Sunday, September 28, 2014

Why I Write, Create, Build, And Ask Questions

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My uncle shared this picture of this tshirt on Facebook with me. I love it! I think it perfectly describes why I write! 

I write because I am intrigued by the way writing removes the limitations of this earth. From an early age, I was amazed at how words strung together could create new worlds. Reading gave me new places to explore that I would never be able to go to otherwise (like other planets). I also use my writing to help convince people of all ages that they are capable of so much more. I want to inspire people to reach for their full potential, do things they've never done before, and achieve things they may not have thought possible.

I enjoy writing for middle school age students because that age is when I found myself struggling between the adult world and losing her imagination. Back then I found fewer and fewer science fiction books in the library geared toward my age level. I am a speculator at heart, I want to encourage people, especially the younger generation, to keep asking questions and try to see things from different angles. Never stop exploring the hows and whys of things around you, this is where the real wisdom and our human potential comes from!

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