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Friday, August 7, 2015

Trying Out My New Printer

I bought a new printer from a nice lady in my local For Sale or Free Yard Sale group on Facebook just a day or so ago. Since then I have been trying it out, putting it through its paces. I'll be attending Kaboom Arts And Crafts monthly second sunday festival in Garner NC This sunday from 12:30- 5pm. (Find out more about Kaboom Arts And Crafts)

For this event and for my future events I decided to create a name tag just for the fun of it:

Author tag2

I also pulled together a flyer helping to show off all the other events I will be appearing at. I love spreading the word about these events because they are all so much fun! Come bring your whole family!
VL Jennings Flyer

Then afterwards, on their request, I took some time and whipped up some name tags for some of the other PDMI Authors. I wish paper could support clickable links... QR codes are close but only those who have smart phones AND QR readers can access those links. 
So... in the mean time, you can click on the badge pictures here- all three of these guys are wonderful authors! 


If you have a moment... come by for a post by Karina Fabian... Come find out what she blames me for O.o

I also have another friend that will be sharing a short story on my blog here in the next few days. While I'm at it... I really need to get back to writing some more shorts again myself! Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Conventions In The Carolinas

Annual Wine And Sign Arts and Literary Festival Set up
I am putting together a list of conventions that I would love to travel to. As I live in the Carolina Area, many of these will be from GA up to NC. Because I am looking at places to attend as an author I will be listing the table fees beside it for my own future reference (and for that of my fellow author friends). We'd love to see you there though! Write down these dates in your calender, pull up the websites and pre-order your tickets! I have visited many of these as 'just a civilian' (not promoting my books) and have found them to be great fun with something for even the youngest of family members!

Convention List:

Other Events:

If you know of  an event that you would like me to consider adding to my list please drop it in the comments section! I am always looking for new places to check out!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Book Drive! Books Needed!

Hey everyone! I've got some exciting news to share with you today! PDMI Publishing LLC has just opened their very own bookstore in Albertville Alabama. They are the only bookstore in town and the only bookstore in a 30 mile radius! Now... for the news YOU will like! They are looking for donations of NEW and Gently used books... Do you have a bookshelf full of books you'd like to unload? You'll need more space to put all of your brand new books from Christmas after all!

Are you an author wanting to expand your reach and wouldn't mind donating a book to help start up this independent bookstore?

Please send your donated books to:

 PDMI Publishing, LLC
7032 Hwy 431
Albertville Alabama 35950