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Pitching The White Knight (Act 3)

Pitching The White Knight- College Assignment

The King tells his son that he had tried to make the decision easier on him years ago by arranging his marriage to the then new born daughter of one of his knights when the prince was only three. Sir Roberts interjects by asking what happened to the girl and the king told them that she was never found… her family was killed a few years back- the same day the queen was mortally injured during a surprise attack on the palace. Sir Henry Steinbach was a great Knight the king told his audience; hearing the last name Steinbeck made Angela realize that she had forgotten part of her name in her amnesia and the last bit of her lost memories came flooding back to her as she muttered her father’s name under her breath. Overcome with emotion Angela quietly excused herself from the room and retreated back to the gardens.

As memories of her father teaching her how to use a sword just like he did came flooding back to her, as well as memories of all the happy times they had, she sat under a willow tree in the garden with her knees tucked under her chin. Sir Roberts soon came out to the garden and sat next to her. Angela made to get up and hide her feelings but Sir Roberts caught her elbow and asked her to sit. He told her that he knows she knows she is the one the King was talking about and so do the rest of the knights excluding the prince. He tells her that none of them will say anything but he knows that she has feelings for the Prince and does not understand why she won’t tell him. Angela looks away and Sir Roberts stands up once more and walks back inside the palace.

The prince later comes out to the garden and tells her that she is his greatest friend and that it would make him feel better if she was there when he had to give his announcement. He asks her to come as herself, not disguised as the White Lady. With a confused and sinking feeling taking over inside her she nods in reply. He asks her if anything is wrong and after she replies that there is nothing wrong he leaves with a new smile on his face.

A week later, at the celebration among all the dancing, music, merriment and food, Angela stands off to one side talking with Sir Roberts who is quietly and diligently trying to persuade her to tell the prince how she feels. He quiets though as they notice the prince approaching them. The prince asks if Angela would come with him and she follows him through the crowd up to the platform on which the King sat on a thrown. Angela stays where she is as the Prince jumps on the platform and motions the orchestra to stop playing.

The Prince announces to his father and all who are watching that he has decided who he will marry. Feeling like a spectator at an event she does not want to witness Angela turns to try to make her way through the gathering crowd. Realizing that she must not understand, the prince jumps down off the platform and grabs her hand, pulling her back. The crowd parts a little and as Angela realizes what he is doing he asks her if she would agree to marry him. She replies in a desperate whisper as tears form in her eyes that she can not agree to marry him while having the same feelings for him as she does…

Prince Daniel completes her sentence for her by taking the Black Knight’s mask out of his own sleeve and discreetly hands it to her (so as not to reveal it to his father). Angela is both relieved and shocked, but before she can answer the king stands to his feet and asks the prince what he means by deciding to marry a common servant. Defiantly, Prince Daniel informs the king that Angela is not only a hard worker; she is a dedicated and loyal friend, not to mention that she has protected his kingdom on numerous occasions. Confused the King asks Angela to explain. Bowing her head

Angela pulls the White Lady’s mask out of her sleeve and after putting it on she puts her hand through a fold in her dress to pull her sword from her skirt. Raising her head she announces to the King that she is the White Lady…

As comprehension dawns on the king he smiles and steps down from the platform to shake her hand. He then tells her that if she would agree to demonstrate some of her skill for him here than he would be happy to accept. She smiles and replies that the knights actually had a big demonstration prepared to entertain his majesty with all of their talents. The audience separates to allow the Knights some room. As their demonstration comes to an end it closes with a one on one duel with Prince Daniel and Angela. For the first time in ages the prince gets the best of her and after holding her at sword point for a second and hearing his father clap in approval the prince pulls her close to him and kisses her.

The end

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