V.L. Jennings' Chat Room- Speculating Among The Stars

VL Jennings Live Chatroom
Chat Room Schedule: (still working on one)
Apparently Tuesdays have been a good fit though!

*All chats are transcribed. Find the transcripts here. Message me if you'd like anything removed for posterity's sake.

  Responsive For Mobile Too: (Thanks Michael!)


  • The paint palate icon allows you to modify your text... the little tiny A symbol in there allows you to change the text color.
  • The double word bubble icon will allow you to choose someone to PRIVATE message. Tapping it a second time will take you back to the regular chat.

*If the chatroom is closed- feel free to add any questions you would like V.L. Jennings to answer down in the comments section! They will be answered in the next scheduled chat session. :)

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