her hand. Prince Daniel points to her and after inquiring loudly as to what all of the servants were waiting for, the chosen servants hurry off and the sale is concluded.

A few days later, while tending to the garden in the courtyard, she is stopped by one of the knights who command her to bring a stack of swords to the great hall. She finds a dueling lesson for Prince Daniel being held there and stops to watch, fascinated by the swords. However she draws attention to herself as she accidentally laughs as one of the pages trip during his face-off with the prince. The Prince stops and reprimands her by telling her that she should not laugh at what she does not understand unless she thinks she can do better.

For some reason the feel of the swords in her arms seem to beckon her and give her courage she did not remember she had. Angela tells him that she knows she can do better because their fault is that they are embarrassed to fight him. Taking insult to her words, the prince commands her to try and duel him. Foggy memories of sword practices flit through her mind and she agrees to his challenge. After she beats him he jokingly declares that it is too bad that girls can’t be Knights.

That evening the king approaches her as she is once again working out in the gardens. He tells her that if she would tell her teacher to present himself to his majesty that he would be honored to have such a skilled fighter defending his country. However, still unsure of herself she decides against it.

After the prince gets over the fact that she beat him he starts watching Angela in the gardens as she works. One day, absentmindedly caught in a daydream, she was practicing some dueling techniques with a wooden pole as the prince walked into the gardens. Taking a second pole that was leaning against the garden wall he surprised her by joining in on her battle. The battle ended in a truce between them as they both sat on the grass to catch their breath. He asked her if she would mind practicing with him so he could better his skills and from then on they began practicing daily becoming better friends.

(Plot Point 1) It was not long before invaders once again began to threaten the countryside and with the prince’s encouragement Angela finally agreed to have ‘her teacher’ present himself to the king to request knighthood. Angela disguises herself as a man in a white uniform, hood and mask and presents herself as a ‘him’ to the king. ‘He’ is daubed the “White Knight” and is introduced to the rest of the knights.

The White Knight is soon sent to defend one of the kingdom’s farther outposts with the rest of the knights. During the battle the White Knight is taken by surprise as she recognizes the very enemy leader who destroyed her family home. As memories of that horrible day and how she came to be in the hands of the slave trader’s came flooding back into her mind she is taken off guard and wounded by an enemy sword.

As the battle is won the White Knight falls to the ground unconscious from the loss of blood. She wakes up back inside the castle in a soft bed. After finding that her man’s uniform has been changed by the physician and that she is now in a dressing gown she reaches up for her mask to discover that it has not been removed. She tries to sit up but the pain in her side is too much and as she falls back on the pillows the prince sitting across the room comes to her side. The prince assures her that her personal identity has not been revealed even though it is now known that she is a woman… and Angela falls back unconscious.

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Sword of the White Knight in Script Format

