Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Making Rivi's Costume For Cosplay

In progress:

As many of you know- I'll be attending the Novel Wine Tasting Arts and Literary Festival at September Oaks this October. (October 25th from noon till 6). My publishers will be there and both of my books are scheduled to be released for this event too!

This year I thought, What if I dressed as one of my characters? I chose Rivi from The Alien Mind. I had already designed the costume with an illustration while writing the book because I needed to figure out how to describe it. The hard part was trying to figure out how to bring it to life.

There is no pattern in the Walmart sewing department labled Rivi after all. So I found an outfit that looked close to the style elements I needed. A straight skirt and a vneck shirt. The pattern came with short sleeves so I am going to have to experiment in making the sleeves longer but here we go!

Meshing two patterns
To start off with I took the skirt and shirt pattern and layed them over the top of each other, lining up the "waist line" line. I melded the pattern lines together while cutting so the outfit gets cut all in one seamless piece. The picture is after I had removed the extra fabric from my cutting area. (I work off to the side of my living room and TRY not to impeed the flow of traffic... can't say that always works though.)

Rivi's second layer to her outfit is the same basic design but cut down the middle and trimmed so I needed two sets of everything! One in light blue and one in dark blue. Halfway through cutting I realized I didn't have enough dark blue and had to drive 45minutes away to the nearest fabric department. Thats country living for you!

Next I laid out the fabric for the sleeves and used a straight edge to continue the pattern lines. Please don't copy me yet as I have NO clue if this is going to turn out right- I've never made sleeves from scratch before. I'm good if I have a full pattern, this is out of my comfort zone!

I've sewn up the back and sides. Since this one will be the jacket piece and I'll be cutting it up the middle I won't need the zipper so that step was easy.

Now I am stuck working on the interior of the neck section. THIS part always gives me grief on any project I am working on. Oh well, I'll figure it out in the end- no worries!

Stay close- I'll post more as I get farther along!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Why I Write, Create, Build, And Ask Questions

Found on: http://teespring.com/iamauthor
Found on: http://teespring.com/iamauthor

My uncle shared this picture of this tshirt on Facebook with me. I love it! I think it perfectly describes why I write! 

I write because I am intrigued by the way writing removes the limitations of this earth. From an early age, I was amazed at how words strung together could create new worlds. Reading gave me new places to explore that I would never be able to go to otherwise (like other planets). I also use my writing to help convince people of all ages that they are capable of so much more. I want to inspire people to reach for their full potential, do things they've never done before, and achieve things they may not have thought possible.

I enjoy writing for middle school age students because that age is when I found myself struggling between the adult world and losing her imagination. Back then I found fewer and fewer science fiction books in the library geared toward my age level. I am a speculator at heart, I want to encourage people, especially the younger generation, to keep asking questions and try to see things from different angles. Never stop exploring the hows and whys of things around you, this is where the real wisdom and our human potential comes from!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

How I Began My Writing Career

I started writing small things in elementary school, poems, book reports and the like. It wasn't really until 6th grade that my english teacher Mrs. Troublefield encouraged and inspired me to write longer things outside of class work. My writing back then was FAR from being anything worth reading... but she took a look at a few of my stories that I had written for fun. Instead of pulling them apart and redlining the entire thing she told me there was potential there and to keep on working. 

I was homeschooled through the rest of my school years, but I continued on with my writing. In the evenings as I lay in my bed I would analyze the structures of  sagas like Harry Potter and Star Wars. Then I would begin creating and recreating (as in I would throw them away and start over) my own worlds in my mind and imagining what the characters would say and do.Many times my stories would bleed over into my dreams and continue developing there!

