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Thursday, April 16, 2015

M: Spaced Out Mushrooms -Flash Fiction

Jack popped some chunks of fresh vegetables into the dicer and in moments a freshly chopped salad was ready to be poured into his ziplock bag of dressing.

Mark shut the airlock behind him as he floated into the station's living quarters module.

 "Man, either someone down there is trying to play a joke or we got a really trippy shipment of stuff on that shuttle today." 

Jack scooped a fresh chunk of salad all stuck together with dressing out of the bag and savored the bite.

"Um, Jack those mushrooms weren't THAT kind of mushroom!"

This is 5 Sentence Fiction. Originally started by Lillie McFerrin, today I chose to find a picture and use a word of my own.

Today's post was also inspired by the letter M. M is for: Mushroom  as part of the Blogging from A to Z April 2015 challenge! Click on the letter to join on in the fun!

Every day (excluding sundays) I will be writing a post about something that begins with the letter for that day. Most of the time you will find a sci-fi flash fiction piece here.

For Readers:  If you could send an astronaut on the international space station any one item, what would you send them?

Saturday, April 11, 2015

J: The Jade Fox Mission- Flash Fiction


 Her ship set down on the warm black paved road in front of her great grandmother's house and a group of deer leapt from the nearby field to hide in the woods. The engines shut down and Tonya climbed out of her ship. Humans had left the planet long ago to give it a much needed break. A time to rest and rejuvenate itself. There were way more song birds in the area now than Tonya had seen on the vids and the vegetation had certainly taken over.

She waded through the chest high grass that had grown up through what was once a gravel driveway. The posts holding the porch roof had long since deteriorated and the back porch roof hung precariously out over the steps without any support.

The things I do for my mother, Tonya thought, gritting her teeth as she tiptoed up the steps afraid to disturb the hanging roof.

Tonya tried the handle on the back door and was relieved when the handle turned easily. Pushing the door open gave Tonya her first glimpse of the home her dying mother would give anything to see again.

The view would probably crush her, Tonya realized sadly, now appreciating why her father suggested she go instead.

Sunlight streamed in through the gaping hole in the roof above that had long since collapsed. Years of rain and rot inspired trees and weeds to grow up through the collapsed floor boards. Green leafy branches reached up to the sky through the living room roof where a ceiling fan had once hung.

I hope the back bedroom isn't this bad or else this trip will have been for nothing.

Carefully making her way around the debris and rotting floor boards Tonya reached the hallway and found it a little dryer. Her mother had visited here a great many times when she was a kid. She had spent summers with with her grandmother, Tonya's great grandma.

The first room off to the right was her grandmother's piano room. She recounted for Tonya how she had sat for hours at the old heavy upright piano while her grandmother patiently tried to teach her how to play. Warm sunlight on the music sheets and the smell of fresh snickerdoodles, the reward for a lesson well studied.

Tonya poked her head into the room today to find the upright piano poking our from a large gaping hole in the floor. Sunlight from the window now inspiring weeds to grow up around it from under the house. No doubt the floor joists had collapsed under the piano's weight years ago.

I wonder if it could still make the sweet music I heard on mom's vid. Tonya decided that it probably wouldn't and continued onto the next room.

Tonya pushed the door open to the guest bedroom and gasped in relief. There hanging from a chain on the ceiling fan, still intact, hung the jade fox her mother still so lovingly remembered.


->photo credit: JadeCrouchingOx via photopin (license) <- And yes I am very well aware that the picture is not of a fox... sorry, I'll keep looking. If anyone finds a public domain one or one that I can share with a link back let me know!

Today's post was inspired by the letter J. J is for: Jade as part of the Blogging from A to Z April 2015 challenge! Click on the letter to join on in the fun!

Every day (excluding sundays) I will be writing a post about something that begins with the letter for that day. Most of the time you will find a sci-fi flash fiction piece here.

This post is ALSO part of the 52 week flash fiction challenge on facebook
Week 3 word prompt: Fox
Word Limit: 20- 500
This one tops out right at  497 words.

For Readers: What is one thing from your grandmother's house that you would love to have as a keep sake?

Friday, April 10, 2015

I: Icy Explosion- Flash Fiction

BENNU’S JOURNEY - Heavy Bombardment
"Drill one to drill two" Issac called over the radio. "I'm about finished here. I need to head back to base to drop off this shipment of ore boss."