The White Knight Screenplay Attempt

By: Virginia Lori JenningsCollege Exercise

In the center of the Great Hall four tables are organized end to end forming a square in the center of the hall. There are 20 knights sitting around the outside of the table. Most of the men are in their upper 30’s and seasoned warriors. They are all dressed in partial armor having just come from a battle field. The King, a man in his late fifties with a graying beard, sits midway down one of the tables.
Indistinct arguing…
INT. Castle Armory
The Prince, a boy in his late teens is seen wearing a black suit that is worn over the top of his everyday clothes. We find him hopping up and down as he hurries out of a Knights uniform that has been dyed black and stows the clothes out of sight in the corner of the Armory behind a beat up looking shield.
The arguing in the Great Hall can be heard through the walls.
The Prince hurries out of the room and throws open the door to the Great Hall. The King has his back to the door and does not notice the prince come in.
She is a vigilante and must be stopped!
A knight on the left hand side of the table looks up at the prince and taps the side of his face urgently with two fingers.
Is the White Lady causing a scene again father?
The Prince stops suddenly as he noticed the knight that was trying to get his attention. He hurriedly snatches off his mask and hides it in his sleeve.
The King turns around just as the Prince succeeds in hiding his mask.
How would you know son? I have ordered you to stay away from the battle field- It is not safe, have you been sneaking out again?
The Prince walks over and takes a seat at the end of the same table the king is sitting at.
Father, you are the one who wanted me to take some responsibility in this kingdom…
The King stands up furious.
But no I have not been sneaking out.
The Knights exchanged looks as the king sat down again.
Good, now that is settled- The next time the White Lady shows up, capture her and bring her in.
She’s not harming us father, why do we need to capture her- she does fight for our side.
Yes but she is a loose cannon, she has not announced her loyalty and just shows up at every battle to help? I don’t trust her- I want her brought in for questioning.
Knights (in unison)
Yes Sir!
A group of knights are riding up to the top of a hill that overlooks the country’s farthest outpost that has been surrounded by enemy troops. They assemble at the top before preparing to engage the enemy. The prince, wearing all black and disguised with his black mask, rides up from the rear of the group and comes to a stop and the head of the .
Sir, do you really think it is wise to be fooling your father into thinking that you are not out here on the battle field?
I’ve made my decision and it will do you good not to question it!
The Black Knight turns to look the field over. A figure in white has appeared along the edge of the forest below sitting on a white horse.
There is the White Lady- Leave her to me!
The Knights all dismount and run down the hill to charge at the waiting enemy and the Black Knight veers off to the right- heading toward the White Lady.
As he approaches the White Lady, the Black Knight yells to her as they battle the enemy soldiers all around them
The King has asked us to bring you in!
Is that so?
I was hoping we may be able to convince you to come in on your own.
I don’t think so.
How about I challenge you for it?
You can try.
OK, if I kill someone with the least amount of blows than you, you must promise to come with us back to the castle.
I don’t know- I’m pretty efficient, what if you don’t beat me…
Well then you go free till next time.
Deal! (pause) Oh, and if I come with you I will also need to bring my servant with me.
White Lady turns her back to the black knight and they watch each other’s backs as they fight. As they each defeat a foe they yell out their total needed blows to each other as if in a competition.
Hey! I got that one in eight strikes!
The White Lady laughs.
Just got that one in six!
Bet you can’t beat that! Five!
Can too! Four!
Got that one in three! Watch your back!
The White Lady with her back to the Black Knight, does not turn in time and an enemy soldier grabs the White Lady’s hood and draws his sword to the front of the White Lady’s neck. The Black Knight rushes forward and kills the soldier just in time. However an enemy arrow hits the White Lady in the shoulder.
As the Soldier falls behind the White Knight he pulls with him the White Lady’s hood revealing the long hair of a girl that has been pulled back into a ponytail. The White Lady stumbles over the fallen soldier and the Black Knight reaches out to catch her as she falls unconscious.
Moonlight filters into a small room onto a bed where the White Lady lays sleeping still masked. Suddenly she sits bolt upright to reveal that her shoulder has been bandaged. She reaches around for a nightgown and finds one folded for her on the bottom of the bed.
She creeps slowly over to the door and opens it slowly. She spots three shadows disappearing around the corner of the hall. The White Lady then takes off her mask and hides it in her sleeve. Looking around she spots a wardrobe and finds a plain skirt and shirt inside and puts them on. Now no longer the White Lady, she creeps out of the room and into the dark hallway.
There is very little sound in the dark castle as the SHE tiptoes down the hall. Turning down the hall she saw the shadow go down she backs against the wall, a few doors down she notices that two double doors midway down the hall stand open ajar into a bedroom.
A shuffling sound and a whisper…
SHE pushes open the door and finds two men dressed in long cloaks trying to assassinate the king. Assassin 1 stands by the window and raises his sword when he sees her. The other Assassin stands by the king’s bed holding the king who is unconscious up in the air by his throat.
Kill the girl!
SHE grabs a decorative sword off of the mantle along the wall and as she lunges toward the man holding the king. Assassin 2 drops the king and turns to battle her. SHE kills him and then rushes toward Assassin 2 who jumps on the bed to get away from her.
WH… what’s going on?
She ignores the king and continues attacking the Assassin as they circle around the room, suddenly as they near the window he jumps out of it. She runs over to look out the window and sees the Assassin escaping out the open gates on horseback.