When the stories got long enough I finally sat down with stacks of notebook paper and wrote them out. (I still have those pencil and ink splotched manuscripts) Later I began typing them up. I hadn't reached 18 by the time I was finished with my first book. I was told by agents that although they liked my work they didn't want to deal with having to work contracts with parents in the mix. So, I paid to self-published my first book. My second one Visionary From The Stars was published by a publisher that shall not be named- (BUT if you find out who it is PLEASE don't take anything to them- you have been warned. I went with them in 2006 before I knew anything about Writer Beware)

In 2012 I saw all the changes in the book industry, with CreateSpace and KDP (amazon's kindle program) opening up new avenues for authors. Neither of my books were in e-book format and my publishers didn't offer those services at that time. So, I got the rights back to my first book and self-published The Alien Mind. It was from that experience that PDMI Publishing LLC found my work and offered me a contract to publish both of my books under their imprint Rara Avis with their distributors. 

I LOVED self-publishing but it was hard for me to market as much as I needed to, and without the backing of a publisher I found it very difficult to get bookstores to even consider stocking my books. More on why I have enjoyed being a PDMI author here.

In 2013 I illustrated a book for PDMI called Wiggle Worm's Shape Adventures by author twins Karen and Kathy Sills.

And in the summer of 2014 PDMI hired me on to be their Illustration and Design Department Manager. Both of my books should be published and released by them sometime this fall (stay posted!). Rumor has it that I may be able to bring both of them to the Novel Wine Tasting Arts and Literary Festival!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Why I Signed With PDMI Publishing


As many of you know, my books use to be (and one still is for now) self-published. I loved self-publishing, but there were many things that I just couldn't achieve with my limited budget as a self-published author. 

I checked out agents and other publishing houses before I chose self-publishing and decided then that what those other houses had to offer wasn't worth the creative input (and the royalties) that I would need to give up.

Then one day, PDMI Publishing approached me with a contract proposal after seeing my work on my website. I'm here to tell you that the PDMI versions of my books are not even published yet and I already have a million reasons why I love being an author with PDMI. I'll go through only a few of them here though...

Authors should be allowed to have a voice in the process of bringing their books to life. No one wants to see the books they have worked so long on torn to shreds and completely changed from how they saw their story unfolding, and yet many mainstream publishers out there change the author's story.  PDMI does not. PDMI works with the author to make sure any changes made to the book still fit within the author's intended vision of the story.

Working on my edits with the editor from PDMI was actually really rather fun! My editor was Clay Gilbert- his comments were hilarious!

Many publishers publish the author and then the author is left to do most if not all of the promoting. Now, PDMI does expect their authors to promote their books- BUT they also help on their end! PDMI has a marketing department that is constantly knocking on doors to get their authors into book events and onto shelves. They maintain an active and personable social media platform and are always looking for new ways to get their authors out there. They even help their authors figure out how to navigate social media effectively!

PDMI also has a massive professional distributing network that makes their books available through any book buying avenue out there. PLUS something else that all bookstores require for shelving that self-publishing can not offer- book store returns! Bookstores want to be able to know that they can return the book if it doesn't sell. (This was the number one reason I was always given as to why I couldn't get my self-published book into the bookstores I approached.)

PDMI even helps support their authors at events! They have represented one of their authors at a film festival when the author was wanting to drum up financial backing to get the author's book made into a movie. They even go to book festivals all over the United States to support their authors. 

When the book is released they'll even help you set up a book tour if you are game for that!

Above all, they are down to earth people that really want to make a difference in the literary world. They promote quality over quantity and strive to design and publish books that will catch the readers eye. They even strive to keep ahead of the market trends!

One of the main things I checked for before signing on with them was their book covers and interior design. If the book covers are plain jane two or three photoshopped photos thrown together you will not get that WOW response from your reader. PDMI has their own illustrators and cover designers on staff and their covers and interior designs are amazing! No other publishing company out there that I have seen publishes books with this amount of quality and thought put into the design! Here are some of PDMI's book covers.

"Yeah but I bet you have to pay for all that!" Says the cynic.

NOPE! On the contrary, they offer a 50% royalty rate to their authors (40% on childrens books), and they publish your book the way any non-vanity professional publisher would- without charging! 

PDMI Publishing is the pinnacle of what I believe a publisher should be. They have an ethics committee that keeps them honest and they strive to treat authors the way they should be treated, like family. After all, if my book sales pay to keep your company open and your company is enabling my book sales everything works out better if we work hand in hand right! To prove that, they have a group on facebook to allow their authors to interact with all the department heads as well as the owners Tc and Nessa Mckenny. We laugh, joke, share and support everyone; that group is our main hub!