 "Sure thing, drill one," Henry answered, "I think this asteroid is all mined out anyway.

"Before you head back you two might was to look at these readings." Annette called over the radio from the other side of the asteroid.

Henry pulled up Annette's stats on his ship's dashboard.

"Are you seeing what I'm seeing boss?" Issac asked Henry.

"Annette, from what I'm seeing, this looks like water. Is that what you are reading?"

"Yes sir, it looks to be a rather large deposit of it too."

"Liquid or solid?"

"Not sure boss,"

"Ok, you both be prepared to drop your loads if we find liquid water. The station will pay handsomely for fresh water." Henry instructed.

Annette watched the stats on her console as she continued drilling down through the rock to get to the water deposit. The pressure started building down inside the drill line. arning lights flashed on the console.

"Keep going Annette," Henry advised.

Light tremor readings began building on Issac's side of the rock.

"Boss... I think we have a problem." Issac warned.

"No problem, this rock's just going to fight us for it's spoils that's all." Henry replied.

"Almost there!" Annette called out.

"There!" Annette cried out.

The ground shook the drill ships and the team's instruments were flooded with information. Issac threw the switch to fire his thrusters as the mining tunnel beneath him collapsed and almost swallowed his ship.

"We gotta get off this rock!" Issac yelled even though no one could hear him through the din of their own instruments.

Moments later all three of their ships were thrown back into space by flying rock debris. Large chunks of the asteroid smashed into the three drill ships from all sides. Damage and proximety alarms rang out as the three of them tried to maneuver their ships out of the paths of the debris.

Annette's instrument data disappeared off of Henry's dashboard as a particularly large chunk collided with her ship.

"Dangit!" Henry swore through his teeth.

He steady his ship and eyeballed her stat center for signs that she was ok.

"Boss... Is Annette," Issac asked quietly once he found a safe zone on a nearby asteroid.

"I don't have sights on her, do you?"

"Saw the whole collission Sir, She's adrift now. No stat data coming in." Lewis answered, choking over his words.

"GREAT!" Annette shouted over the radio. "Dead as a doornail! My ship's engine took major damage from that hit boss."

"Cesar's ghost Annette! What's your status? We can't read any stats from you over here." Henry called out, relief crackling through his normally level voice.

"I'm ok sir, but you have to see this to believe it!" Annette answered.

The debris slowly cleared to reveal a solid chunk of ice floating where their asteroid had been.

->photo credit: BENNU’S JOURNEY - Heavy Bombardment via photopin (license) <-

Today's post was inspired by the letter I. I is for: Ice    as part of the Blogging from A to Z April 2015 challenge! Click on the letter to join on in the fun!

Every day (excluding Sundays) I will be writing a post about something that begins with the letter for that day. Most of the time you will find a sci-fi flash fiction piece here.

*For Readers: 

As always... if you have something that starts with the letter J that you would like me to try to incorporate into tomorrow's short story, I'm always open to suggestions!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

G: Gas Giant Predicament- Flash Fiction

Giove and Europa
photo credit: Giove and Europa via photopin (license)
“Ok, so how would we build a colony on a gas giant, assuming the gas giant has some sort of solid ground.” Edward asked the rest of the team sitting around the long table.

 “Why not just look for a more solid planet?” Darren asked.

“What if the crew needs to land for repairs or an emergency and they have no alternative?” Celia suggested.

 “Really?” Darren rolled his eyes.

 “Yes really. Our team is going to be out there for years, they’ll need to have contingency plans.” Edward replied.

“Ok, so lets say they release an inflatable bubble out of the air lock.” Joe suggested.

 “What, like they would an inflatable raft?” Edward asked.

“Sure!” Joe answered “We could realistically package a space dome small enough to stow somewhere but big enough that they could begin building their more permanent shelter inside.”

 “Ok, but how would they repair their ship?” Celia asked.

“Why not have a plastic bubble, zippered air lock?” Andy suggested.

 “Big enough to drive the ship through?” Darren asked.

“Sure!” said Andy.

 Edward walked over to the drawing board to peruse their list of possible materials.

“Ok... but where would they get the materials to build their more permanent station?”

“Perhaps, they don’t build the more permanent station unless it looks like they will have to stay there. Otherwise they could just move the ship inside and live in the ship.” Darren said.