The Prince and two of the knights come running in the King’s bedroom and see her standing by the window with a bloody sword.
Who are you! What are you doing in here?!
Son this girl just saved my life.
Your Majesty my name is Angela, White Lady is my master, she asked me to stay here and protect you.
The King slowly stands up and away from the dead man on the floor.
This man just tried to kill me! Who is he?
The Prince pulls back the Assassins hood to reveal one of the knights.
Your majesty if I may explain, the White Lady has been keeping an eye on your enemy for many months. She discovered a plot to infiltrate your knights about a month ago…
Fredric, George, Niche and Rolf showed up around that time…
Angela where is the White Lady?
She thought she heard something suspicious and went to figure out what it was… no doubt she is chasing down the remaining attackers now.
Son give us a minute, and get this thing out of here.
The Prince looked at Angela and then motions for the knight that came in with him to drag the corpse out of the room. They shut the door behind them as they leave.
You killed that man and saved me all by yourself. Did the White Lady teach you?
Yes your Majesty.
Would you mind teaching my son?
If I may your majesty, won’t the prince be miffed that you are ordering him to be taught by a girl?
I think a little humility would do him good.
Angela walks down the hall toward the Great Hall carrying a few different swords in her arms.
As Angela approaches the door she can hear sounds of metal scraping on metal and fast footsteps. She opens the door to reveal the prince dueling with 5 Paiges. Angela walks across the back of the hall and spreads the swords out on a table covered with a linen cloth. She touches a sword lightly.
As she turns back again she stops midway down the length of the room to watch the duel. The Paiges are trying hard to battle the prince but still act afraid to beat him. Angela tries to hold back her laughter. She sees the prince lunge at a Paige with a move that the Paige could have easily blocked. Instead of blocking, the Paige drops his sword, and Angela busts out laughing.
(Defiantly) Who laughs?!
The whole room goes still and as all eyes turn to Angela, she covers her mouth with her hand to stifle her grin and bows her head. The prince walks over to her and standing barely a foot away from her he glares down at her.
(Even more defiantly) What exactly do you find so funny! Speak now or I will have you thrown in the dungeon for your impudence!
Angela looks straight up into the Prince's face.
Your highness, it is just that if you wish to improve your technique than you would be better off practicing with someone who would challenge you- not those who are afraid of the consequences of beating you.
The prince steps back- shocked and angry.
Ho! So you think you can do better, can you! I can not allow such mockery to go unpunished; I challenge you to a duel then- lets see if you laugh after losing just as they did!
The Prince snatches a sword from the nearest Paige and tosses it to Angela.
As Angela catches the sword by its hilt easily, the Prince's mean grin disappears as he sets his jaw. Both Angela and the Prince face off.
The prince motions to Angela to take the first move but when she refuses he charges her with his sword held high. The Paiges back up as the two battle around the room.
You hold a sword too easily for a servant; perhaps it is dangerous to have a servant in the castle who is so experienced with weapons.
And you need more experience! Your grip is too weak- dangerous for one who is supposed to defend his country.
Angela parries and sends the prince's sword flying from his hand and hilt deep into a table they had knocked over in their duel.
Red in the face, the prince runs to retrieve his sword but when he can't pull the sword from the table, Angela comes over and pulls it out herself. She holds both the swords by the hilt and the prince at sword point with a slight smile. The prince glares at her.
(Angrily) You are out of line! Leave my sight this instant or be flogged for your arrogance!
Angela's smile fades into embarrassment. She turns both of the swords hilts first to offer them to the prince. With an infuriated glare, the prince takes the swords from her. Angela curtsies quickly and rushes out of the room.
Angela stands in the middle of the castle garden with a pole. She swings it back and forth pretending to fight an invisible enemy. The Prince enters the garden and stands there quietly watching her closely.
Suddenly she notices him and stops practicing. With her eyes downcast she gives a respectful curtsy.
Don’t stop on my account… If I did not know any better I would say that your fighting style is not LIKE the White Lady but you fight as if you actually are the White Lady.
He walks in one full circle around her looking her up and down.
Listen (pause) I should apologize for my actions, I’ve just been really stressed lately with my father forcing the responsibility of the kingdom into my hands- I could really use a friend.
Angela smiles.
I would be honored your majesty.
The prince walks over and picks up a spare pole and turns to challenge her.
Oh, and please- If we are to be friends don’t call me “Majesty”, my name is Darius.
Out in the courtyard Angela is surprised to find the Black Knight along with the rest of the knights mounting their horses. She runs over to him.
(Alarmed) Where are you going?!
We have no choice, we’ve been ordered to infiltrate the enemy camp and force them to surrender.
You could get captured or worse!
Angela blushes and bows her head in embarrassment.
Miss. Angela your mentor would understand! It is our duty to follow the king’s orders.
Angela bites her lip and then looks up brightly as she comes up with an idea.
It is the White Lady who sends me! She asks that you wait. She does not want you to go she… She…
The Black Knight jumps off of his horse and places his hands on Angela’s shoulders.
(Desperately) Listen Angela, I have to go- the prince is rumored to have been captured and is being held hostage…
Angela’s eyes widen in fear.
What! No! He only left to go hunting about a week ago! I told him it was reckless to go alone!
Angela turns away as tears fill her eyes. The Black Knight jumps down from his horse and turns Angela around to see her face.
You must care about him a lot,
Embarrassed, Angela wipes her face and turns her head away from the Black Knight’s gaze.