Many of their authors are even integrated into their company staff as well. This further helps connect them to their authors and keeps the company down to earth.  I myself was hired to be their Illustration and Design Department Manager just a month or two ago. Speaking of which, their illustrators are even paid by royalties in order to help solidify the idea that everyone benefits when everyone works together to promote the books!

Now yes, I may LOOK a tad biased because I am now on their staff but in all fairness, I had this blog post written out on my old blog over a year ago. My blog got munched by the internet pixies a few weeks ago and I am trying to rebuild lol.

If you get the chance please stop by and give their page a like. Drop them a line and tell them to keep up the good work if you get the chance! The heads of the company, Tc and Nessa, the company director Victoria, and the rest of the staff, are all wonderful people and would appreciate your encouragement!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Speculating On How The World Sees Christians

I know I have been trying to stick to fiction- but I did name my blog speculative shorts, so lets do some real world speculating for a bit.

My husband brought home the movie God's Not Dead for us to watch with our kids over supper today. Near the end of the movie many of the characters were present in a christian music concert. These concerts are not just about music, they are intended to help spread the message that Jesus loves us, died for us, and wants us to believe in him. The concert seen at the end made me realize something else as well. I realized that I feel like I prefer Christian concerts over going to church. At first I was mortified to admit this to myself.

Until I took the moment to speculate and analyze why.

Everyone at these concerts is made to feel welcome and they are excited to come worship in one accord- no matter how differently they are dressed, no matter if they are in dresses or shorts, no matter if they drive fancy cars or can barely afford the 10$. No one judges, no one cares- EVERYONE is there for one purpose- to worship God.

How many times have I worried that I need to buy another "church" dress because I only had two left that fit and it would look awful to show up to church in the clothes I wore last weekend.

Why do I feel that way? (I know I'm not the only one) For as much as we preach acceptance, we still get dressed up in our "sunday best". Its been ingrained in us for generations! We still make sure our church meetings follow the same perfect pattern. The children musn't cry or they are ushered away to far off corners. The preacher and deacons must be smartly dressed (in a long sleeve suit in summer). In some cases the choir wears extra robes on top of their clothes which serves to equalize them visually but also to make them appear that much more "perfect". Everything is neat prim and proper.

A K-Love Christian Concert- If we can worship like this
 why do we doll up for church?
photo credit: thoughtquotient.com via photopin cc
 I wonder how many people have stopped short from wandering into church on sunday just because they didn't feel like they could fit in? How many were afraid they would stand out like a sore thumb or be given "looks" because they were too sloppy?

Is it possible that our traditions, formulas, and "sunday" best is actually turning away the people that really need the message. This is, of course, accentuated when we leave that afternoon and jump into our shorts and tshirts and act like normal frumpy human beings. (Ladies we all know you are dying to take those heels and stockings off!)

But WHY NOT?! God loves us just the way we are! Why shouldn't we worship him how we are? Dress decently, yes- but like you NORMALLY dress. Not some perfect china doll or perfect prince charming.

I wonder if this might make the difference in our goal to reach those who really need the message. A difference enough to realize that yes- it doesn't matter what life circumstances you are from- God loves you JUST the way you are.

You dress comfortably in your own home right? Well, since God is our father and sees us even at our worst- why do we put on a show, a facade for him on Sunday? I found I feel more connected to God when I am comfortable.

Not when I am trying to paint myself (or my children) up in uncomfortable clothes that I only use once a week.

Speculation for thought.

A Rejected Begining

This piece is a beginning I was hashing out for The White Knight. I rejected it because it started in the present, walked into a flashback and then ended right before the present. Just confusing. Anyhow, while I'm not keeping it for publication I thought you might find it interesting at the very least.

photo credit: Simon & His Camera via photopin cc

     Andrew sat down on a boulder along the side of the road blinking back tears. He hadn't made it in time to warn his brother. Now his brother and his brother's wife were both dead, and their daughter was nowhere to be found!
  Andrew sat down on a boulder along the side of the road blinking back tears. He hadn't made it in time to warn his brother. Now his brother and his brother's wife were both dead, and their daughter was nowhere to be found.