 “Do we think we can find a material that will stand up to whatever storms may be on the gas giant? What about acid rain?” Edward pointed out.

 “I know who to ask about that.” Joe volunteered.

 “Ok, you see to that Joe,” Edward double checked the board again, “What does everyone else think? Will this plan work?”

Nods from all four of the other members satisfied Edward.

“Ok, so we have the story line, can we do all of this on our budget?”

 “I’m more worried about how we are going to make the gas giant storms look realistic using just green screen technology!” Andy exclaimed.

Today's post was inspired by the letter G. G is for: Gas Giant  as part of the Blogging from A to Z April 2015 challenge! Click on the letter to join on in the fun!

Every day (excluding Sundays) I will be writing a post about something that begins with the letter for that day. Most of the time you will find a sci-fi flash fiction piece here.

For Readers: Do you think their plan would work on a real Gas Giant? Why or why not? What would your plan be?

As always... if you have something that starts with the letter H that you would like me to try to incorporate into tomorrow's short story, I'm always open to suggestions!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

F: Fire- Burned Into Memory- Flash Fiction

Agni- The Fire God- Free Texture
photo credit: Agni- The Fire God- Free Texture
via photopin (license)
The stars around Davis swirled as he attempted yet another run through the asteroid field. It was important to maneuver the ship around the asteroids quickly to keep from getting hit. He could see the edge of the field in front of him. He was almost out!

Suddenly his skin felt dry and hot. Flames flickered in front of his vision. Pain shot through his extremities. The smell of burning flesh and plastic assaulted his nose.

Cummon Davis! It’s just in your imagination. You KNOW that. You can push through this! He thought to himself.

A few more asteroids later and the pain became so intense that he lost his focus. One wrong move and he found himself careening into the nearest rock. His vision went dark and the smell dissipated, but the pain didn’t.

 Light rushed into the cockpit as a technician opened the simulator’s hatch.

“You almost had it that time Davis! Good Job!”

“Almost isn’t good enough if I get my ship destroyed and its cargo lost again!” Davis growled.

 He climbed out of the simulator and left the technician staring at him as he left.

 They called it PTSD. Nightmares and visions of being burned alive had plagued him ever since the accident four months ago. Until he passed the simulations without a hitch he wouldn't be allowed to fly a shuttle again. Sure, being a pilot wasn't the only thing he could do but even a job on base was proving difficult to keep with these visions creeping up on him at the worst moments.

He neared the Kitchens just as the fire alarm went off. Hearing shouts from the kitchen he charged through the door and grabbed two fire extinguishers from the wall. A grease fire had started on the grill and set the fryer alight as well. The roaring flames reached the ceiling. The kitchen staff had jumped back but the fire was too hot for them to get close enough to turn on the fire suppression system.

Davis jumped into the fray and passed one of the fire extinguishers to the nearest staff member. He pulled the pin on his own and they both suffocated the fire in foam. The station’s firemen ran into the kitchen just as the fire was dying out. Seeing the fire was under control the firemen clapped Davis on the back.

“Man, we are always looking for more brave souls who would like to take on firefighting if you’d be interested!”

Davis shook their hands and politely left the men to their work. It wasn't till he was on his way back to his quarters that he realized that he hadn't had any issues that time. Even though he was face to face with the fire he had stayed in control.

Control, maybe that was the key, he thought. Perhaps the fire didn't concern me because I knew I had something to fight back with!

Today's post was inspired by the letter F. F is for: Fire  as part of the Blogging from A to Z April 2015 challenge! Click on the letter to join on in the fun!

Every day (excluding Sundays) I will be writing a post about something that begins with the letter for that day. Most of the time you will find a sci-fi flash fiction piece here.

As always... if you have something that starts with the letter G that you would like me to try to incorporate into tomorrow's short story, I'm always open to suggestions!

Monday, April 6, 2015

E: Eggs, Hard Boiled or Alive?- Flash Fiction

Dragon Egg
photo credit: Dragon Egg via photopin (license)
“When are your cousins coming over for the Easter egg hunt?” Jimmy asked.

 “They should be here in an hour or so.” Henry answered.

“Do you have the eggs?”

 “Sure do!” Jimmy patted his backpack.

