Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Game Of Hunger Or Life

The Ramp
The Ramp
 Originally started by Lillie McFerrin, this week I have picked my own picture with which to challenge myself to write a 5 sentence story.

Here goes:

Winter was coming and hunger would soon be upon the country; it was time to play the game of life to count those who would be chosen to make the ultimate sacrifice. Walking to the edge of the ramp, three year old Publisher dropped the smooth stone ball and the crowd behind him held their breaths as they watched the ball roll down, down, down, the winding pathway into the cave at the bottom of the hill. The crowd waited in silence as the bowling pins in the cave were counted with the toll of a bell- one, two, three, four, five...meant five thousand. Henry turned toward his parents expecting praise and cheering, instead he found them crying into his Grandmother's shoulders. She was one of the 5000 who's number was up.

By the way? Did you find the secret word? 

This week's clue is: What kind of name is that?!

Based on the secret word, do you think you know what the secret phrase is? The secret phrase opens the first door which contains special secret goodies from Stacy Garrett who is currently trying to promote her new book The Door with an indigogo campaign . It truly is an amazing project that deserves to be supported! Gorgeous original photos illustrate this amazing fairytale story! You can find a list of other sites hosting other pieces of this week's secret phrase over on Stacy's facebook page or on "The Door" link on her website!

If you have figured out what this week's secret phrase is... enter it here and thanks for playing the game with us!:!the-door/tqu6j 

"The Ramp" photo credit: Aerial View via photopin (license)

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