     He hadn't spoken to his brother in 5 years. When he saw the troupe of Grissom's army marching along the outskirts of Aglasia's border he knew he needed to let go of the past and headed out towards his brother's manor. Grissom's army would destroy all in their path if they were not stopped.

   But he had gotten there too late, Grissom's army had reached his brother's manor first. They executed the adults, killed the livestock and burned everything else. Andrew ran among in and out of the smoldering remains of the farm calling out for his brother's daughter. Fearing that she had been taken prisoner he had taken off down the dusty dirt road vowing to chase Grissom's army to the ends of the earth!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Mapping The White Knight

The Set Up: 

The Prince is used to ordering people around and getting what he wants but he has no direction in his life. Trying to inspire him the king puts his son in charge of the entire castle- instead of inspiring him, the prince resorts to barking unnecessary orders just to maintain an illusion of power. Angela is a slave being sold as a servant to the highest bidder. She gets sold to the king where she gets put to work in the palace grounds. She spends her few moments of free time in the evening watching the knights practice sword fighting out on the castle grounds. She doesn’t know why but for some reason their movements fascinate her and she finds herself trying to imitate them.

Plot point 1:

 Angela gets asked one day to bring some swords to the great hall. When she gets there she realizes that there is a dueling lesson being held for the Prince in the great hall. As one of the pages trips she accidentally laughs. The prince sarcastically offers for her to try her hand at it and she beats him in the duel. When the prince gets over being embarrassed that she beat him he asks her if she would practice with him to help him get better and the two become friends.

Two different groups of invaders start attacking the country side led by two men who want to lay claim to the king’s throne. Knowing the knights could use all the help they can get the prince convinces Angela to have her teacher join the knights. He does not know that Angela has no teacher so Angela disguises herself as a masked man and is daubed the White Knight. However when she gets knocked unconscious by a bad wound in one of the battles her secret identity is almost found out. One of the knights who happened to know who her father was figures out who she is and comes up with a distraction so she is not found out.

Turning point:

The prince creates the secret identity of the black knight so he can go against his father’s wishes and continue to fight with the knights in the battles. Angela starts to realize that she is beginning to have feelings for both the Black Knight and the Prince but she knows that the prince does not realize she is a knight nor does the Black Knight know she is a servant. She finds herself equally torn in worry between the two as all the other knights including the Prince are ordered to help defend one of the closest outposts. When she receives news that the invaders may have the Prince as their captive, she rushes to his aid.

Plot point 2:

Angela and the other knights invade the enemy’s camp and free the prince. When they are discovered she unveils her secret identity to throw the leader of the invaders off his element and using her skills as a duelist she manages to win their right to walk free. After they get back to the camp the prince reveals to her that he does not care that she had a secret identity it still would not change anything… However he leaves it at that and she is left wondering what that “anything” is to begin with- after all she still has feelings for two different men or so she thinks.

Turning point:

 Hoping to try to put an end to all the battles, the king announces that the prince must choose who he will marry by his birthday. The king apologizes to the prince saying that he had arranged for an easier choice by having made an arranged marriage with one of his knights daughters who then disappeared when her family was killed… when the same knight that knew Angela’s father reveals to Angela that the knight that the king is talking about was her own father Angela begs him not to tell anyone.


Despite not knowing who the arranged marriage was supposed to be with, the prince asks Angela to come to the celebration held in honor of his birthday. He instructs her to come as herself not as the White Lady. At the celebration when he tries to ask her to marry him she hesitates and admits to him that she can’t because she has feelings for another as well. He reveals to her that he and the Black Knight is the same person. The king objects to the prince’s choice in marriage but not after the Prince reveals all that Angela has done under the secret guise of the White Lady.