The two teens entered the cargo bay through a set of sliding doors. Henry looked at all the metal cargo containers and shelves of supplies strewn throughout the room.

 “The captain said that this would be the best place to set up the egg hunt,” Henry explained.

 “He was right, this is a perfect spot!” Jimmy said, setting his backpack on one of the containers and pulling out two paper bags full of eggs.

 “Hand me one of those bags of eggs.” Jimmy tossed one of the paper bags to Henry.

 “Whoa man! Watch out! You’ll break them!” Henry shouted.

“Relax! They are hard boiled.”

Henry opened his bag and pulled out one of the eggs.

“Did you have these dyed?” Henry asked.

“Um no... was I supposed to?” Jimmy asked, preoccupied with hiding his own set of eggs on the other side of the cargo bay.

 “I guess they’re ok. Where did you get these from?” Henry pondered the third speckled egg before he placed it behind a cargo container.

 Jimmy eyed the white hard boiled egg in his hand, “Um... the galley, where else?”

 “Hmm, ok, I’m done? How about you?” Henry asked.

 “Yup me too!” Jimmy said jumping up from behind the farthest container and followed Henry out of the cargo bay.

 The two teens returned an hour later with three of Henry’s youngest cousins, multi colored baskets swinging in their hands.

“Ok guys! Go find the eggs!” Henry announced gleefully as the doors swished open.

 The three kids rushed into the cargo bay and ran off in all directions. Little shouts of joy and excitement could be heard as one by one the kids found the eggs. When they could find no more they ran back to Henry and Jason to have them counted.

 “Looks like there are still more out there guys,” Henry said eyeballing the baskets and their all white eggs.

 The three kids looked at each other in excitement before running off to find the eggs again.

 After a few minutes the excitement turned into confusion.

“There isn’t any more, we looked!” The older of the three kids insisted.

 Determined to show the kids that they weren't looking hard enough, Henry walked over to a spot he knew he had hid one of his speckled eggs in.

“See look! There’s one right...”Henry froze.

 The egg was gone.

 “OOOh! Eggie!” The youngest of his cousins squealed.

 “Did you find one?” Jason asked.

 “Um, no. It rolled that way.” The older of the three kids pointed.

Confused, Henry headed in the direction that the egg had rolled, hoping to find it.

What he found instead where a dozen creatures clawing through their speckled shells! He ducked as the creatures spat acid at him and narrowly missed him.

 “Run!” Henry yelled!

(This post is inspired by my three year old who, after we dyed the Easter Eggs, decided to ask me where the babies were. -pointing to the Easter Eggs- I was struck with the sudden realization that he knows that some babies come from eggs, and we were about to eat these eggs tomorrow! Oh the HORROR!)

Today's post was inspired by the letter E. E is for: Eggs  as part of the Blogging from A to Z April 2015 challenge! Click on the letter to join on in the fun!

Every day (excluding sundays) I will be writing a post about something that begins with the letter for that day. Most of the time you will find a sci-fi flash fiction piece here.

For Readers: Do you like eating Easter eggs? Do you eat both the white and yellow part?

As always... if you have something that starts with the letter F that you would like me to try to incorporate into tomorrow's short story, I'm always open to suggestions!

Friday, April 3, 2015

C: Captains Copper Pot- Flash Fiction

turkish coffee pot
photo credit: turkish coffee pot via photopin (license)
The hatch hissed as the seal between the station and the Nebre opened allowing our two new passengers to cross the threshhold.

“Welcome onto the Nebre,” I said. “My name is Perry, I’m the co-pilot. This here is our ship’s doctor, Thorton.”

“Nice to meet you sir, I’m Colin Whithers, this is my wife Lauren.”

By the way she clung to her husbands arm, the man’s wife looked very intimidated by the Nebre. I shook 
Colin’s hand and nodded politely to his wife.

“The Nebre is the safest ship around. She’ll get you to Andromeda in one piece Ma’am.”

A familiar whistling to my left alerted me that my captain was headed this way. Mrs. Whithers gasped as she saw the captain for the first time.

“Is there something wrong with your captain?” She whispered to Dr. Thorton.

“Now why would you think that?” My captain said, gallantly tipping his hat and bowing to his newest guests.

“Well, why are you wearing that on your head sir?” Mrs. Whithers asked pointing to my captain’s hat.

