Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Seclusion- Five Sentence Fiction

The Island On The River by Larisa Koshkina
Originally started by Lillie McFerrin, this week I have picked my own picture and word to challenge myself with.

The challenge word for this one is Seclusion. Use the word and the picture as inspiration and write your own 5 sentence fiction. If you write it on your own blog I would LOVE to see it- or you could share it in the comments if you don't blog. I’d LOVE to see yours! Leave me the link to your 5 Sentence Fiction blog post in the comments!

Angela quietly set her bag in the center before climbing gingerly into the small boat being rocked by the gentle lapping waves of the river. Crouching low in the boat she kept and eye out for the river patrols while carefully rowing toward the portal island. The boat bottom ground into the island's shore and Angela spared one last glance at the sky decorated with its colorful haze before running into the woods. The aurora was almost over after which the portal wouldn't work for months. She was leaving behind all she knew, heading once more toward anonymity; her friends had deserted her, anonymity was her only friend now.

This is my way of hashing out a concept for The Sword Of The White Knight... I hope you enjoyed it.

I'd love to hear from you- please don't hesitate to comment!


  1. I really like the five-sentence stories. I will have to attempt some myself in the future. ;)

    1. Aww thank you! I find they are really good at keeping those writing muscles going. My muse has taken a vacation for far too long lol.