(This is just one possible mapping- I haven't quite decided which route I will take yet)

Brainstorming The White Knight

Brainstorming The White Knight 

My story idea is about a young servant girl that has a secret past and a current dual identity as a masked Knight. It would be a obstacles to love type story as she finds herself falling for the ill tempered prince of the castle who is also supposed to have an arranged marriage before his 21st birthday or his cousin will take over his father's throne. There is also a neighboring warlord that has connections to the servant girl's past that is also trying to take over the kingdom for himself.

I began looking into this story idea because I have always been facilitated with medieval times stories, and wondered if there could have been any women that fought as knights (if there were any more like Joan of Ark) and what might their stories have been like.


1. Angela has always wanted to be a knight; will she be willing to give all that up for a chance at quenching a forbidden love?

2. She has tamed a forgotten garden, her alter ego has defeated many foes with a sword but can she win the Prince’s heart?

3. Destiny entwines a Prince and a servant girl; will love cast a light to reveal their secret identities and help them to find each other?

Pitching The White Knight (Act 3)

Pitching The White Knight- College Assignment

The King tells his son that he had tried to make the decision easier on him years ago by arranging his marriage to the then new born daughter of one of his knights when the prince was only three. Sir Roberts interjects by asking what happened to the girl and the king told them that she was never found… her family was killed a few years back- the same day the queen was mortally injured during a surprise attack on the palace. Sir Henry Steinbach was a great Knight the king told his audience; hearing the last name Steinbeck made Angela realize that she had forgotten part of her name in her amnesia and the last bit of her lost memories came flooding back to her as she muttered her father’s name under her breath. Overcome with emotion Angela quietly excused herself from the room and retreated back to the gardens.

As memories of her father teaching her how to use a sword just like he did came flooding back to her, as well as memories of all the happy times they had, she sat under a willow tree in the garden with her knees tucked under her chin. Sir Roberts soon came out to the garden and sat next to her. Angela made to get up and hide her feelings but Sir Roberts caught her elbow and asked her to sit. He told her that he knows she knows she is the one the King was talking about and so do the rest of the knights excluding the prince. He tells her that none of them will say anything but he knows that she has feelings for the Prince and does not understand why she won’t tell him. Angela looks away and Sir Roberts stands up once more and walks back inside the palace.

The prince later comes out to the garden and tells her that she is his greatest friend and that it would make him feel better if she was there when he had to give his announcement. He asks her to come as herself, not disguised as the White Lady. With a confused and sinking feeling taking over inside her she nods in reply. He asks her if anything is wrong and after she replies that there is nothing wrong he leaves with a new smile on his face.

A week later, at the celebration among all the dancing, music, merriment and food, Angela stands off to one side talking with Sir Roberts who is quietly and diligently trying to persuade her to tell the prince how she feels. He quiets though as they notice the prince approaching them. The prince asks if Angela would come with him and she follows him through the crowd up to the platform on which the King sat on a thrown. Angela stays where she is as the Prince jumps on the platform and motions the orchestra to stop playing.

The Prince announces to his father and all who are watching that he has decided who he will marry. Feeling like a spectator at an event she does not want to witness Angela turns to try to make her way through the gathering crowd. Realizing that she must not understand, the prince jumps down off the platform and grabs her hand, pulling her back. The crowd parts a little and as Angela realizes what he is doing he asks her if she would agree to marry him. She replies in a desperate whisper as tears form in her eyes that she can not agree to marry him while having the same feelings for him as she does…

Prince Daniel completes her sentence for her by taking the Black Knight’s mask out of his own sleeve and discreetly hands it to her (so as not to reveal it to his father). Angela is both relieved and shocked, but before she can answer the king stands to his feet and asks the prince what he means by deciding to marry a common servant. Defiantly, Prince Daniel informs the king that Angela is not only a hard worker; she is a dedicated and loyal friend, not to mention that she has protected his kingdom on numerous occasions. Confused the King asks Angela to explain. Bowing her head

Angela pulls the White Lady’s mask out of her sleeve and after putting it on she puts her hand through a fold in her dress to pull her sword from her skirt. Raising her head she announces to the King that she is the White Lady…

As comprehension dawns on the king he smiles and steps down from the platform to shake her hand. He then tells her that if she would agree to demonstrate some of her skill for him here than he would be happy to accept. She smiles and replies that the knights actually had a big demonstration prepared to entertain his majesty with all of their talents. The audience separates to allow the Knights some room. As their demonstration comes to an end it closes with a one on one duel with Prince Daniel and Angela. For the first time in ages the prince gets the best of her and after holding her at sword point for a second and hearing his father clap in approval the prince pulls her close to him and kisses her.

