Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Making Rivi's Costume For Cosplay

In progress:

As many of you know- I'll be attending the Novel Wine Tasting Arts and Literary Festival at September Oaks this October. (October 25th from noon till 6). My publishers will be there and both of my books are scheduled to be released for this event too!

This year I thought, What if I dressed as one of my characters? I chose Rivi from The Alien Mind. I had already designed the costume with an illustration while writing the book because I needed to figure out how to describe it. The hard part was trying to figure out how to bring it to life.

There is no pattern in the Walmart sewing department labled Rivi after all. So I found an outfit that looked close to the style elements I needed. A straight skirt and a vneck shirt. The pattern came with short sleeves so I am going to have to experiment in making the sleeves longer but here we go!

Meshing two patterns
To start off with I took the skirt and shirt pattern and layed them over the top of each other, lining up the "waist line" line. I melded the pattern lines together while cutting so the outfit gets cut all in one seamless piece. The picture is after I had removed the extra fabric from my cutting area. (I work off to the side of my living room and TRY not to impeed the flow of traffic... can't say that always works though.)

Rivi's second layer to her outfit is the same basic design but cut down the middle and trimmed so I needed two sets of everything! One in light blue and one in dark blue. Halfway through cutting I realized I didn't have enough dark blue and had to drive 45minutes away to the nearest fabric department. Thats country living for you!

Next I laid out the fabric for the sleeves and used a straight edge to continue the pattern lines. Please don't copy me yet as I have NO clue if this is going to turn out right- I've never made sleeves from scratch before. I'm good if I have a full pattern, this is out of my comfort zone!

I've sewn up the back and sides. Since this one will be the jacket piece and I'll be cutting it up the middle I won't need the zipper so that step was easy.

Now I am stuck working on the interior of the neck section. THIS part always gives me grief on any project I am working on. Oh well, I'll figure it out in the end- no worries!

Stay close- I'll post more as I get farther along!

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