Listen, when I see him I’ll be sure and tell him that he should listen to you more if that will make you feel better.(pause) and (pause) If I don’t come back, tell the White Lady… Tell her I care about her will you?
Angela looks up into his eyes and blushes redder.
(Weakly)I will.
The White Lady rides alone toward the Enemy’s Camp in the cover of the night. She sneaks quietly into the center of the Enemy camp to free the knights who have all been tied to poles in the center of the camp. Before she can free the Knights, the Enemy soldiers surround her. The Leader steps forward.
At last, we have all of the Knights as hostages.
The White Lady stares in shock.
I know you! You are the man that killed my parents!
Who are you?
The White Lady pulls down her hood and takes off her mask.
(Enraged) YOU!
Yes! I am Angela, the little girl that once gave you that hideous scar! And I’m about to make you a deal!
(Incredulously) Really! Now what would you have that I would want?! You have been a thorn in my side since the day I killed your parents. You’ve burned my camps, run off with my men’s horses, and disrupted most of my tactics! And stopped my plan to assassinate the King and his Son! Why the only thing you could possibly offer me that I would accept would be your life!!!
(Desperately) No! Don’t do it!!
The White Lady chanced a lingering glance at the Black Knight and then turned back to the Leader.
(Greedily) I’m listening…
I propose a duel- If I win, you will promise never to attack this kingdom again AND you will set all of us free! IF I lose then the Knights go free but I will be at your mercy.
With that said he charges at her with his sword held high. The White Lady barely has time to draw her sword and block his blows in time.
You know- with you out of the way when you loose. What is to keep me from just killing all the knights right after you?!
(Grimly) I guess just your honor as a gentleman.
They battle back and forth and as the fight gets more intense, the Enemy Soldiers widen their ring to give the two more room to fight.
What makes you think that you an orphan girl can defeat me! Why you couldn’t even save the person you care about the most before being caught!
The prince! (worried pause) Where is he!
HA HA! Well this is a surprise! Perhaps I have underestimated you!
Angela swings around and catches the Enemy Leader off guard; she knocks his sword out of his hand and holds him at sword point.
You also underestimate a woman’s ability to fight for peace and freedom for her home and country! Now honor your word!
The Enemy Leader waves his hand and his Soldiers free the knights. Angela holds the Enemy Leader at sword point until she is certain the knights have safely cleared the ring of soldiers. She bows to the Leader and as she turns her back to walk off. As she clears the ring of soldiers the leader grabs another sword runs and lunges at Angela. She turns quickly and runs her sword right through his chest.
Don’t underestimate me!
Angela sits quietly in the castle garden overlooking a pond. The Prince walks up quietly behind her.
So I guess the rumors that you were kidnapped and being held hostage were just some big joke so you can scare every one huh?
No…Sorry, I uh
(Laughing) Don’t worry about it Darius- I know you were out hunting.
Angela turns to smile at him over her shoulder. However the Prince looks back at her as if trying to figure her out. Angela stands to face him…
Uh, oh. I was hoping to tell you first but you heard from the knights I suppose… I’m sorry I did not tell you sooner; I just…
Angela, I’m not mad at you… What you did as the White Lady means more to me than you know. You are a better friend than anyone could ask for.
(Sadly) I still should have told you….
The Prince steps towards her and takes her hand in one hand and places his other hand on her shoulder.
You went out and risked your life to rescue me. (pause)
I don’t know what I would have done had anything happened to you! I could never thank you enough. Would you please come to the party tonight- My Father insists on throwing me a birthday party…
(Horsley) sure…
The prince releases her and turns to go… then on second thought he turns back around for a moment smiling.
Oh, and come as yourself-
Angela stands tentatively along the wall of the Great Hall. Many couples can be seen dancing in the center of the room, others mill around talking to friends. The Prince makes his way through the crowds of people and finally spots Angela.
(Shyly) I thought you weren’t going to come.
Well I did make a promise to a good friend.
The Prince takes her out to the center of the floor and after a few dances he walks her back out to the edge of the room.
Are you glad you came?
(Laughing) I’m with you aren’t I?
Good… then I would like to ask you how you would feel if I were to ask you to marry me.
Angela’s smile fades and she looks away worried.
What is wrong?
I care for you, really I do, but I am not sure who I care for more.
There is another?
The Black Knight.
I had a feeling you might say that.
Darius it is not like that at all, I don’t know why, I just...
Angela falters as she watches the Prince take a black mask from inside his sleeve and holds it up to his face.
You! You were the Black Knight all along!
I’m sorry I deceived you, I just felt myself falling for you… I had to be certain that you cared for me not only because I am the prince but that you cared for me regardless of my crown. The Black Knight alter ego enabled me to do that.
So you knew all along that I was the White Knight.
That is why I stayed by your bedside when you were injured- didn’t I tell you that you scared us?
When did you realize it was me as the White Knight?
The Prince laughed.
When I saw you raise your sword for battle on the field- I knew it was you then…
Hit by emotion Angela throws her arms around him to hug him. The Prince looks down at her.
Does this mean you will marry me?
Ecstatic, the prince leans down to kiss her. Nearby, The King, who was standing behind a group of people, Laughs boisterously (having heard the whole exchange) and slaps his son on the back in approval.
How about a demonstration from the Prince and his bride to be!
Angela blushes but the prince offers her his hand. They both walk out to the middle of the floor and face off; they treat the crowd to a fantastic display of swordsmanship in a one on one duel. Then for the first time in ages the prince gets the best of her and after holding her at sword point for a second and hearing his father clap in approval the prince pulls her close to him and kisses her once again.