The end

(Go To Act 1   Go to Act 2)

Pitching The White Knight (Act 2)

Pitching The White Knight- College Assignment

Regaining consciousness again she finds that the prince has still not left the room and a few of the other knights are there with him. He tells her that he thought she might want to know that one of the Knights, Sir Roberts, sent Angela on an errand, but he is certain that if she were here she would want to be here too. He also states that Angela would have been quite inspired if she had known her teacher was a girl. Sir Roberts steps forward and tells the prince that he is certain he understands why she wanted to hide her identity and if he might speak to her alone for a moment. The prince and the others comply and leave Sir Roberts there to speak to “The White Lady”.

He tells her that he recognized some of her signature moves as those once used by a dear friend of his- her father. Angela realizing that her cover is blown now closes her eyes. He tells her that it is a very risky proposition for a servant to claim knighthood but also saw her encounter with the leader of the enemy, Sir Roderick, who they were just fighting. He told her that he knows that the leader is still searching for the girl that gave him the scar across his face (her) and that it would be better for her identity to remain concealed. Angela tells him that she won’t have to worry about that for much longer because she is certain the king will remove her from knighthood.

Sir Roberts informs her that she has great skill and not only would the king be foolish to dismiss you in a time like this (enemy’s on the border) but also that any one of the knights would stand up for you. He tells her to tell the king that after her family was murdered she decided to disguise herself as a guy and remain hidden long ago because the enemy leader would be seeking her for revenge.

As the kingdom’s enemy’s draw nearer the king has demanded that the prince no longer joins the knights in battle for his own safety. He also announces that a new knight has joined the kingdom – the Black Knight. Strangely enough Angela finds that she enjoys talking (as the White Lady) with the Black Knight and the Black Knight begins asking her to go for horse rides and walks along the lake behind the castle.

Angela soon finds herself confused by her own feelings as she realizes that she cares for Prince Daniel and also finds herself falling for the Black Knight. As she balances the time she spends with both of them she becomes more and more torn about her decision. She knows that she would never be allowed to marry a prince and decides to enjoy the Black Knight’s company. Two weeks pass and word reaches the Castle that the Enemy has reached the closest outpost, as many of the kings knights have already joined the fray only a handful remain in the castle. The king orders the rest to go help and Sir Roberts and the White Lady stay behind to keep watch and muster the rest of the castle’s infantry.

After a few days the Knights send a messenger to the castle. Sir Roberts attends the meeting while the White Lady keeps watch. When he comes back to the castle wall to tell her what he has learned he looks very upset. He tells her that the enemies claim to have the Prince held captive and they won’t release them until the Kingdom surrenders to their terms. Not knowing who she worries about more, the captured Prince Daniel or the Black Knight still away at battle, the ‘White Lady’ tells Sir Roberts that she has to go… perhaps if she faces the leader she can create a diversion long enough to rescue the prince. He tells her to go ahead and give her plan to the rest of the knights.

The White Lady enters the camp of the knights a day later and asks if they could all meet together. In a tent for the private meeting the White lady reveals her true identity as Angela Stine the garden servant. As the rest of the knights are shocked she continues the story of what she remembers from her childhood and that she thinks the leader would welcome a challenge from the girl that gave him the huge scar running down his face. As the Knights chuckle one of them asks her if she intends to just hand herself over to the leader. As the rest of the knights realize what she is proposing they shout in protest and there must be another way. The older of the knights suggests that they go in and try to rescue the prince and then only if they have to reveal Angela as a tool they will. Angela suggests that they figure out some way to signal the troops that could attack for further distraction if needed.