“Ma’am this has been passed down in my family for years.” My captain replied flashing Mrs. Whithers a smooth smile. ““Make yourselves at home, we should be nearing Andromeda in the morning.”

The captain tipped his hat once again and headed back to the front of the ship.

“Did you really have to ask the captain about his ‘choice of headwear’?” Collen asked his wife once they were behind the closed door of their quarters.

Lauren cocked her head at her husband.

“Didn’t you think it was odd!” Lauren asked before placing her suitcase in the corner locker.
Collen shrugged.

“What the man chooses to wear doesn’t bother me.” Collen answered. “What difference does it make?”

“Um, because he might just be nuts and he’s the one flying this ship!” Lauren answered.

Collen shoved his bag in beside his wife’s in the locker before turning to look at her.

“I’m hungry, do you want to go get something to eat?”

Lauren shrugged with a long sigh and a roll of her eyes and followed her husband down to the Galley.

Inside they found an old style kitchen stove and a long wooden table.

“Huh.” Lauren said.

Collen looked through the cabinet above the stove and found a dehydrated bag of beans and franks.
Lauren grabbed a pot from the table, filled it with water and dumped in the beans and franks.
Within minutes the aroma had filled the Galley.

“Wow that smells good! Is there enough for one more?” The captain asked as he entered the room.

“Sure!” Lauren replied, setting the pot onto the table for everyone to enjoy.

“Why are there beans in my hat?” The captain asked eyeing his steaming hat on the table.

“Sir, It’s not a hat its a copper pot!” Lauren objected.

“Oh, I know that!” The captain said with a wink. “The beans should be in our bowls not in my hat!”

Today's post was inspired by the letter C. C is for: Copper Pot  as part of the Blogging from A to Z April 2015 challenge! Click on the letter to join on in the fun!

Every day (excluding sundays) I will be writing a post about something that begins with the letter for that day. Most of the time you will find a sci-fi flash fiction piece here.

This post is ALSO part of the 52 week flash fiction challenge on facebook
Week 2 word prompt: Pot
Word Limit: 20- 500
This one tops out right at 494 words.

For Readers: What other things would you be willing to use a pot for besides cooking? Could you wear one like our eccentric captain here?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

B: Bedtime In Space- Flash Fiction

sleeping bag
photo credit: P1070326 via photopin (license)
The end of a long day, it's finally bedtime, Andrea floated over to her sleeping bag on the side of the space station.

"I'm ready for a good nights sleep!" Jack said, zipping himself into the sleeping bag on the opposite wall.

He was asleep within minutes.
Andrea hung inside her sleeping bag trying to calm her restless mind, trying to get comfortable.

I liked sleeping on my stomach on earth, maybe it would help if I turned towards the wall.

Andrea turned over inside her sleeping bag just to realize that the problem wasn't the way she was turned but more because she didn't have the bed to snuggle onto or the blankets weight around her. They had warned her that the first night could be like this. They had even sent her and Jack with medicine to help them get to sleep.

Mom always told me, if you start down that path you run the risk of always needing pills to get to sleep. But what do I do!

Andrea thought for a few minutes, examining her surroundings. Lights from various control panels blinked softly back at her and a few objects still floated around the room. A pen still tied to it's string had come unvelcroed from its place on the wall, and apparently one of her socks had managed to get left behind when she packed away the day's laundry.

UGH, maybe that's why I can't sleep. Aundrea thought.

She unzipped her sleeping bag and floated over to the pen and sock putting both of them back where they belonged. As she shut the sock back inside the clothes cabinet she suddenly came up with an idea.

Maybe it is the weight of the blankets I am missing which is why I can't get comfortable enough to fall asleep!

Andrea floated up to her clean laundry cabinet and dragged out a few shirts and pairs of cloth pants. She pushed them over to her sleeping bag and zipped herself halfway in. She stuffed her pants and shirts down inside the bag and around the inside of the sleeping bag's hood before zipping the bag back up around her.

AH! Andrea rubbed her face against the shirt balled up beside her head. This is more like it!

Within moments she was fast asleep.

Andrea woke to Jack's laughter the next morning.

"What's all this?"

Andrea looked him over through bleary eyes.

"How did you sleep?" She asked.

"The meds got me to sleep but I kept waking up all night." Jack admitted. "This sleeping in space business is going to take some getting used to."

