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What Lies Behind Snippit

Excerpt from What Lies Behind

Cass let her eyes wander over the fields and farms they were flying over. The air was clearer here, away from the city. Up ahead, through the bug splattered glass of the windshield, she could see a wall of white billowing up into the sky.

“What’s that?” Cass asked.

“Don’t you know?” Brandon smiled over at her. “Doesn’t your programming show you that?”

“I’m a home unit,” Cass reminded him. “Enlighten me.”

He chuckled. “That’s a cloud whitening facility,” he told her. “Back a couple decades ago, when global warming was becoming a big issue they started this kind of ecological engineering where they could change how bright or dark clouds were to help either cool the planet or warm it.”

“Strange,” Cass said. She looked around at the green fields and the towering trees off to the left of the hover car. “So, what, things were deader?”

Brandon shrugged. “More pollution I guess. I’m not really sure. I haven’t looked too much into it. I just know that this is one of the ways they’ve corrected the issue.”

They were flying closer to the mass of white clouds drifting up from giant smoke stacks and into the sky. “We’re by the ocean,” Cass said.

“Yea, that’s where they work on the clouds,” Brandon said, pointing with one hand over the ocean so she could see the clouds drifting on the wind out to sea. He pulled back on the steering wheel and they began to slow and drop to the ground.

The car alighted in a green field. The wind blew the hay like ocean waves around the car. He turned the vehicle off and stepped out. Cass could hear the wind outside rushing over the tops of the tall grass in fits and starts as if a great inhalation and exhalation of breath. Cass didn’t wait for him to help her out this time. She opened her own door and followed him out into the warm afternoon.

Brandon took a deep breath and let it out in a sigh. “Makes you wonder what the air was like before they started purifying it.”

Cass looked at him. She couldn’t smell what he was smelling. She could tell the quality of the air thanks to her visual overlay but she had nothing to compare it too. Cass didn’t know what the air used to be like, so she took his word for it.

“It’s so quiet here,” she commented, leaning against the hood of the hover car. “You’d expect there to be a lot of noise from those stacks, but it’s just silent.”

“Very peaceful,” Brandon said.

It was a sight that Cass could live in forever.

“So what about this android thing?” Brandon asked, turning to her.

Cass sighed. The thought made her nervous. She looked behind her as if someone might be there to hear them, be there to hear her talking about going against her owner.

“I don’t see how it’s possible,” Cass said. “I’m someone’s property, and that someone isn’t likely to give me up.”

“Right,” he said and sighed. “I want to show you something tomorrow. Natalia is working late tomorrow so we have time to sneak you out without her knowing it.”

“What is it?” Cass asked, her curiosity piqued.

“You’ll see tomorrow.” Brandon smiled and pushed away from the car. Cass turned to the passenger side door to get in. “Now, how about you take us home?” he asked.

“Me?” Cass pointed to herself. “I don’t have a license, and I’ve never flown before.” Her hand was starting to shake again.

“Yes, you, and I will be right there with you, showing you the ropes. Don’t worry about it, you can do this I’m sure. And how do you know you’ve never flown before? You don’t remember your life before coming to Natalia’s. There could be all kinds of things you’ve done that are secret to you.”

Cass looked to the clouds billowing out of the smoke stacks. “Maybe. Someday they might start coming back.”

“If Natalia keeps knocking you around they might,” Brandon said. There wasn’t any humor in his voice. “Come on, let’s get you home. Or rather, let’s have you fly us home.”

Brandon rounded the end of the vehicle and steered Cass toward the driver side with his hands firmly on her shoulders. “Alright, I can’t make you sit in the seat, so you’ll have to do that on your own,” he told her.

Her stomach in turmoil, so to speak, Cass slipped in behind the wheel. Brandon closed the door, sealing her inside.

He adjusted himself in the passenger seat and closed the door. Cass thought she flinched at the noise, as if it were a tomb sealing her fate.

“Alright, seatbelt,” he told her, buckling his own.

“Afraid I’m going to get injured?” Cass shot a smile at him, despite the nervousness she felt.

