Sunday, October 5, 2014

Rivi's Pain- Five Sentence Fiction

Monsoon rains
Image by Coconino National Forest on Flickr
   I'm getting back to doing some more 5 Sentence Fiction. Originally started by Lillie McFerrin, occasionally I find my own picture and am hit with inspiration.

This week I found this picture on Flickr and am challenging you with the word Fog. Use the word and the picture as inspiration and write your own 5 sentence fiction. If you write it on your own blog I would LOVE to see it- or you could share it in the comments if you don't blog.

Rivi's breath caught in her throat, a scream being stifled by the overwhelming horror she saw all around her. As the Aunantet fled their planet, every living plant and being that was touched by the fog shriveled and died. 

"I don't know what the Aruk did to your friend, Rivi, but he is no longer his old self, we have to leave him!"

"I can't," Rivi replied, "I know he's still in there, I can feel that much."

Rivi put up her electrostatic shield and centered her sights on the one her heart called to.

I hope you enjoyed this- this piece is a work in progress from the sequel to The Alien Mind. It may not make it into the second book, but my muse finds it helpful to get these scraps of scenes written down until I get to that point in the story.

*In my last post I told you that the overcoat that I am making for Rivi's outfit was ready for trim. Well, It's done now and I'm beginning work on the main piece of the outfit. The overcoat was quite a bit of work all by itself! Whew! Check back later and I will post some pictures here on my blog!

In more news- the brand new edition of The Alien Mind is soon to be re-released by PDMI Publishing LLC. and their imprint Rara Avis. It is freshly edited, brand new formatting, as well as illustrations by Matt Ostrum and myself.

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