"Well I may look like the stay puffed marshmellow man, but I slept great last night!" Andrea said with a cheeky smile.

Andrea unzipped her sleeping bag and unleashed all her shirts and pants to float through the cabin as she pushed away from the wall.

"It may look silly but I might just have to try that tonight." Jack laughed.

Today's post was inspired by the letter B. B is for: Bedtime  as part of the Blogging from A to Z April 2015 challenge! Click on the letter to join on in the fun!

Every day (excluding sundays) I will be writing a post about something that begins with the letter for that day. Most of the time you will find a sci-fi flash fiction piece here.

For Readers: What do you do to help you get to sleep in a new environment? 

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A: Acid Rains Of Enzor- Flash Fiction

photo credit: IMG_3640 via photopin (license)

Jody walked along the creaking halls of her ship inspecting the damage. She wasn’t sure how much time she had left but she knew it wouldn’t be long. The engines were damaged beyond repair in the crash and the acid rain in Enzor’s atmosphere was quickly eating through the hull. Jody knew her suit would offer her some protection from the acid but it wouldn’t last long.

To be burned alive by rain. Jody shuddered.

Ahead of her the metal of her ship had twisted and deformed before rending itself in two during the crash. The rain fell like a haze through that gaping maw and sizzled as it ate away the metal floor below. She eyed the damage warily and used the light on her suit to make sure she was well away from the rain.

I could make a run for it and try to find some caves somewhere. Jody thought.

She reached out and gently touched the side of her ship, the sensors in her gloves allowing her to feel the walls as though she wasn’t wearing any gloves at all. She could feel the sensations of the ship sizzling through the walls as the acid ate away at the metal outside.

Yeah, that sensor would have to be shut off if I ventured outside!

Making one last sweep of the hall she headed back up towards the cockpit of the ship where the least damage was. The airlock and the environmental controls still worked there. Even still, in the center of the ceiling a rusty colored circle was starting to form over one of the dents. The roof here wouldn’t last much longer, and when it gave way there wouldn’t be many other spots on the ship to hide.

Jody sat in her seat in the cockpit and unlocked her helmet, pulling it off and shaking her hair free in one movement. She yanked a metal box from under the console and unlatched the top. Inside lay a days worth of rations. The rest of her rations had been destroyed when the rust collapsed the living quarters a few days ago.

Jody eyed the rusty circle above her head and noted with dread that condensation had already started to form. She decided to pack the rest of the rations in the pockets on her pants leg just in case. She tore open the last ration pack with her teeth and hastily ate the ration bar.

No sense in good food going to waste.

Another ominous groan from the ship around her was joined by the airlock failure and the hull breach alarm.

Crud! Jody hissed between her teeth as she hurried to lock her helmet back on her head.

Jody backed away as the acid droplets fell from the ceiling with a sizzle.

A pinging sound on the console told her that her buoy had been received.

“If they get here in time,” Jody mumbled, “I will never complain about the rain again!”

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Today's post was inspired by the letter A. A is for: Acid  as part of the Blogging from A to Z April 2015 challenge! Click on the letter to join on in the fun!

Every day (excluding sundays) I will be writing a post about something that begins with the letter for that day. Most of the time you will find a sci-fi flash fiction piece here.

For Readers: Would you make a run for it and try to find better shelter or try to wait it out on the ship like Jody?

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Do Aliens Exist?- Flash Fiction

PhoTones Works #2996
photo credit: PhoTones Works #2996 via photopin (license)
“How can you be a Christian and not believe that aliens could exist!”

Crystal remembered rolling her eyes at her brother’s sermon. He was a man of great faith, the leader of the Jupiter station congregation. She, well she just knew that she believed that God existed and didn’t really want to think very much further about it all.

She stepped closer to the inhuman drawings carved into, and covering the entire length of the cave wall, every step sending tiny billows of lunar dust rippling away from her.

How come?” She remembered demanding in defiance. “The bible doesn’t say anything about aliens!”

The bible doesn’t say anything about airplanes either, or space ships, now does it!” Jacob had argued back.

He knew she would just see that as him deflecting from her comment.

You know what I mean Jacob! Be serious. If God created aliens why have we not seen them?”

Crystal, we aren’t supposed to know why God does what he does. Perhaps the aliens are so far out there that they can’t reach us. Perhaps God wants them to develop without us influencing them. Perhaps he doesn’t think we are ready yet.”

