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Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Imposter

(My first attempt at sci-fi romance, pg-13 friendly- This is an experiment, I'd really appreciate if you'd let me know what you thought ;)

The breeze rustled the leaves on the trees while Talia focused in on every sound, listening for any indication of the return of her husband. Her knights would be stranded on this mercenary planet if they didn't fight their way through the ruins to the portal cave soon. She knew the solar flares would keep the portal inactive for another six weeks.

Talia breathed deep trying to loosen the knot in her throat. Something had gone wrong… she didn't want to abandon him...

A twig snapped underfoot. She turned to find Sir Richard, his concern leaking through his stoic gaze.

"Talia, we are running out of time, are we staying or making an attempt on the gate?" Sir Richard asked.

"We move, Daren knew when we had to leave, we've waited as long as we can." The authority in her voice crackled slightly.

Taking a moment to sweep her hair back up and don her white masked helmet, she waved her men forward and they crept down toward the stone ruins. The grass was slick under their combat boots. Little pieces of grass clung to their armored pants as they made their way forward.

Suddenly a cacophony of battle cries alerted them to their enemy’s presence within the ruins. Talia looked up just in time to see a figure dressed in a black from head to toe climb to the top of a rock wall in the midst of the ruins. He stood brandishing the mercenary flag at her approaching party.

Her husband had worn the mantle of the Black Knight, and here this imposter stood mocking her! Rage welled up within her, deafening her ears and narrowing her focus as she ran off after the scum. She didn’t stop as the enemy poured out from behind the stones attempting to surround her. Her knights, struggling to keep up with her, were already keeping them otherwise engaged. Nothing stood between her and the Black Knight imposter now!

Near the center of the ruins, the grass turned to voice which caked against her boots and spattered the hem of her white skirt. The scowl of disgust for this imposter deepened as the earthy smell of the voice assaulted her nose.

 The sound of a clearing throat caused her to whirl around, her sword held defensively in front of her.
“White Lady,” The man swept his sword free hand in a mock bow.

His mouth angled into an amused smirk and his eyes narrowed under the mask that hid the upper half of his face and hair. She lunged at him, momentarily surprising him with the rage that fueled the strength behind her sword.

“How DARE you take on his mantle you Evian scum!” Talia spat.

“You’ll regret your choice of words!” The black knight called over the sounds of battle before rushing again at her.

A few smooth movements of the wrist and the imposter had managed to disarm her, as only her husband had ever managed to do. She spared a fearful glance in the direction of her sword only to find it buried hilt high in the ground. Even if she made a desperate lunge she wouldn’t be fast enough.

The imposter in black advanced on Talia and within two steps her back met the damp stone wall. The Black Knight held the flat of his blade across her chest as his body moved in closer to pin her to the wall. She turned her chin away from the point of his sword as the warmth of his breath brushed against her cheek.

His free hand forced her face back towards his; his hand feeling like fire to her chilled skin. She glared at him but He leaned in any way to whisper close to her ear. Her mind raced frantically as she looked over his shoulder at the rest of her knights seemingly so far away, all locked in battle. There was no one to help her.

“I believe I warned you that you would regret your words…” The man in black purred his icy threat into her ear.

He backed off her chest slightly, giving her room once more to breathe.

His sword slipped down her chest and in one swift movement he took her face in both of his hands and pressed his mouth to hers forcefully. Talia froze. His sword fell between them and clattered off the top of her armored boots. Her mind whirled as his warmth, force, and the musky scent of his sweat coated armor assaulted her senses. The stubble on his face pricked her cheek snapping her back to her senses.

 Her shock and anger drove renewed adrenalin into her veins giving her the strength to shove back her attacker. She quickly bent to grab the Black Knight’s sword from her feet and thrust the sharpened end in his direction. Her aim faltered though. She had reached up in disgust to wipe his saliva from her mouth but as her fingertips paused at her lips she realized her mistake.
“Daren?” She choked.

The Black Knight smiled with relief as he tore off his masked helmet.