“No, I’m afraid that a cop might see that you don’t have your seatbelt on and pull us over, and then he will find out that you aren’t a human with a license, and I’m being an irresponsible adult. And then there is the robot graveyard for you, and I will have my home taken away and I will be put in prison where I will become the girlfriend of a very beefy man named Javier.”

“All that, huh?” Cass looked at him sidelong. She buckled her belt.

“Well, I’m not sure if my prison boyfriend will be Javier or Bruce. I think if I was going to be the man bitch for a prisoner I would like the name Bruce more.”

Cass smiled. “I hope he treats you right.”

“Oh yea, Bruce is a generous lover,” Brandon said.

“Lucky you. Sounds like you might enjoy prison,” Cass said.

Brandon smiled and shrugged. “If it takes a little man love to teach you to fly, I will take my lumps. Alright, start the car,” he told her, clapping his hands together.

Cass knew she’d flown before because the moment he told her to start the car, she entered the correct button sequence on the steering wheel. The hover car rumbled to life.

“Look at that,” he said. “I bet you were a captain in your past robotic life. Let’s see what else you remember. Take us home, Cass.”

Cass pushed down on the steering wheel as she’d seen Brandon do, but the way she pushed down on it, how she eased into the launch sequence was too familiar. The car shivered a couple times, but the engines engaged. The grass rippled away from their hover ports and the car listed up into the air.

“Not as gentle as the fake clouds, but pretty good,” Brandon told her.

Cass saw the green dotted path on her visual overlay that pointed the direction home. She flipped the lever up beside the steering column, and the hover car pushed forward.

“Wow, I don’t have to teach you anything,” Brandon said. “Maybe I will take a nap.”

“I’d rather you tell me what this surprise is tomorrow,” she said.

“I’m going to take you to meet Bruce,” Brandon told her.

“Oh, perfect, I’d love to meet him. Is he as beefy as you enjoy your prisoners?”

“Nah, Bruce is thinner, not so muscular. Javier can’t figure out why I prefer Bruce over him. He calls Bruce a wannabe man,” Brandon shrugged.

“Poor Bruce,” Cass said. “I hope you make it up to him.”

“Yea, I make him feel like a man,” Brandon said.

“So either you’re really nice, or you aren’t very masculine,” Cass joked.

Brandon laughed. “Is it that obvious?” he asked.

“You seem like the type,” Cass told him. “Slender hips. Small hands.”

“Seems like you’ve been getting pretty familiar with my physique while I wasn’t looking.”

The whirring in her stomach kicked up another notch and her hand jerked. The car shuddered to the side and Brandon laughed at her, placing his hand on the wheel to steady the car.

“Bruce told me,” Cass said.

“Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you certainly aren’t taking us to Natalia’s,” Brandon said. “Where are you taking me? Out in the forest to kill me? You going to introduce me to your secret tribe of robots that are aiming to take over the world?”

“I didn’t know you were a conservative,” Cass told him as she frowned. “And I’m taking us home. The green dot points toward home, and I’m following that.”

“Well, I wouldn’t want to argue with your green dots, but this isn’t going home,” Brandon chuckled.

Three green dotted path was starting to get lighter and steadier. They were almost there. Cass eased down on the lever, slowing the car to a halt. She pulled back on the steering column and the car drifted down easily onto an old, cracked driveway.

“Where is this?” Brandon asked sitting up straighter. His eyebrows furrowed in concentration. “I recognize the neighborhood, but I don’t know this place.”

Cass shook her head. “I’m not sure,” she told him.

It used to be a house, that much was certain, before it had burned. Whoever had lived here hadn’t bothered to rebuild. The two-car garage was mostly unscathed, but the house was blackened and crumbled all around the foundation.

Cass unbuckled her belt and pushed open the door. When she stepped out into the open air, it was almost as if she could hear the screams all over again.

“Cass! Save me!”

Cass looked around. “What was that?” she asked.

“I didn’t say anything,” Brandon said. All traces of his mirth were gone. He was looking at her funny again, almost like he did in the doctor’s office.

Her hand began to shake.

“I remember this place,” she said, taking a step forward, but her knees were weak and she had to lean against the car for support. “From before.” Her voice was dull, distant.