Huh! That’s a lot of perhaps’ Jacob! More fact and less speculation! Our scientists have been hunting for signs of intelligent life out here for eons and still nothing!”

Her triumphant yet combative tone from that comment rung in her memory and left a bitter taste in her mouth now. Crystal reached out and touched a portion of the cave image that seemed to be carved in a much harsher method than the rest.

Suddenly the walls lit up around her, and the dust blew away to reveal a perfectly smooth glassy black floor. The hair on her arms tingled as though she was covered by static electricity. Terror coursed through her as she realized that she couldn’t move.

The last words from her brother’s sermon echoed in her mind, “If God created us, who are we to say that he didn’t create other beings on some other far away planet?”

Footsteps echoing from somewhere deeper in the cave sent Crystal’s mind whirling and her heart pounding.

What do I say?
What could I say!
There’s no possible way they could know earth standard! You just HAD to go exploring on your own didn't you Crystal!

Crystal gasped for air.

Come on Crystal! Get a grip! You know your space suit still has oxygen. Breathe! 

The approaching footsteps suddenly sounded so close and they changed from dull thuds to clinks from the newcomer’s feet touching the now smooth floor. Crystal’s lungs finally gave up when the newcomer placed a blue four fingered hand on the shoulder of her suit. She static field released her before she was ready. She crumpled to the ground...

Perhaps Jacob was right, we aren’t ready yet. Was Crystal’s last thought before she fell unconscious.

This post is part of the 52 week flash fiction challenge on facebook
Week 2 word prompt: Sermon
Word Limit: 20- 500
This one tops out right at 487 words.

Readers: How do you think you would react if you were suddenly faced with real life aliens? Would you be shocked? Scared? Would you panic? How would you communicate with them?

Friday, March 13, 2015

More Money For Better Quality- Flash Fiction

photo credit: Bounty Basic Paper Towels via photopin (license)
The Nightingale sat powered down in the bay of one of the richest trading hubs in the galaxy. All the top quality murch came through here. The loading bay area was filled with a dozen or so ships with their crews all rushing around to get their purchases loaded and ready for transport. Fine clothing, colorful packages, and glittering jeweled trunks added a kaleidoscope of color to the otherwise metallic gray of the loading bay. Fragrant spices, scintillating perfumes, and fresh flowers all filled the bay with their amazing aromas. At the bottom of the Nightingale’s ramp, however, sat an entire pallet of paper towels.

Craig, the Nightingale’s captain, carried each large package of paper towels up the ramp into his ship and set them down gently in the farthest corner of the cargo bay. His copilot stood at the bottom of the ramp shaking his head incredulously.

“Craig, man, just toss em in! We can organize them once we are in route to Jupiter station.”

“I paid half this week's credits for these! There’s no way I’m just tossing them in!”

“Why don’t you just let the forklift bring the whole pallet onboard instead of taking them one at a friggin time?”

“The wood from the pallet would just add to our weight!” Craig answered on his way back from bringing the last package onboard.

The two men stood beside the cargo door and simultaneously turned the wheels to raise the ramp.

The door hissed and sealed shut.

“But why paper towels? I just don’t get it! What’s so special about these paper towels? Paper towels come standard in the ration packs.” Craig’s copilot said.

“Jimmy, they’re for my old lady. Every month, before I head out, I ask her what she wants me to bring back. She could ask for anything, a necklace, a special perfume... but no- she asks for Bounty Basic paper towels.”

The two men headed back up the cargo bay, through a set of double doors and into the cockpit.

“Why these ones though?” Jimmy asked.

Craig took his seat and began flicking on the various switches on the dashboard.

“Engine’s reading fine, fuel’s at 480,” Jimmy read off the instrument panel dials while waiting for a response to his question.

“I leave her for a whole month at a time every other month. The least I can do is try to bring her what she wants when I come home. Apparently these paper towels work much better than the standard ration ones.” Craig answered with a sideways glance at Jimmy.

“What, do they, like, have cleaner embedded in them or something?” Jimmy asked while flicking some switches on his own side of the dash.

Craig chuckled. “All engines go. Signaling loading bay doors.”

“Nope, dude all they do is soak up more liquid. They are a bit more sturdy if you have to scrub something. That’s it.” Craig answered.

