Monday, September 22, 2014

Brainstorming The White Knight

Brainstorming The White Knight 

My story idea is about a young servant girl that has a secret past and a current dual identity as a masked Knight. It would be a obstacles to love type story as she finds herself falling for the ill tempered prince of the castle who is also supposed to have an arranged marriage before his 21st birthday or his cousin will take over his father's throne. There is also a neighboring warlord that has connections to the servant girl's past that is also trying to take over the kingdom for himself.

I began looking into this story idea because I have always been facilitated with medieval times stories, and wondered if there could have been any women that fought as knights (if there were any more like Joan of Ark) and what might their stories have been like.


1. Angela has always wanted to be a knight; will she be willing to give all that up for a chance at quenching a forbidden love?

2. She has tamed a forgotten garden, her alter ego has defeated many foes with a sword but can she win the Prince’s heart?

3. Destiny entwines a Prince and a servant girl; will love cast a light to reveal their secret identities and help them to find each other?

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