Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mind Over All- Review

My Review of Mind Over All:

Honestly I am ashamed to say that I had finished this book a long time ago and just forgot to go back and review it! GAH! Anyway...

I unabashedly give this book a full 5 stars!!!

Its the third in a trilogy but the whole series is absolutely great! The characters come to life right off the page. I couldn't put it down! Filled with the magic and mystery that makes science fiction so awesome, Karina’s Mind Over All takes you from Earth right down into another planet. Deryl, the main character, is a psychic with abilities he doesn’t quite know how to use yet who has been enlisted to help save two worlds from certain destruction. In the meantime he tries to help his friend work out his problems with his fiance. I LOVE these books! They will certainly keep you on the edge of your seat!

I'd recommend this book to anyone looking for an awesome science fiction adventure!

I can't WAIT to read the Hearts Over Mind novella next!

Book Link:

About the Book (from Amazon):
At long last, Deryl has it all.
He’s mastered his psychic abilities, escaped the asylum on Earth where he was being studied, and thwarted the alien Master who would have forged him into a weapon. He has gained a new home among the psychics of Kanaan and, with the coming birth of his son, a family as well.
But darkness still looms, as the enemy prepares to invade Deryl’s new homeworld. With planets set to collide, Deryl will have to accept his role as savior of both worlds, and push his mind’s powers to the limit in order to save those he loves.

I've also written reviews on the first two... Mind over Mind and Mind over Psyche

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

2/2/16 Random Topics Chat Transcript

For those who missed the 12pm chat- today was just random topics. I did however learn how to make the chatroom mobile responsive (You are awesome for helping me with that Michael!) and learned that another friend of mine is helping her husband with a retro gaming youtube channel! THAT ought to be really cool! Can't wait to see it!

Peruse the transcript... you might just find the secret I shared too! I will be running these chats a minimum of once a week from now on. Not sure about a sticking time yet but watch for me to make the announcement on the chat page and on social media!

2/2/2016 Random topics Chat Transcript:
I'm just gonna try this out and see if it works...
Oh! Shiny!
11 hours ago
LOL Awesome Shiny!  I love that I can log in with any of my social media accounts too! (besides just a random guest account for those who dislike social media).
an hour ago
an hour ago
HEY Michael!!! How've you been?
an hour ago
For anyone poking around  the chatroom is open... just the page itself is still under construction (not pretty)- the chat works though 
an hour ago
Yeah, need to make the chat thing wider on the desktop. 
an hour ago
I've got a one size fits all problem :/ I can EITHER set up one for mobile and use it on both OR set it up for desktop and then it is too big for mobile. :/ urg!
Hmm... OR what I might could do is copy it and put two on the same page- they'd both populate with the same stuff but hmm *tinkering*!
an hour ago
Michael... refresh the webpage and scroll down... hows that 
an hour ago
it will work. can you give the chat window a % instead of a fixed width? That should let it use up whatever percentage of the display
an hour ago
Hmm I suppose I could... I'd need to look up the html for that....It just says width=" " and all I know is to type in a number lolol.
lemme see what I can find out about using the % thing
Oh THAT was neat! I typed two different times and pressed enter both times and the chatroom combined it into one bubble! How efficient!
44 minutes ago
should be able to do width="100%" and it will fill the column.
44 minutes ago
Awesome! *Tinkering*
43 minutes ago
Hello, Virginia. Nice place you have here.
42 minutes ago
Hey Andrea! Welcome!
Michael- YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! Hit refresh screen 
37 minutes ago
I know about as much HTML code to make myself dangerous- that's about it. When I have something new I want to do I run over here:
35 minutes ago
So Michael, anything new with K9? We get to work on transformers in class next week, and we are programming controllers too- won't be long before I'm building robot along with you! lol
I'm loving Electrical Engineering - even though my classes eat up a lot of my writing/ going over edits time.
30 minutes ago
cool. it looks like a fun class
30 minutes ago
robot was supposed to have an s on the end -.- darn speedy fingers
29 minutes ago
i took an electronics class in high school but it was, here is a kit, here is what the parts do
29 minutes ago
Hey V! I'm at work so can't talk much but wanted to say hi.
28 minutes ago
You'd love it! My instructors are really good at breaking things down from the beginning so you can understand just exactly what the things are doing when they are hooked up different ways.
28 minutes ago
Any cool WIPs planned for this week?
28 minutes ago
Michelle! Hi! Oh I'm glad you stopped by! Have a good day at work! Hope it isn't too stressful!
As for WIP's um... I've got two tests- make that three tests to study for and a TON of math homework :/
If I DO finish any of that early then I will be hacking away at the edits my editor sent for Visionary From The Stars-
Its slow going with my new schedule.
I promise to get back to writing my short stories on my blog once that editing is done though 
Before I fall asleep at night- and often while I am driving I am working on a sequel to The Alien Mind in my head.
25 minutes ago
The plot bunnies are bugging me though so I'm not sure how close that one is to coming to life.
24 minutes ago
OH!!! I also have a secret I can share with you guys! (no one else knows yet)
I'm working on a book with my husband!
22 minutes ago
He's busy coming up with concept ideas for pictures in it. Its sorta like a joke book concept but not quite.
21 minutes ago
15 minutes ago
Yeah- took me a long while, but I finally convinced him to work on something with me 
Its a funny guidebook for intergalactic visitors 
14 minutes ago
That's cool! I'm helping my fiance with his YouTube channel. Collabs are fun. Not sure I'd ever write with him though lol
14 minutes ago
Aww! Thats cool! Is his channel public yet? (link?)
13 minutes ago
It is, but no content yet. He's AusMAtari everywhere on the Web. It's a retro gaming Lets Play chanel
12 minutes ago
I keep telling Mine he needs to start a youtube channel with all the jokes he keeps throwing- DUDE I was in the middle of a serious conversation! (And now you made me lose my train of thought! lol)
Oh AWESOME! Retro gaming... what game is he going to air first?
12 minutes ago
Hmm... I can't seem to find it on youtube... Do you have to post something before I could find the channel? (That doesn't make much sense but who knows these days)
10 minutes ago
Not sure - probably going to launch it with five vids, and those will probably cover one from each Atari, NES, PS2, N64, and either SNES or PS1. I think Super Breakout and Adventure are two he considered launching with.
9 minutes ago
Oh thats cool! Drop me some links when he launches them and I'll help share them!
Dang... to think PS1 is retro... I HAD a PS1 O.O
7 minutes ago
I also had a Game Boy Color! Those things rocked! (I still have mine actually- though my mario cartridge no longer works  My kids play oldschool pokemon on it! lol)
6 minutes ago
Wish I could chat longer Michelle- But I gotta run (and stop procrastinating from my mile long list of math homework -.-) I'll probably do this about once a week though - not exactly sure what time is going to stick though... Probably either Tues Afternoon or Friday evening sometime after dinner 
3 minutes ago
I had one too! Only pac man though. My parents didn't let me have video games. Jokes on them lol. I spent the entirety of January in Fallout 4
3 minutes ago
HAHA! Yeah ours didn't buy us video games till we were MUCH older. I played Mario on the old nintendo system though *blowing in cartridges like a boss!*
2 minutes ago
Cool - nice seeing ya!
a minute ago
You too! I'm so glad you came over!