Sunday, November 19, 2023

My Girl Scout Uniform Timeline

My Girl Scouts uniform timeline...

My Brownie Sash...missing my Farthest North Girl Scout Council top patches- I should see if I can still get those. I wish I could remember my troop number but that too is also sadly lost to the dust of memory.

If you look closely you can see 1993 and 1994 patches!

My Junior sash... also included a few melted patches. I will NEVER iron on patches again- that was a disaster I never care to repeat! I'm not entirely sure why I chose a  sash instead of a vest here but it was a choice that stuck.

My old cadette and senior sash (lighter blue)- before removing my year pins. Back then Seniors were the last level and both levels were 3 years each.

I earned my Silver Award in 2002 and have badge work notes all the way up to 2004.

12 years as a young Girl Scout!

Cadettes and Seniors are now only 2 years each and Ambassadors is the last 2 years. Their uniforms changed to khaki during my senior years, I just never switched. Pines of Carolina even had a name change so even my old council patches don't fit in any more lol.

Dark navy blue is the Adult/volunteer uniform color and I am now part of Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina. I just finished placing my new council and flag patch. I'm not sure if adults keep their year stars going, I've seen some troop leaders with them so I moved mine over- I'd probably lose track of the years without them. I also finally have a place to pin my Bridge to Adult scouting pin (the rainbow bar). The #TechnoQuest patch from an event I volunteered at for Girl Scouts - North Carolina Coastal Pines is my first patch on the back along with my old brownie member pin.

My very first vest!

The New official uniform vest for adults has a zipper. I'm not too fond of zippers (they catch on everything!) but I found a council who still offers the old style vest for adults and chose that instead.

My camp hat also needed refreshing. The snap back disintegrated in the attic and many of the swaps needed to be re-glued. Everything has been moved to a new cinch back ballcap.

I started this dive back into my time capsule because ABB sponsors several councils and encouraged me to volunteer as a stem mentor and share my job with younger girl scouts. I've always loved Girl Scout programming and I am so excited to be able to help out again!

Girl Scouts played a pivotal role in inspiring and equiping me with the skills I would need to become the engineer I am today. I am who I am in a large part due to my time as a scout. So many amazing memories are collected in these sashes. A brand new empty uniform holds the promise of many more awesome memories to come!