Sunday, September 2, 2018

Day 2 Main Character's Favorite Song

Exploring New Worlds Blog Challenge Day 2 Find your main character's favorite song! You can join this blog challenge too, whether you are a writer OR a reader! Just pick a favorite book off of your shelf (or a story you are currently writing) and click on the image below for info on how to join in on the fun!

My WIP is currently titled "A Mind Broken: Book 2 in The Alien Mind Series" (Title subject to change)

The Alien Mind is the first book in what is looking like what will end up being a ?four? book series (not sure yet- not finished). You can find out more about The Alien Mind here:

And so here it is... Rivi's Favorite Song:

Rivi: (Dancing and scream singing)
Me: Hey! Wait... I thought Soul Asylum's Runaway Train was your favorite song?
Rivi: Catch up! That was last book!
Me: -.- (She changes favorite songs on me ALL the time!)
Me: Why is THIS suddenly your favorite song?
Rivi: It's just so
     (scream sings) "Just a product of a system of catastrophe, and yet a masterpiece..."
Me: Hmm ok... this is an interesting phenomenon- we may have to explore this more.

Daniel's Favorite Song:


Daniel says it reminds him of when he met Rivi.
Daniel: (Plays the song again, dancing around the room exaggeratedly while mouthing the words)
Rivi: -.-
Daniel: (singing along in Rivi's direction) "Your best friend sticking up for you... even when I know your wrong!"
Rivi: HEY!
Me: (laughing at Dan trying to goad Rivi)
Daniel: Hey what about this one?

Me: Oh gosh! Now they are BOTH singing and dancing...
Daniel: Can we do an impromptu party dance night!
Me: Tonight?
Daniel: Every night is a good dance night! Come on! We deserve a break!
Me: *Sigh* ok... but I need to be in bed by 9. I have work tomorrow.
... (they've ignored me now and are busy hunting youtube for the next song lol)

 If you are intrigued... You can check out my playlist on youtube called: "Inspiration for the sequel to The Alien Mind" which is JUST for those songs that inspire my WIP in some way shape or form.

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