Saturday, October 4, 2014

Making Rivi's Costume For Cosplay 2

Rivi's Costume- Collar Troubles

The last time I blogged about the making of Rivi's costume I mentioned that I couldn't seem to get the inner collar pinned in properly in order to stitch it down. Every time I tried it ended up too short in some places or bunched up in others. I finally figured out a trick!

See those boxes there? Yup,
Still stuff to unpack from the
move lol.
I nabbed one of my minions to help! My youngest is 3... my eldest is taller, and a girl so she might have worked better, but the older two were both at school. So I called my youngest over and prayed he would stay still enough not to step on the hem.

He did, and I actually got the collar pinned in! It looked perfect! (and I had to nab a picture of him trying to figure it out.)
So I threw it through the sewing machine and even though it looked straight and lined up with the pins the inner collar and the outer shoulder seams are not lined up. The good news... no one will see the inner collar and it looked fine turned right side out so I left it just the way it was.

*facepalm* yup those are my toes and
my youngest's flip flop lol :P
I've hemmed the shoulders and cut up the crease in the center front. Now all I need to do is hem the sleeves, hem the front opening, and the bottom and then add the trim!

Want to see what it looks like when I'm done with this first part? Stay tuned! I'll keep you updated!

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