Thursday, April 2, 2015

B: Bedtime In Space- Flash Fiction

sleeping bag
photo credit: P1070326 via photopin (license)
The end of a long day, it's finally bedtime, Andrea floated over to her sleeping bag on the side of the space station.

"I'm ready for a good nights sleep!" Jack said, zipping himself into the sleeping bag on the opposite wall.

He was asleep within minutes.
Andrea hung inside her sleeping bag trying to calm her restless mind, trying to get comfortable.

I liked sleeping on my stomach on earth, maybe it would help if I turned towards the wall.

Andrea turned over inside her sleeping bag just to realize that the problem wasn't the way she was turned but more because she didn't have the bed to snuggle onto or the blankets weight around her. They had warned her that the first night could be like this. They had even sent her and Jack with medicine to help them get to sleep.

Mom always told me, if you start down that path you run the risk of always needing pills to get to sleep. But what do I do!

Andrea thought for a few minutes, examining her surroundings. Lights from various control panels blinked softly back at her and a few objects still floated around the room. A pen still tied to it's string had come unvelcroed from its place on the wall, and apparently one of her socks had managed to get left behind when she packed away the day's laundry.

UGH, maybe that's why I can't sleep. Aundrea thought.

She unzipped her sleeping bag and floated over to the pen and sock putting both of them back where they belonged. As she shut the sock back inside the clothes cabinet she suddenly came up with an idea.

Maybe it is the weight of the blankets I am missing which is why I can't get comfortable enough to fall asleep!

Andrea floated up to her clean laundry cabinet and dragged out a few shirts and pairs of cloth pants. She pushed them over to her sleeping bag and zipped herself halfway in. She stuffed her pants and shirts down inside the bag and around the inside of the sleeping bag's hood before zipping the bag back up around her.

AH! Andrea rubbed her face against the shirt balled up beside her head. This is more like it!

Within moments she was fast asleep.

Andrea woke to Jack's laughter the next morning.

"What's all this?"

Andrea looked him over through bleary eyes.

"How did you sleep?" She asked.

"The meds got me to sleep but I kept waking up all night." Jack admitted. "This sleeping in space business is going to take some getting used to."

"Well I may look like the stay puffed marshmellow man, but I slept great last night!" Andrea said with a cheeky smile.

Andrea unzipped her sleeping bag and unleashed all her shirts and pants to float through the cabin as she pushed away from the wall.

"It may look silly but I might just have to try that tonight." Jack laughed.

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For Readers: What do you do to help you get to sleep in a new environment? 

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  1. I've always dreamed of traveling into space, but some things (like trying to sleep) don't sound so fun!

    1. Me too... I always pictured it like sleeping standing up. I suppose you 'could' do it but it just doesn't "sound" as comfortable as snuggling down into a bed.

  2. I would imagine sleeping in space would take some getting used to. This points out the cons quiet well. :)

    1. I suppose sleeping in space probably takes as much getting used to as sleeping outdoors in a tent does. The bonus might be that there would be no stiff back or crick in your neck to wake up to.
      "Space- the ultimate chiropractor" lol

  3. in order to sleep in a different place i bring my own pillow and my soft comfy blanket.

    1. I'm not particular about blankets but I know the pain of having to make sure I bring MY own pillow too -.- I've stayed at 5 star hotels and STILL liked my own pillow better!