Tuesday, April 7, 2015

F: Fire- Burned Into Memory- Flash Fiction

Agni- The Fire God- Free Texture
photo credit: Agni- The Fire God- Free Texture
via photopin (license)
The stars around Davis swirled as he attempted yet another run through the asteroid field. It was important to maneuver the ship around the asteroids quickly to keep from getting hit. He could see the edge of the field in front of him. He was almost out!

Suddenly his skin felt dry and hot. Flames flickered in front of his vision. Pain shot through his extremities. The smell of burning flesh and plastic assaulted his nose.

Cummon Davis! It’s just in your imagination. You KNOW that. You can push through this! He thought to himself.

A few more asteroids later and the pain became so intense that he lost his focus. One wrong move and he found himself careening into the nearest rock. His vision went dark and the smell dissipated, but the pain didn’t.

 Light rushed into the cockpit as a technician opened the simulator’s hatch.

“You almost had it that time Davis! Good Job!”

“Almost isn’t good enough if I get my ship destroyed and its cargo lost again!” Davis growled.

 He climbed out of the simulator and left the technician staring at him as he left.

 They called it PTSD. Nightmares and visions of being burned alive had plagued him ever since the accident four months ago. Until he passed the simulations without a hitch he wouldn't be allowed to fly a shuttle again. Sure, being a pilot wasn't the only thing he could do but even a job on base was proving difficult to keep with these visions creeping up on him at the worst moments.

He neared the Kitchens just as the fire alarm went off. Hearing shouts from the kitchen he charged through the door and grabbed two fire extinguishers from the wall. A grease fire had started on the grill and set the fryer alight as well. The roaring flames reached the ceiling. The kitchen staff had jumped back but the fire was too hot for them to get close enough to turn on the fire suppression system.

Davis jumped into the fray and passed one of the fire extinguishers to the nearest staff member. He pulled the pin on his own and they both suffocated the fire in foam. The station’s firemen ran into the kitchen just as the fire was dying out. Seeing the fire was under control the firemen clapped Davis on the back.

“Man, we are always looking for more brave souls who would like to take on firefighting if you’d be interested!”

Davis shook their hands and politely left the men to their work. It wasn't till he was on his way back to his quarters that he realized that he hadn't had any issues that time. Even though he was face to face with the fire he had stayed in control.

Control, maybe that was the key, he thought. Perhaps the fire didn't concern me because I knew I had something to fight back with!

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  1. Good action in this sequence. It makes me want to know what horrible thing happened to the character to give him PTSD.