Thursday, December 4, 2014

An Overwhelming THANK YOU!

V.L. Jennings books
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Announcing the re-release of V.L. Jennings' two books, Visionary From The Stars and The Alien Mind, newly published by PDMI Publishing LLC. and their imprint Rara Avis! 

Book release tour ran from from October 20th to November 30th, 2014

Did you miss a stop and want to catch up?
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While you are catching up on all the tour stops I want to take a moment to graciously thank all of my wonderful hosts and all of my friends that helped spread the word about the releases!

To those who participated in the book cover blasts and flew my book covers as their profile pictures for the duration of the tour I salute you! (THANK YOU SO MUCH!)

Skye Hoffman
Ali Lewis
Edward Frank
Kevin/Honi Drown

To all those who hosted me on my tour these past two months- words can not express my gratitude!

Dianne Gardner
Clay Gilbert
Skye Hoffman
Jo Linsdell
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September Oaks 
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Tracee Ford
Cindy Koepp
To all of the people who follow my facebook page- you all have been such great friends! I've noticed each and every one of your shares, comments, and likes - thank you for all of your support!

To my fellow PDMI peeps- you guys just rock! Thank you for your help and support- each and every one of you!

And finally! Thank you to all who participated in the Rafflecopter!

Our rafflecopter winner is Elizabeth Chang!
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It is because of all of your support that my books made it onto Amazon best seller lists in the first two weeks they were out! One of them made it all the way up to #14 on one list! Now, they are certainly not there now- because everyone has been busy eating turkey ha-ha! However, if you'd like to help me climb that list again, well, my books make excellent gifts for all ages- especially if you have a middle grade teen in the house that loves science!

Happy Holidays!


  1. Congrats Virginia. Well deserved success.

  2. Thank you! Its been fun! I want to do a release party once the paperbacks come out- will have to do some planning ;)