“Cass, are you okay?” Brandon asked. His voice was distant too, almost as if she were hearing him through a tunnel. He raced around the front of the car as the air around her darkened. Shadows were settling at the edges of her vision. Cass was lost to darkness before she fell into Brandon’s arms.

About Travis Simmons
Travis Simmons was kicked out of magic school for his refusal to study and his penchant for mundane activities like cooking. While selling his sword he stumbled upon dogs that he wrongly thought were magical and imagined he could commune with them. After a vicious zombie attack in which witches helped him push back the undead horde, Travis found himself apprenticed to a necromancer.

Afraid that winter was coming, Travis tucked into his magical studies, but always chased his dreams of writing tales science fiction tales and fantasy stories where he could explore his wild imagination about life on other planets. Adamant that Travis learn the esoteric ways of the occult his master made his life a horror of practice and studies. But no matter how he tried, he could never conquer Travis' questing mind.


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The Alien Mind Paperback Release Party!

release party3 copy

Yay! The books are finally here!

If you can't tell, I'm super psyched! In honor of the book's release I have decided to host a facebook party!

Where? Right on my facebook page wall for a change!

When? July 10th - all day

I will be hosting games on my facebook page. Feel free to check in through the day to enter into the games! (Entry in the games will be as simple as commenting with your answer onto the party post threads- all of which will be marked with a *****)

 In the evening, the winners of the prizes will be selected at random and announced on the facebook wall! (Winners will also be messaged privately to arrange for prize delivery)

Bring and POST a picture- to my page wall- of you holding an e-book copy (show the picture on your screen) or the paperback copy (pre- order The Alien Mind paperback before the 4th to get yours in time!) to be entered into a special prize drawing!

 For all of those who would like to make donations for game prizes you can use the contact me form on the About The Author page or you can pm me on facebook. I will be promoting all the donators here and in the party! (I may also tweet about it from time to time ;)

So- come on in and join the fun!


-Aaron Demott is donating a bookmark and bookcover magnet to the games!
"A simple diplomatic mission becomes a life and death struggle that could plunge the entire galaxy into a war...
When an alien ship lands unexpectedly in the middle of her clan's territory, Bast is sent to investigate as part of her scout trial. After an accident, she meets these new visitors. She and her senior scout Rrrark are invited to return with the aliens to their home planet to open diplomatic relations. What started out as a simple mission becomes complicated when they discover a pirate scheme that might be more than it seems. Are Bast, Rrrark, and two of the aliens called Psygens capable of stopping the pirates?"
Also... PLEASE (for me) like Aaron's facebook page at:

11330480_1057353814292680_1178825142_n[1]-Two beach sets donated by Greta King!

(unofficial bio)-> Greta is PDMI Publishing's Marketing Director and author of two children's books entitled Waiting For Santa and The Adventures of Fred and Ted. Go check out her facebook page here:

About Waiting For Santa:
Trying hard to stay awake, on Christmas Eve, a little girl begins to wonder what Santa might bring her--- and just how he gets all around the world to deliver all of those present in one night? Maybe it's not always reindeer. Wouldn't it be cool if he used a rocket, an airplane, or even skis sometimes? Or maybe he gets there different ways each year? While she's waiting to see what Santa puts under the tree for Christmas morning, she starts to dream of how he will cross the miles.....

About The Adventures Of Fred and Ted:
"Hi! My name is Ted. Fred and I are two young turtles trying hard to get to the ocean. To get there, though, we will need the help of our friends. 

Come join us as we learn about the ocean’s tide with Sam the Seagull, and explore the wonders of the ocean with Max the Whale."

-Jo Linsdell is donating an e-book copy of How To Be Twittertastic!

Are you ready to be Twittertastic?

Twitter is the most immediate of all social media and allows you to connect with readers and others from the literary industry from all over the world. The fastest growing network with a 44% growth from 2012-2013 Twitter now boosts 255 million monthly active users. How to be Twittertastic teaches you what Twitter is and how to use it to build your author brand, connect with readers, and sell more books. This easy-to-use guide will teach you strategies and tips that will help you leverage your Twitter presence and get the most out of your tweets.

