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About the Author

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When V.L. Jennings isn't traveling to other worlds through her imagination, she calls Dillon County, South Carolina her home. She was born in Nashua, New Hampshire in 1987 and is the author of  two science fiction novels; "The Alien Mind" (recipient of the Readers Favorite Five Star Review), and "Visionary From The Stars". Virginia is also the illustrator for Wiggle Worm's Shape Adventures.

But what motivates Virginia to create, to illustrate, to prognosticate? Virginia is a speculator, the kind of person who always debates the "what if?" of where stories both true and fantastical are leading themselves to, which explains her love of post-apocalyptic fare such as "The Walking Dead." Through her writing, she enjoys trying to figure out what our human potential is, and where our innate desire for a better world could lead us.

Overall, Virginia is just about as real as a person can get. Yes, even authors love to sing along with their favorite local radio station while driving, and Virginia is no exception to this rule. She enjoys watching Doctor Who or Star Trek with her family over dinner, and also watching the latest sci-fi and action movies with her husband. On the weekends, you may even find Virginia and her family at the local comic book store, hunting down more comics to add to their collections.

V.L. Jennings spends her free time writing flash fiction on her blog and working towards her degree in Electronics Engineering. You can find out more about V.L. Jennings as well as join her newsletter at:

On Facebook: www.facebook.com/vljennings
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The Alien Mind 
YA Science Fiction

About The Book:

When a group of aliens called the Aruk abduct Rivinaig and several other children, they are thrown into the adventure of a lifetime

The Aunantet, a benevolent race of aliens, rescue the children and adopt them into their culture and raised them as if they belong. The children's new families teach them how to harness the full capacity of their minds, enabling them to defy the laws of physics and develop special mental abilities

The past returns to haunt them as the Aruk plot revenge and regain control of their former captives. The fate of the entire galaxy depends on whether the children can maintain their freedom.
Tweet: An alien abductee uses her new abilities to stop bullies and teach others to stand up for themselves. Just $0.99  https://ctt.ec/uGceX+

Tweetable: An alien abductee uses her new abilities to stop bullies and teach others to stand up for themselves. Just $0.99  www.amazon.com/dp/B0755Q6D2V 

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/36130453-the-alien-mind

Table Of Contents:

Chapter 1: The Attack
Chapter 2: The Journey Home:
Chapter 3: A New Friend
Chapter 4: Confrontation
Chapter 5: Secret Revealed
Chapter 6: Civic Duty
Chapter 7: The Journey Begins
Chapter 8: Life & Death Awaits
Chapter 9: Where Death Awaits
Chapter 10: Fighting Back
Chapter 11: An Uncertain Future
Author’s Note
About The Author

Buy Links:

E-book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0755Q6D2V
Will be priced at .99 on Amazon till January 1! Normal retail price is 2.99
Audio Book: (coming soon)


“A fast paced science fiction, full of thrilling adventure...” ~Mamta Madavan, Readers Favorite

A chilling entertaining adventure!” ~ Geraldine Ahearn, Amazon Top 500 vine Voice Reviewer http://www.amazon.com/review/R3E5I3MGDIGX4O/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm?ie=UTF8&ASIN=0805990380

The novel itself was witty, funny, and entertaining to the max...”~ Amy E. Croweaecrowe.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/this-weeks-book-review-is.html

Out of this world!” ~ Barbara Ann Mojica

Visionary From The Stars 

Middle Grade Science Fiction
Release Date:  on Kindle October 1, 2018

About The Book:

For millenia, humans thought they were the only life in the galaxy-- until the day an alien species claiming to have humanity's best interests in mind forces its way onto an unsuspecting exploration craft. In another part of space, the Star Traveler's crew sets out on a camping trip to the surface of the moon. There, they stumble upon an object covered in alien writing revealing the first piece of a galactic map that will lead them into an intergalactic controversy--all while the Platonian race strives to sabotage their every move.

Buy Links:

Amazon Kindle edition: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HWVNH5X
Audiobook: coming soon!


An excellent job & impressive cast...”~ Pamela Valerio
A great story for young readers...”~ Author Bruce Goldwell
Cleverly entertaining!” ~ Author Geri Ahearn

Contact Info

V.L. Jennings
Dillon, SC 29536
E-mail: jennings.vlj@hotmail.com
Phone number and address available upon request