Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New Enemy- Flash Fiction

Submitted by A.K. Stein, a fellow author and Facebook friend, inspired by her 6 book werewolf romance series. Werewolves were supposed to be myth. Right. Now I know differently. And now I am one, too. And now we have an enemy who is much more terrible than Faris, the evil werewolf, was. Vampires. And they are invading the US.
And both my mates are out on a hunt. And thinking they might bring home deer afterwards for dinner. We were not to be werewolf. The crystal could have changed all that but for Faris. His cowardliness prevented Nathan, my mate and the alpha, from changing to human. Evan, my other mate, was changed back to human, but since Nathan couldn’t, he became werewolf again. And so then did I. And it turns out we are needed. We’re the only ones who can fight the vampires. “My lady!” One of the other werewolves has come running into the room. “What, Eric?” I say. “Nathan has ordered a lockdown. He and Evan will be back here shortly. The vampires are on the move and it looks like they’re coming here.” My stomach hit the floor. “All right. I’ll get Nathan Jr. You round up everyone else and we’ll meet in the dungeons in two minutes.” “All right.” He runs out the door as I go into the other room to get my little two-year-old son. I’ll have to wake him from his nap. He won’t be happy. “My lady!” the man yelled again as I entered the dungeon area. “The vampires are at the door. Hurry!” “Where’s Nathan and Evan?” My little son is crying. I feel like it, too. “I don’t know. They haven’t contacted me again.” Now my stomach has really hit the floor. He ushered me into the hidden room and shut the door. I flipped on the light so I can see where the bed is to lay my son down. He’s still crying. I don’t blame him. My tears are at the gates, too. I laid him down and smoothed out his beautiful blond hair. His father’s hair. And his father’s gorgeous blue eyes look up at me in fear. “Everything will be all right, sweetie.” I lie to him. But maybe not. I hope. An explosion occurred. Sounded like it was just on the other side of the house. The rumble shook the house. Was it the vampires? Trying to get in? What do they want here, aside from killing all of us before we can turn werewolf again in the next full moon? Those thoughts ran through my mind as I sat on the side of the bed, trying to comfort my son. My fear is for my son. He’s too little, and not a werewolf, to survive an encounter with the vampires. But what they evidently don’t realize is it doesn’t matter if we adults are not in the full moon phase. We are still strong enough to fight them. But where is Nathan and Evan? Running footsteps started just outside the locked door. I felt I should be out there helping them, but I’m needed here for my son. Nathan has commanded it. I listened, but I didn’t hear anything else. Wondering, I went to the door and listened again. Nothing. My urge is to open it but Nathan has told me that when I’m in here I am not to open the door until I hear the special knock. But the waiting is unbearable and I don’t know where he and Evan are. Where are you my darling mates? I need you. Need you safe. Another explosion happened. It shook the room. My son is crying again, frightened of the noise. I hurried to him, but my mind is on my mates. Where are they? Running footsteps are outside the door again. Only a few this time. Whose are they? I heard a scraping sound on the other side of the door. I watched the door handle move. The door is locked, but. . .To my amazement, the lock slowly clicked. The door handle moved again. And then the door opened. A man peered in. No one I know. But his curious look morphed into a sneer. “Well, well. What have we here? I believe it is Nathan’s wife and progeny. What good luck I am having.” I could smell him. The rancid odor of vampire. I knew what he wanted. But he had not considered the equation of me. I slowly laid my son down and rose from the bed. Faced him. I had no fear at this point. Only anger. And I knew what I intended to do. He smiled. Came into the room. Peered at my son, then grinned at me. “You are beautiful, my dear, but I’m afraid I need to eliminate you. Payback to Nathan, you see.” My brows rose. “Really?” “Yes. Now how is it going to be? Nice and easy or difficult and nasty?” “How about you tell me?” I didn’t give him time to answer. I pounced. My hands became claws seeking to rip his skin. The surprised look on his face gave me confidence. He countered, but only after I slashed his face and neck. Vampire blood spewed over my shirt and ran down his. His attack was less than I expected. I supposed it was because of his surprise. Because when he came back around, he smacked me so hard I went flying across the room. Hit hard against the wall, then tumbled to the floor. But I wasn’t done. I jumped up and sprang at him again. This time he was ready. He batted at me, but I dodged his aim and came in under his arm. Slashed at him again, across his midsection. More blood. I heard my little son crying in the background. Then the room erupted with werewolves. Nathan was in the lead. Fairly snarling as he leapt for the man. Evan was right behind him. Relief whooshed over me. I let them handle the situation now and went to my son. Grabbed him up and held him tightly. It was over within minutes. The man lay dead close by the door. The other werewolves dragged him out while Nathan came over and grabbed me up in his arms. Evan came up beside me, put his arm round me. “Well,” Nathan said. “I guess we married a powerful woman after all.” He kissed me hard. Evan rubbed my back. “I guess we did.” I smiled at that, but my insides were scrambled. I couldn’t speak for a moment for the shaking my insides were doing. But I took a deep breath, let it out, then said, “So. . .what’s for dinner?” They burst out laughing.

Ms. Peck (aka AK Stein) has written stories since she was in the 3rd grade. She started out writing about horses. She loved horses, you see. But it was during that time that she discovered science fiction and fell in love again. Literally. Has daydreamed science fiction ever since. But along the way, she discovered fantasy, with magic and myth, and so added that to her list of loves. The result of all this are her books you see today. Some being this FULL MOON werewolf series. She hopes you enjoy them.

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