Monday, March 23, 2015

Trying out Disqus

Hey guys, I WAS trying out Disqus comments on my blog (which is what this test post was for). Long story short... I've taken it down. I much prefer to allow bloggers that don't want to sign in a way to comment using their name/e-mail ALONG WITH their url.

  • This helps because I like to go check out and follow their blogs too!
  • That added url ability is also a way for google to see that you, the commentor, are trusted because I am allowing you to post your link to your site on my blog. Just another way I like to share the love!

 Disqus, so far, only lets guest commentors (those who don't want to sign in) comment with just their name and e-mail. (Buzz kill)

On an added note: I also just realized that if you are viewing this post on the main blog thread it isn't very clear how you can add your own comments to the post.  You will need to click on the blog title to bring up the stand alone blog post page in order to find the comments.

For those that visit my main blog thread instead of getting here through a direct post link, perhaps it would be better for me to go ahead and drop the direct post link at the end of the post:

  Click to comment.


  1. Sadly Disqus presents the most problems for people.

    1. Yeah- that was another downside for me too. I was hoping that I could get around that by enabling guest comments (non-logged in comments) but yeah it was just a mess. It loaded very slowly too.

      I've heard better things about commentluv but the comments thing wasn't exactly compatible with blogger.

      I prefer less hassle- so blogger wins ;)