(Jo has also published numerous books including; 'The Box','Fairy May', 'Out and About at the Zoo', 'Italian for tourists' and 'A Guide to Weddings in Italy', 'Virtual Book Tours: Effective Online Book Promotion From the Comfort of Your Own Home' Run and check out Jo's page here:
You can also find Jo's other social media links on her website !)

Cindy Koepp - Author is donating three books to the event! Mindstorm and Remnant are available in e-book or paperback (winner's choice!)
1 copy of Mindstorm: Parley at Ologo
1 copy of Remnant In The Stars
1 copy of Lines of Succession (e-book)
Check out her Facebook page!:
Twitter: @CCKoepp
About Mindstorm: 
Psionic healing. Psionic combat. Inside the mind, there's a landscape of glass.
Thomas McCrady, a telepathic negotiator from Haidar Station in Earth orbit, is faced with his biggest challenge yet when he is sent to broker peace with only a rookie partner to help him. Worse, she's the doctor he blames for the death of his last partner.
Calla Geisman's telepathy is not the same as a standard Haidarian's. Some people think she's a waste of space. Some people want her dead. But she's assigned to go with Thomas to Ologo anyway, and must gain his respect before she can play her part in the war's end.

About Remnant In The Stars:
Two hundred years ago, the Aolanian home world exploded and a remnant of survivors escaped. As their convoy combed the galaxy looking for a new world to colonize, they discovered Earth and were given permission to establish a temporary base while they continued their search for a new home world. When an Aolanian exploration vessel goes missing after transmitting a garbled distress call, the uneasy alliance between the humans and the Aolanians is put to the test as two anti-Aolanian groups jockey to use this opportunity to press their own agendas by foiling the rescue mission.

Because his daughter was onboard the Kesha when it vanished, Calonti Sora reluctantly signs on as an astrogator with the Gyrfalcon, one of the ships in the search party. There he meets up with an old human friend, Kirsten Abbott. Together, they work to overcome prejudice and political plots as they race toward an enemy no one could expect.
About Lines Of Succession:
When Princess Elaina refuses an arranged marriage, she flees the court --and her father's fury--for school. Normally, she enjoys practicing rapier combat and training Tiercel, her chatty griffin, but troubling dreams keep her on edge.
After a warning by a prophet, she returns to court only to find her twin taken captive and her father dying. Challenging the assassin leaves her blinded. As the sightless regent of Corby, she must protect her brother’s throne as he completes his studies.
Threats thicken all around her. Her ambitious uncle, mad for the throne, pressures her to abdicate to him. Elaina must find a way to see her path when all is dark. Failure would bring death to many.
Find them all on Amazon:

-Nicole Quinn- has offered to donate both of her books, The Gold Stone Girl and It's A Nightmare- both are available in audio, e-book, and paperback! Winner's choice!"

The Gold Stone Girl Series, written and narrated by Nicole Quinn, is an epic, feminist, fantasy, hero's journey, by, for, and about humans, set in the distant future.

It's a Nightmare, book 1, has been nominated for a 2015 Tiptree Award. It's a Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Award, and Science Fiction - Honorable Mention, New York Book Festival.

- Author's Jack Gannon and Cyndi Barnier (also fellow PDMI Authors) have offered to donate an e-book copy of their book Murder In Two's And Threes!

Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a collection of domestic crimes provoked the Joint Chiefs of Staff to implement an elite task force to eliminate any future threats. And just in time. When a once-innocent child turned adult psychopath takes his righteous revenge for nearly two decades of abuse on the citizens of Richmond, Virginia, the Task Force is sent to neutralize the threat by any means necessary. Mark Jason of Jason Enterprises is recruited for his specialized military training in an effort to challenge the emotional complexity of the killer that haunts Richmond's streets. His four-man team comes equipped with uncanny, bizarre, and ingenious specialties of their own. As the hunters become the hunted, even the most lethal men in the nation are in danger of becoming victims. This suspenseful thriller will leave the reader griping the pages, as the war of intellect over delusion wages on in a deadly time trap.

