Saturday, June 11, 2016

Patricia's House Guests

Patricia was watching her neighbor's children for a few weeks during the summer. Alice and Jason hadn't had a vacation in a few years, she knew they'd appreciate her help.

"Whats a few weeks?" Patricia thought to herself as Benny, the littlest, proceeded to dig a hole in the middle of her favorite flower bed. "That'll be a bath tonight!" She mumbled to herself.

She picked up Benny and directed him to a clear section of dirt that didn't contain flowers before turning to check on the other two.

"What on earth are you doing?" Patricia asked Dot, the eldest, who was running around in circles with a stick she had found under the old oak tree. 

'If only a stick could solve all MY problems!' Patricia chuckled to herself.

A duck ran through Patricia's legs in a panic closely followed by Toby, the only blond one of the trio. The ducks all quacked frantically and lose feathers fluttered around the yard.

"Come now Toby! Don't scare the ducks so!" Patricia called.

Toby slowed down and turned to grin back at Patricia. Patricia rolled her eyes. It was so hard to stay upset with any of them! A bit of a breeze picked up and pulled at the edge of Patricia's wrap. Benny jumped up in surprise as the sound of distant thunder rolled across the sky. Dot, on the other hand, paid no mind to the approaching storm until the rain started to fall.

"We better go in guys!" Patricia called, throwing her wrap over her head as she ran toward the porch. Toby, Dot, and Benny swiftly ran after her, pausing for just a moment on the porch to shake the rain off of them before they followed patricia inside to dry off. 

Patricia passed around the towels to dry them off before all three curled up beside her on the couch to watch the rain make a mess of the yard. The ducks looked happy enough to have the puddles all to themselves. Toby followed their antics intently while making pictures on the window with his cold nose. Another round of thunder gently shook the house and Benny and Dot snuggled in closer. The rain continued to fall, she knew it wouldn't be long before the three of them would fall asleep... right here, in her lap.

"Maybe it would be nice to have some dogs of my own around here..." Patricia pondered. 

*(photo credit: rain and blue pot via photopin (license)

By the way? Did you find the secret word? 

This week's clue is: "It would be mean to call them dogs!"

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This Week's News:  PDMI's Marketing Director called to let me know two days ago that the Hilton Head Island (SC) Barnes and Noble has ordered copies of my book to put on their shelves! I'm super stoked! This is the second Barnes and Noble confirmation I've received!  Just a reminder, I'll be at the Magnolia Mall Barnes and Noble in Florence SC on July 26th for a signing. Rumor has it that Rivi may even show up with me to take pictures with visitors!  

If any of you spot my book "The Alien Mind" out in the wild, please take a picture of it for me! I'd love to see how far it is going!

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