That evening a group of twelve of the knights along with the White Lady sneaks into the enemy camp. After some stealth and searching they manage to find the tent that the prince is bound in. One of the Knights cuts a slit in the side of the tent away from the view of the guards. Two knights and the White Lady enter the tent while the rest stay hidden outside to keep guard. The prince’s wrists and ankles are tied behind him to a pole in the center of the tent; he is dressed in a white under tunic and black pants. As the White Lady goes to release him the other two knights grab the guard standing outside and knock him unconscious and grad him inside the tent, binding him in the prince’s place. The White Lady wanted to ask him how he got into this mess but knowing they have little time before they are discovered she decides not to press the subject. Suddenly an alarm sounds.

The Knights all know what must be done. White Lady tells the prince not to say a word no matter what happens. She nods to the Knights who all stand to guard the prince and they step out of the tent with their hands up. Sir Roderick, the enemy leader, strides forward demanding to know what they think they are doing. The White Lady steps forward and tells them that they are taking the prince back. Sir Roderick demands to know who she is that she thinks she can make such an assumption. Pulling off her hood and her mask, Angela shakes her hair out and comprehension dawns on Sir Roderick. A sneer crosses his mangled face as he explains to her that he recognizes her as the 13 yr old girl that tried to stand up to him years ago to protect her family. A memory comes back to her and she tells him that it was a good thing that he left her for dead because now she can come back to haunt him. She raises her sword and after dismissing his guards protests Sir Roderick accepts her challenge.

They battle back and forth around the whole encampment with a wide ring of both Sir Roderick’s men and the Knights. Finally after some time and while the two are pacing around each other, Angela tells Sir Roderick that if she wins they must let her, the knights and the prince walk out of the camp alive. Sir Roderick laughs and replies that her terms are fine but if he wins the knights may leave but her and the prince will be his prisoners. A sly smile crosses Angela’s face and declares that the terms are a deal. The duel rages again as the two of them are going for the death of the other. Suddenly Sir Roderick corners her against a wooden cart. With a few feet between them Angela’s sly smile returns and with a flick of her sword Sir Roderick’s sword goes flying out of his hand and buries itself hilt high in the sand, point down {her signature move}. Lunging forward she in turn corners Sir Roderick and catches him off guard.

Sir Roderick’s men gather around her with their swords drawn. She tells him that now is the time to honor their agreement. A wicked grin crosses his face and she knew that he never meant to honor their agreement. She tips her sword point up to his cheek and runs it along his scar until a thin trail of blood appears. Horsley Sir Roderick calls for his men to stand down and they allow the knights to take the prince and Angela out of the camp.

When they got back to their own camp the prince gets something to eat and calls Angela off to one side to talk. As he sits down on a log off to the side of the camp she takes a seat beside him. The prince asks her why she did not tell him she was the White Knight even after all those days they spent out in the garden practicing dueling. She told him that being a servant she did not think…He cuts her off and as he takes her hand he tells her that would not have mattered to him. She takes her hand back with a mischievous grin and tells him that his safety must also not matter to him if he allowed himself to get caught. However, realizing what his statement means to her, Angela is still a little stunned and looks away in embarrassment.

(Plot Point 2) Later and without notice in the middle of the night, Sir Roderick’s men pack up and retreat. The knights still know that they have not seen the last of him. A few days back at the castle the King requests an audience with his son and the Knights in the Knights hall. There are many tables in the room that the Knights would sit at during meetings. He tells the prince that he is tired of worrying about the safety of the kingdom’s future and by the next week there will be a celebration at which the Prince will announce who he will marry. The Prince stands in objection and argues that this is not the way he wanted to choose his wife. The White Lady sits at a table a few rows back staring at the top of her table, her heart sinks as she realizes that she does not want him to marry any other but knows that he must decide this, she also knows that she has the same feelings for the Black Knight and is not sure what she would chose either. Sir Roberts, sitting across from her, turns to glance at her realizing what she must be feeling.