Jack and Cyndi are co-authors of six other books. You can find information about all their books on their website:

Be sure to stop by and check out their facebook page:

They are also the founders of 'The Arts and Literary Festival' (formerly Annual "novel" Wine Tasting, Arts, and Literary Festival) promoting arts and literacy in the SC Lowcountry! Check out the festival's facebook page here:

*****I also have a limited edition, custom prize planned for those who post pictures in the party of them with a copy of my book! (more details on this prize coming soon!)*****

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Bad Idea- Flash Fiction

By: Etta Jean

"At what point is this a bad idea?" Eliana asked her cousin warily as they crept outside the castle walls.

"At the point where Alex and Maduin find us and yell at us." Mai felt no fear as she trudged into the trees. She had wanted to go exploring, and at thirteen, she was finally starting to really develop in her angelic gifts.

Eliana didn't feel quite so confident. Not that she didn't have faith in her magical gifts as a Wizard, or her younger cousin's gifts as a Shaman, but, well, she always felt a tiny bit more comfortable when Maduin or Alexander was around to babysit. "At the risk of being the voice of reason, I kinda don't think we should have ditched our guardians. Also, Alexander knows everything you do, Maitena. He's going to tan your hide."

 "If he can catch me."

 "He'll clip your wings and have no problem."

 "For the love of the elements, Eli, you wanted to explore too!" Mai swung around on a glower. "Just go back if you're uneasy."

 "And leave you alone? Oh, hell, no. Then my hide is toast." She closed her eyes on a sigh as a growl rose on the air. "Do I get to say I told you so?"

Mai turned quickly and scowled as several monstrous beasts lumbered out of the trees.

Her sword appeared in her hand, and though her heart tripped madly, she kept her nerves down. She had to protect Eliana. Wizards were much squishier than their Warrior and Shaman counterparts. "You blast. I stab."

Eliana drew her wand and gulped back a yelp as a beast lunged at her. Mai cut it down first and then went after the others. Eliana started casting Sun spells, and the energy blasts either obliterated beasts entirely or made them easier for Mai to kill. The cousins seemed to be winning, but Mai looked a bit bloody. She did not have time to heal herself.

One beast made it past Mai and knocked Eliana flat. She threw her arms over her face as it lunged for her, but it never landed. She cautiously lowered her arms and saw a familiar figure standing in front of her. He turned and narrowed his red eyes on her, and she gulped.

"Uhm. Hi, Maduin."

Mai thought she had gotten all the beasts only to hear a growl and jerk around sharply. The monster never reached her; a bullet took it down first. She slowly turned around and found her guardian looming behind her, and his violet eyes had turned black with fury. She winced as she realized the sight she made. "Uhm."

"We found the point where it was a bad idea," her cousin muttered. "And I definitely told you so."


~ Thank you for reading! This story comes to you from a dear friend of mine! She is celebrating the release of her newest novela called Shadow On The Sea. While the story you just read above is not actually IN the book it IS about two of the characters in the book. Think of it sort of like a deleted scene! 

I know it has been about a week or so since my last post. My school started and I am preparing for a Sci Fi Convention so I have been a bit busy. I hope to get back to blogging regularly by June though, once I get into the swing of these electrical engineering courses. 

We hope you enjoyed the mini story and please take a moment to check out Etta's links before you leave! ~


Shadow On The Sea

The world of Ceres has been ruled for millennia by the winged race known as Lightlings. When the Chalice Kingdom celebrates the birth of the next crown princess, they have no idea just what events have been set into motion. The beautiful angel has a special, shadowy, gift, and only by learning to control it will she be able to claim the lover rightfully hers by destiny, and save her world from an evil bent on consuming them all.

Find it on Amazon!

Also check out Etta's website and blog! (signed copies available)

You can also find her on Facebook as well as sign up for her mailing list:

Alternatively, you can send her e-mails to:

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Rocks Are Not Alive- Flash Fiction

MB Balances RocksEdward knelt, trying to console his crying son. Jacob held his knee and rocked back and forth, tears making streaks down his dusty cheeks.

 “Son, I told you not to run out here, there are too many rocks.” Edward said, carefully trying to hold his voice steady. 