“I was afraid you weren’t going to recognize me,” He replied.

Talia dropped the sword and threw herself into his embrace.

“How’d you?” She stuttered.

“I couldn’t make it back without going through one of the mercenary encampments so I made them believe I was a turncoat who wanted to join their forces- then I got stationed to guard these ruins. I still don’t think they’ve even recognized me yet!”

Talia buried her face into Daren’s armored suit. “I was afraid we were going to have to leave you behind.”

Daren hugged her close one last time and then pulled her out at arm’s length, studying her. “How about we go give our guys a hand?” He suggested.

Talia shot him an impish grin. “These mercenary guards aren’t going to know what hit them!”

Daren retrieved Talia’s sword before they both charged back into the melee.

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(Ruins photo credit: Baram ancient synagogue via photopin (license)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bad Idea- Flash Fiction

By: Etta Jean

"At what point is this a bad idea?" Eliana asked her cousin warily as they crept outside the castle walls.

"At the point where Alex and Maduin find us and yell at us." Mai felt no fear as she trudged into the trees. She had wanted to go exploring, and at thirteen, she was finally starting to really develop in her angelic gifts.

Eliana didn't feel quite so confident. Not that she didn't have faith in her magical gifts as a Wizard, or her younger cousin's gifts as a Shaman, but, well, she always felt a tiny bit more comfortable when Maduin or Alexander was around to babysit. "At the risk of being the voice of reason, I kinda don't think we should have ditched our guardians. Also, Alexander knows everything you do, Maitena. He's going to tan your hide."

 "If he can catch me."

 "He'll clip your wings and have no problem."

 "For the love of the elements, Eli, you wanted to explore too!" Mai swung around on a glower. "Just go back if you're uneasy."

 "And leave you alone? Oh, hell, no. Then my hide is toast." She closed her eyes on a sigh as a growl rose on the air. "Do I get to say I told you so?"

Mai turned quickly and scowled as several monstrous beasts lumbered out of the trees.

Her sword appeared in her hand, and though her heart tripped madly, she kept her nerves down. She had to protect Eliana. Wizards were much squishier than their Warrior and Shaman counterparts. "You blast. I stab."

Eliana drew her wand and gulped back a yelp as a beast lunged at her. Mai cut it down first and then went after the others. Eliana started casting Sun spells, and the energy blasts either obliterated beasts entirely or made them easier for Mai to kill. The cousins seemed to be winning, but Mai looked a bit bloody. She did not have time to heal herself.

One beast made it past Mai and knocked Eliana flat. She threw her arms over her face as it lunged for her, but it never landed. She cautiously lowered her arms and saw a familiar figure standing in front of her. He turned and narrowed his red eyes on her, and she gulped.

"Uhm. Hi, Maduin."

Mai thought she had gotten all the beasts only to hear a growl and jerk around sharply. The monster never reached her; a bullet took it down first. She slowly turned around and found her guardian looming behind her, and his violet eyes had turned black with fury. She winced as she realized the sight she made. "Uhm."

"We found the point where it was a bad idea," her cousin muttered. "And I definitely told you so."


~ Thank you for reading! This story comes to you from a dear friend of mine! She is celebrating the release of her newest novela called Shadow On The Sea. While the story you just read above is not actually IN the book it IS about two of the characters in the book. Think of it sort of like a deleted scene! 

I know it has been about a week or so since my last post. My school started and I am preparing for a Sci Fi Convention so I have been a bit busy. I hope to get back to blogging regularly by June though, once I get into the swing of these electrical engineering courses. 

We hope you enjoyed the mini story and please take a moment to check out Etta's links before you leave! ~


Shadow On The Sea

The world of Ceres has been ruled for millennia by the winged race known as Lightlings. When the Chalice Kingdom celebrates the birth of the next crown princess, they have no idea just what events have been set into motion. The beautiful angel has a special, shadowy, gift, and only by learning to control it will she be able to claim the lover rightfully hers by destiny, and save her world from an evil bent on consuming them all.

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