Monday, September 22, 2014

Mapping The White Knight

The Set Up: 

The Prince is used to ordering people around and getting what he wants but he has no direction in his life. Trying to inspire him the king puts his son in charge of the entire castle- instead of inspiring him, the prince resorts to barking unnecessary orders just to maintain an illusion of power. Angela is a slave being sold as a servant to the highest bidder. She gets sold to the king where she gets put to work in the palace grounds. She spends her few moments of free time in the evening watching the knights practice sword fighting out on the castle grounds. She doesn’t know why but for some reason their movements fascinate her and she finds herself trying to imitate them.

Plot point 1:

 Angela gets asked one day to bring some swords to the great hall. When she gets there she realizes that there is a dueling lesson being held for the Prince in the great hall. As one of the pages trips she accidentally laughs. The prince sarcastically offers for her to try her hand at it and she beats him in the duel. When the prince gets over being embarrassed that she beat him he asks her if she would practice with him to help him get better and the two become friends.

Two different groups of invaders start attacking the country side led by two men who want to lay claim to the king’s throne. Knowing the knights could use all the help they can get the prince convinces Angela to have her teacher join the knights. He does not know that Angela has no teacher so Angela disguises herself as a masked man and is daubed the White Knight. However when she gets knocked unconscious by a bad wound in one of the battles her secret identity is almost found out. One of the knights who happened to know who her father was figures out who she is and comes up with a distraction so she is not found out.

Turning point:

The prince creates the secret identity of the black knight so he can go against his father’s wishes and continue to fight with the knights in the battles. Angela starts to realize that she is beginning to have feelings for both the Black Knight and the Prince but she knows that the prince does not realize she is a knight nor does the Black Knight know she is a servant. She finds herself equally torn in worry between the two as all the other knights including the Prince are ordered to help defend one of the closest outposts. When she receives news that the invaders may have the Prince as their captive, she rushes to his aid.

Plot point 2:

Angela and the other knights invade the enemy’s camp and free the prince. When they are discovered she unveils her secret identity to throw the leader of the invaders off his element and using her skills as a duelist she manages to win their right to walk free. After they get back to the camp the prince reveals to her that he does not care that she had a secret identity it still would not change anything… However he leaves it at that and she is left wondering what that “anything” is to begin with- after all she still has feelings for two different men or so she thinks.

Turning point:

 Hoping to try to put an end to all the battles, the king announces that the prince must choose who he will marry by his birthday. The king apologizes to the prince saying that he had arranged for an easier choice by having made an arranged marriage with one of his knights daughters who then disappeared when her family was killed… when the same knight that knew Angela’s father reveals to Angela that the knight that the king is talking about was her own father Angela begs him not to tell anyone.


Despite not knowing who the arranged marriage was supposed to be with, the prince asks Angela to come to the celebration held in honor of his birthday. He instructs her to come as herself not as the White Lady. At the celebration when he tries to ask her to marry him she hesitates and admits to him that she can’t because she has feelings for another as well. He reveals to her that he and the Black Knight is the same person. The king objects to the prince’s choice in marriage but not after the Prince reveals all that Angela has done under the secret guise of the White Lady.

(This is just one possible mapping- I haven't quite decided which route I will take yet)

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