A trail of blood ran down Jacob’s knee and pooled around the rock beside him.

 “Jacob, please let me see your knee. I can’t stop the bleeding until you let me see your knee!” Edward pulled his son’s bloody hands away from his knee.

 Pulling out a cloth from his pocket he wiped away the blood only to realize that his son’s knee wasn’t even cut. Sure, a little red maybe... but there was no injury to be seen.

 “Odd.” Edward looked at the pool of blood that had collected around the rock. “Jacob, can you tell me what happened?” 

“I... tripped, on that rock, coming up the hill.” Jacob said between sniffles.

 Edward picked up Jacob’s foot and inspected every inch of his leg.

 “Nope no injury.” He commented matter of factually, tousling his son’s dusty hair. “Slow down, next time ok.”

 “But dad, where did the blood come from then if it wasn’t mine?”

 “Did you notice it on the ground on your way up here?” Edward asked. Jacob shook his head. 

“Hmm... maybe we should take some of the blood back to your mom, there’s some on this rock here.” Edward passed the rock to Jacob who held it gingerly with disgust. “Mom can put it through the scanner and figure out where the blood came from.”

 Back at the campsite Edward’s wife had set up a laboratory in one of the big orange tents. Recon had sent them to catalog the species indigenous to the planet to see if it was a candidate for terraforming. Edward placed the blood drizzled rock on a plate and slid it across the table to his wife who was intently peering into a microscope.

 “Take a look at this honey. This is the oddest thing I have seen in a long time.” Edward said, waving his hand under the microscope to get his wife’s attention.

 Marrisa eyed the rock out of the corner of her eye and rolled her eyes in exasperation. “You and your rocks! Must you bring them in here? And what’s up with the bloody mess all over it anyhow?”

“Thats what I wanted you to see! I just ran a few tests on it. The bleed is coming from the rock!” Edward explained.

 “Rocks don’t bleed dear.” Marrisa said chuckling, “It’s probably Jacob playing a joke on you again.”
“Watch.” Edward insisted. He picked up the rock and gently wiped it clean with a soft cloth.

The rock clinked against the plate as he set it down once again. Marrisa eyed him suspiciously. Then suddenly she heard it!

Marrisa’s eyes widened in shock as she realized a delicate song was coming from the rock. Almost as if in gratitude.

photo credit: MB Balances Rocks via photopin (license) 

This post is part of the 52 week flash fiction challenge on facebook
Week 7 word prompt: Bleed
Word Limit: 20- 500
This one tops out right at 500 words.

This one is a bit late (was due last friday) but I took a bit of a break after the AtoZchallenge to catch my bearings again.
Readers: How do you think you would react if you were suddenly faced with real life aliens? Would you be shocked? Scared? Would you panic? What if the aliens were part of the very ground you were walking on?

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AtoZ Challenge Reflections

Oy! This month has been a blast. I realize now though, that writing a new short story every day for a year (was my original goal- I just used AtoZ to get me started) is just not on the books for me. I've got so much going on that taking the time out to pull together an original story every day has had me going to bed at midnight most nights this past month.

  • So- My first reflection is that I will probably scale it back down to writing one MAYBE two original short sci-fi posts a week. I also blog along with the twice yearly 52 week short story challengers on facebook so I will have at least one sci-fi story to show you a week!
  • I've found some really interesting bloggers- and found that I am certainly not alone among bloggers who have chosen as their blog host over wordpress. For a while there I was starting to feel lonely. Wordpress has always given me problems, whether it was posing comments or munching my posts. -.- I have been SO much happier with blogger. It's free, and I can use my own url for free too! No regrets!
  • My next observation is that my visitors doubled, dare I say almost tripled during the challenge! Where I would typically see 30 views, I was reaching almost a hundred on most days! Thank you, EVERY SINGLE one of you for coming to check out my blog! I hope I have entertained you a little. That's what I'm here for ;)
  • Google also really rather enjoyed my posting every day. When googling my name, my website now shows up third rather than 7th on the list! (under both of my book's goodreads links)
  • I gained some new followers- and I completely appreciate every single one of you! I hope to get to know you more!
  • I realized about two or three posts in that writing short stories won't get you many comments because the readers don't have anything much to say except for "good job" or "interesting". So I started trying to make my posts more interactive by asking a reflection question at the end of every story. So far, everyone seems to be enjoying commenting on those!
  • For all those who commented on my posts, every single one of you are angels! You guys are the ones who kept me going when I was fresh out of ideas, when it was pushing 11pm and I still didn't have my post up. THANK YOU!

