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Central Question Exercise (college work)

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Central Question Exercise- College Assignment

(This is based off of a book that I have in progress... Temporarily titled "Secrets of the Tomb"... look for more posts on this book coming soon!!!)

Central Question: Can a group led by the once high priest, Anuk Sabe', help Tut change his fate?
1. A spy is within the group trying to help Tut, this spy loves to outwit the groups attempts to keep Tut safe.
2. The group is seen as outcasts in Egypt and are hunted (by the ones that want to overthrow/ kill Tut.
3. The secret group now suspects two of the people that are the closest to Tut for the many attempted murders. (Aye, Tut's grand vizier (or personal counselor); and Horemheb, the Commander in Chief of Egypt's armies and supposed protector of Tut)
Creative ending:
Aye decides to send a slave into Pharaoh Tutankhamun's room in the middle of the night to pour poison down his throat while Tut sleeps.
Tut tosses and turns in his bed as he tries to sleep after a bad nightmare. Even the items that decorate his room cast disturbing shadows on the floor and walls. A few feet from his bed a tall and heavy flower pot stands filled by lilies from the nearby Nile. Though they were placed there by his wife, the shadow that it places on the floor reminds him of the field where an unknown man tried to smother him while Tut inspected the year's crop. The moon filters through the curtains hanging in the windows to his room; it shines a reflection on the opposite wall that reminds him of the spot on the Nile shore where someone had attempted to drown him. A wooden chime hangs over his bed; as it twirls the clop, clop sound reminds Tut of the race where his horses got spooked and nearly trampled him. As Tut shuts his eyes tight and shakes his head to get rid of the disturbing images he wishes for a way to escape the never ending death threats… however another sound has suddenly catches his attention.
As the slave nears Tut's bedroom door he stumbles on an ornate floor rug outside the door. The slave clatters into the pot sitting on the nearest pedestal. No guards made a sound to silence the slave or warn him of the penalties of waking the Pharaoh. As a matter of fact it did not sound as if there were any guards posted by his door tonight. Surprised, and knowing that he did not request assistance from any of the servants, Tut decides to lie still and wait for the servant to enter.
The servant enters cautiously; carrying a plain wooden bowl as if it holds his own life. Knowing that the servant would, under normal circumstances, give the required announcement of his presence before approaching the Pharaoh, Tut is now a little worried. The Pharaoh partially closes his eyes and peeks at the approaching servant through his thick black eyelashes. As the servant reaches the bed he reaches out for Tut's mouth to prepare to pour in the contents of the bowl. The smell coming from the liquid immediately tells Tut that the contents of the bowl are poison.
Feeling adrenaline pumping through him, he realizes he once again is facing the possibility of his own death. With his left hand balled into a fist he strikes the servant hard in his ear causing the servant to lose his balance. Frowning in concentration and anger, he throws the thin sheet off of his body. Tut quickly rolls out of his bed and flings himself on the servant. As they roll around on the floor, each struggling to gain control of the other, Tut's one free hand finds the servant's mouth and holds it closed so he can not cry for help.
Tut knows that the servant is only a few years older than himself and much stronger so he will have to act fast if he is to overcome the attacker. As they roll near the ornate vase holding the potted lilies, Tut suddenly reaches out and pulls it down onto the servant's head. The heavy vase bounces off with a loud thud and rolls away to reveal the servant's head. Because the servant had turned his face away from the blow there was no blood; only dazed the servant groggily turns to face the Pharaoh once more.
Knowing he has little time Tut quickly decides on his plan and grabs the head of the servant in both of his hands. Shaking slightly, the Pharaoh smacks the servant's head hard on the floor with a sickening crack. As blood pools on the floor Tut knows that the young servant is headed toward the afterlife… And with no time to spare Tut undresses and puts his own clothes on the servant.
Throwing the servant's garb on himself Tut grabs the now empty bowl and tries to sneak down the hall to escape the palace, however just around the corner Tut finds Aye standing in wait for him.
"Is the deed done?"
"Yes, Grand Vizier, the young pharaoh lies dead on the floor of his chamber." Tut lied without meeting the Vizier's gaze.
"Good, go and inform the funerary service that the young pharaoh is ready to be prepared for the afterlife."
Tut nods in obedience and walks off to the safety of a normal life.

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