Thursday, July 10, 2008

Character Descriptions for "Defender's of Medesteroc Series"

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Character Descriptions

Main Character/ Sibree Yin: Home: Tianjin, China

Birthday: May 14
Age 10

Painter, very shy girl with short black hair.

Gift: What she paints comes to life, one painting will be a doorway to earth (in last book)

Queen Droleene: long white hair. woven circlet of twigs on her head. She wears a long green skirt made of hundreds of tiny leaves. A white cloth is draped over her shoulders, crossed in the front to cover her chest and then wraped around her waist.

Mage Flouden: merfolk's residing mage. Wears a dark green tunic belted at his waist by a braided rope. Greay pants and bare feet. A chain of delicate moss is sewn around his shoulders. He on a white ribbon he wore a dark red pendant that had splotches of yellow orange and brown in it. The pendant is in a shape sibree can't recognize (only mages can) He is an elderly man, short and heavy with straggley thin white hair , bushy white eyebrows and a mustash that dropped down past his chin on both sides.

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