Monday, January 26, 2015

The Portal

Surreptitious Fire
photo credit: darkday. via photopin cc
Today I thought I would try something different on my blog. I'm going to post a picture and the first sentence and we are going to write a story together! All you need to do is watch the comments thread down below and add the next sentence in the story in a comment of your own. With each person replying with the next sentence in the story I am sure this will get really interesting fast!

So... lets start with:

Enriel had lived in the town of Lanta all of her life, this was the first time she knew of that anything like this had ever happened here.

What's the next sentence?


  1. So far nothing more interesting than a few drunk teenagers and a lost dog or two had occurred.

  2. But Enriel was worried; the tremors were getting worse.

  3. So she ventured down into the tunnels under the city and saw...

  4. a shadow creep past the intersection at the farthest end.