Sunday, December 13, 2020

Christmas Tree Hack for Cats

Look at this cat enticing tree! LOL So much fun!

Do you have a cat that climbs your Christmas Tree, knocks it down, and subsequently destroys all of your ornaments?

I've seen many people fighting over dominance of the tree with their kitties.

I've seen so many people decide to tie their trees to the wall..

 I have extra persistent kitties and here is how I beat them every year! (They always climb the tree before I get around to making the collar- sneaky twerps!)

I get sheets of tinfoil and a roll of scotch tape and lay flat on my back under the tree. 

Pass the sheets of tinfoil up through the branches and lay them flat on the very bottom branches, as close to the center as possible, and out to where the little branches come off the spoke. These sheets must lay across two spokes at a time and overlap each other.

Once the 'collar' has been created, lightly tape the sheets of tinfoil to the branches (one piece of tape, every other branch should do it) and also add a single piece of tape to the seams where the tinfoil overlaps.

Gray plastic Walmart bags work well, stuffed on top, if you dont want to use tape. (you won't see these if your tree is fluffed and spread well) They also help in addition to tape if your cats are the EXTRA EXTRA persistent type. 

Again, tinfoil sheets should be as close to the center as possible, must stretch across two branches at a time, and leave no gaps!

Kitties try to climb up center like a ladder- the tinfoil blocks this.

I have seen my cats poke the tinfoil and once it doesn't move they walk away.

Here's a Blueprint for illustration:

Here's what the collar looks like under the tree:

Notice those spokes I was talking about... Kitty climbing ladders!

I swear you can't see it from outside the tree!

No one will know you have defeated your kitties! Remember- you will need a NEW collar every year. Please remove the tinfoil when you remove your decorations to put the tree away every year.

Like I said... I have had numerous friends complain about their cats in their Christmas trees... please let me know if these instructions need clarification and I will be happy to oblige!