Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Poisoned Dagger- Five Sentence Fiction

Five Sentence Fiction - Potions -photo by Lillie McFerrin
This week's five sentence fiction IS directly from Lillie McFerrin's blog.

The challenge word for this one is Potions. Use the word and the picture as inspiration and write your own 5 sentence fiction. If you write it on your own blog I would LOVE to see it- or you could share it in the comments if you don't blog. I’d LOVE to see yours! Leave me the link to your 5 Sentence Fiction blog post in the comments!

Angela woke up in a strange bed, the smell of lavender and other various herbs surrounded her in a calming atmosphere just as every part of her body remembered that it wanted nothing more than to run from the pain that had taken over her body. She remembered Alexander's look of concern and then the cold indifference that swept across his face when she was forced to reveal her true identity to Grissom and his troops. She remembered the searing pain as Grissom's icy dagger had found its mark, and the burning as the poison leached from the blade into her blood.

She didn't know if Alexander would forgive her for hiding her identity from him, and that, she realized, would hurt her more than this poison ever would.

"I have to leave, its not safe for any of you while I am still here," Angela protested weakly while a lady firmly held her down with one hand and cauterized her wound with a fire blade.

This is a scene was inspired by my work in progress with The Sword Of The White Knight- this scene may not make it in but I figured I would share it anyhow.


  1. I love this idea of 5 sentence fiction.

    It's great that all your social media is front and center. I hate it when I have to search to find a way to follow an author. Your posts are also easy to share, which I love. Also, big +1 for including G+ on your share buttons. I use G+ a lot and have a huge circle of writers that I engage with. I get ticked off at a blog when they don't have an easy way for me to share on G+

  2. Thanks for stopping by Gina! I'm always looking for better ways to keep in touch with people on my blog. I'm primarily on facebook but I'd like to grow my blog as a place that I can connect with people on too. With that in mind, I really try to make it easy for people to share and comment or follow if they are so inclined ;)

    Thanks for commenting! <3