 It was awesome getting to meet you and hanging out with you on my blog!

I also wanted to come back and add some reflections on the challenge itself... real quick I promise:
A) Wordpress users- it can be sorta difficult to comment on your blogs unless you allow guest comments - otherwise the guest MUST make a wordpress account. Not everyone wants to do that (I already have one from when I used to use wordpress, so it was no biggie)

B) The lack of ways to subscribe was also apparent on many blogs. I don't always want subscriptions filling up my e-mail box... its filled with too much spam I can't find anything I want anyhow lol. Networked Blogs is a great app to add to any website so you can always keep your followers with you. For readers- is really easy to add rss feeds to. Unfortunately that is just another site to have to log into just to follow your blogs.

C) I LOVED visiting everyone's blogs lol ;)

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XYZ: Dietary Needs During Intergalactic Travel- Flash Fiction

 Pam spotted her friend as soon as she walked through the mess hall doors.

 “When did you come aboard!” Pam asked.

 “Just a few hours ago. I had to get some things set up in my quarters first.” Gail replied.

 “Oh no worries! Where are you headed this time?”

 “Mmm, I’m thinking I’d like to be let off someplace warm and unindustrialized.”

 “Eros perhaps?” Pam suggested.

 “Yeah, Eros might do the trick. I dunno, I’ll know the planet when I see it.” Gail answered while signaling the ship’s concierge.

 “Yes, ma’am, what would you care for this evening?” The concierge asked politely.

 Gail shook her head, taken aback.

 “Evening?” She said with a sigh, “Great now I’ll have to readjust my sleep cycles again.”

 “Water please,” she added, remembering the concierge who promptly headed off to fetch her water. 

“Aren’t you the least bit hungry? Here try one of these apples, we just got in a shipment of them from the colonies!” Pam suggested as she grabbed a yellow apple from the basket on the table behind her. “Just smell the zestfulness of it!”

 Gail took the apple, and sniffed it hesitantly. Pam eyed her curiously.

 “What are you doing?” She asked.

 “Does this apple have xylitol in it? I’m highly allergic to xylitol.” Gail said.

 “What? What’s that?” Pam asked confused.

 “From the colonies huh; I’m assuming its host plant was genetically modified to survive in different environments. Ugh, nope, that means it does have xylitol in it.” Gail answered.

Pam laughed.

“Gail, almost all of the food we eat nowadays has been genetically modified! How do you survive if you can’t eat it?”

 “Your water ma’am,” The concierge said, offering Gail the glass of water which she promptly drank.

 “I am sorta hungry though, come on Pam, I’ll show you how I eat!”

 Pam followed Gail out of the mess hall and down to her quarters.

 “The captain was a little reluctant to allow me to bring my entourage but I told her that I would set it all up myself so the crew wouldn’t have to.”

Gail explained to Pam before opening the door into her quarters. The door swished open to reveal the fact that half of Gails room had been taken over by a plastic sheet room of some sort. Pam looked at her friend as though she was considering referring her to the ship’s doctor for a mental examination.

 Gail walked into the room and unzipped the door into the plastic tent and Pam followed her. Out of habit Pam fluffed her hair as the humidity rose once she stepped through the second doorway. She gasped once she saw what was on the other side!

 Trees and plants of all kinds! Carefully grown and manicured to produce just enough food for one person.

 “Now THAT’s zest!” Gail said, tossing a fragrant yellow apple from a nearby mini tree over to Pam. “No additives, no genetic tampering, and no xylitol!”

 photo credit: Greenhouse via photopin (license)


I am terribly sorry, I got behind on two days of stories this week and JUST realized that today is the last day for the Blogging From AtoZ challenge!

So, today's post was inspired by X Y and  Z! 
 X is for: Zylitol, Y is for Yellow Apple, and Z is for zipper   all part of the Blogging from A to Z April 2015 challenge! Click on the letters to join on in the fun!

Every day this past month (excluding Sundays- and the past two days I also missed) I wrote a post about something that begins with the letter for that day. Most of the time it was a sci-fi flash fiction piece and the occasional 5 sentence fiction.
* I've really enjoyed this challenge- but I've discovered that blogging every day may not be for me. I will certainly continue to bring you new flash fiction but I think I may be scaling it back to 2-3 times a week tops. WHEW!

For Readers: What is your favorite fruit? If you could bring its plant along with you on a space ship, would you?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

W: Everyone Needs Water- Flash Fiction

When nothing will do“You are weak and worse yet, you do not even realize you are weak!” The Aruk named 12 hissed at a group of children as he marched them along a grueling sandy terrain.

 Back inside the station the Aruk leader, called 1, glared through the window as he watched the children’s progress. 

“Why haven’t they given up by now?” 1 asked his 2nd in command beside him.

 “They’ve only been here for just a short time sir, but we do need to figure out how to break the human species’ spirit soon if we are going to have a chance at winning the war in the future.” 2 replied, his body flickering and never gaining solid form.

 1 huffed. 1 knew, being a temporal histographer, 2 could see how much longer they had if they had any hopes of changing their future.

 “This species gaining our powers is NOT in our best interest. If they fight this hard now to keep going, they would have been an unstoppable foe if they had been allowed to develop to their full potential on their home planet.” 1 said, his voice dark and brooding.

 Outside, the children were growing tired and thirsty. The sun high in the sky burned on their exposed skin. Still the Aruk guards shoved them on.

 A young boy by the name of Nathan stumbled a little in the sand. His guard shoved him and ordered him to keep up. His mind felt like jello, his stomach churned in the heat, his muscled weak from dehydration and yet he continued on.

 I won’t be the one to cause my friends pain because I failed the test, Nathan thought about the rest of his friends still back in the cells.

 If only I had some water!

 Spreading his arms out beside him, being careful not to disturb his fellow runners, he wished for a breeze to take away the heat.

 Or maybe even some rain! 

There was no rain or even the slightest breeze on this desolate planet the Aruk lived on though. Nathan’s eye was suddenly drawn to the forehead of the Aruk guard running beside them where sweat beaded on his purple skin. The guard wiped his three fingered hand across the red and black tattoo’s and flicked the sweat to the ground.

 Water! Nathan’s mind reeled.

He stopped running and held his hands out toward the guard in desperation.

 1 leaned closer to the window and watched in horror as the purple skin of one of his guards faded with almost instant dehydration. The guard stumbled back horrified. 1 waved his hand over the window to open it and called out to his guards.

 “Dispose of him quickly!” He ordered, The children mustn't be allowed to develop those powers!

The guards circled around the children and two guards pulled the kicking and screaming boy from their midst.

 “How, in the midst of all this, did he manage to develop the ability of a healer?” 1 demanded of 2 after he closed the window once more.

 2 didn’t answer. His form flickered even more feverishly now as he scanned the timeline.

 “Don’t dispose of him just yet,” 2 told the guards as they dragged the terrified boy past them. “Sir, the timeline has changed. If we can develop these humans’ abilities we can use them to fight FOR us in the coming war!”

This flash fiction piece takes place before the events of The Alien Mind. Just something I am working on to help me analyze my antagonists motivations and frame of mind. Bear in mind that none of this is edited or finalized- just me doing some free range writing ;)

photo credit: When nothing will do via photopin (license)

Today's post was also inspired by the letter W. W is for:   as part of the Blogging from A to Z April 2015 challenge! Click on the letter to join on in the fun!

Every day (excluding sundays) I will be writing a post about something that begins with the letter for that day. Most of the time you will find a sci-fi flash fiction piece here.

For Readers: I leave you with this quote: The best weapon is your mind. Without it you are defenseless. Without it you are weak and worse yet you do not even realize you are weak.

Tell us about a time that some fast thinking got you out of trouble...