“Well, if it makes the wife happy.” Jimmy shrugged, “Who am I to disagree!”

This post is part of the 52 week flash fiction challenge on facebook
Week 2 word prompt: Basic
Word Limit: 20- 500
This one tops out right at 500 words.

Readers: What would YOU bring home, after being gone for a month, that would make your wife or husband happy?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Don't Bite Heads Off

Ask Nicely

I'm just gonna leave this here. Something that I have been seeing examples of a lot lately, in real life and in the series my family is re-watching (Smallville). Someone wants something and they jump to conclusions and get all nasty about things before even stopping to consider what the outcome might have been if they had asked politely and nicely.

Not everyone is like Lex Luther from Smallville, deviously planning things behind the scenes and leaving Clark to always blame him first. Well, because lets face it, it normally IS Lex's fault.

Would their relationship have been any different had Clark tried to connect and hang out more with Lex in the beginning? Eh, maybe not- because it is Superman's story after all and somethings just can't change without messing up the whole series.

And then we have major disasters like what happened to our neighbor last year. Something broke her waterline right at the shut off in front of her house. No one was home and we didn't notice it till the middle of the night when I ran outside to scare away some dogs that were ganging up on another dog.

I ended up ankle deep in water in the middle of this lady's yard, waving and yelling like a lunatic. Yeah, I'm nuts... I know. Anyhow, the dogs ran off and I realized that gallons upon gallons of water were gushing out all over the place.

Now, I don't know how this lady reacted but I do know how some might have. Calling up and fussing out your water company because the water bill is high and it wasn't your fault may not be the right thing to do. Fast forward to this recent cold snap and I found out something really nice about the water company!

Our pipes were run in our attic, during the last cold snap they froze and created an epic gargantuan disastrous mess. Water damage company and insurance company was called, yeah... after we panicked a tiny bit first of course. THEN we received the water bill. Oh my gosh was it high (hundreds of dollars).

So I called the water company up and explained to them what happened and that we just don't have the funds to pay all this up front and was there perhaps a way to set up a payment plan. The lady told me not to worry about it, just send them an invoice of what repairs were done and what the damage cost and they would deduct the water overage off of our bill.

Color me shocked and relieved!

But lets rewind to the very angry water patron from earlier (imaginary of course). Had our irate customer simply explained to the water company that there was damage done (and it wasn't that they were filling up swimming pools) then the water company would have been able to answer politely in return. Everything would have been fine, and our irate customer needn't have embarrassed themselves.

So- lesson from all this? Be calm, ask nicely, and try to put yourself in the other person's shoes.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Memories in the Wind- Flash Fiction

dream catcher
Photo credit: old story | via photopin (license)
Dreea swiped at a tickle on her chin only to find it wet with her own tears. She sniffed back further tears in shock as she considered her surroundings carefully. She remembered the crash, remembered him dying in her arms. She remembered the explosion that consumed the ship along with the body of the man she loved before sending her sprawling onto the rocky ground.

 She slowly sat up in the bed, wiping the tears from her eyes before tentatively feeling the bandage across her forehead. She didn’t remember coming here, she didn’t remember this place at all.

 “Hello?” Dreea called out with a dry voice.

 No one answered. Dreea decided that she’d better figure out if she was a guest or prisoner. She slowly made her way across the room, noting that almost every muscle in her body ached along with the emptiness she felt deep in her chest.

 Trying the handle on the metal door she found that it swung easily on its hinges and allowed the sun to pour into the small room. Dreea peered through the sunlight and stepped out into the gray dusty road in front of her. A tinkling sound drew her attention across the street to a pole hanging above the door across from her.

 A few moments passed before someone approached Dreea. She paid just enough attention to tell that the alien wasn’t armed before turning again to the object twisting in the wind.

 “What is that?” Dreea asked the scaly creature waiting patiently by her side.

 The alien reached into a pocket into its apron and pulled out a box that translated its answer.

 “The family lost an elderly one, the mobile tells their loved one’s story.” The computerized voice responded. “Her favorite place was among the trees in the growing place. She loved to sing and to feel the wind. Her son and daughter decorated this to hang in memory of her.”

Dreea’s eyes swam with tears and the ache in her chest swelled as she considered the imagery that could tell her dearest’s story. A constellation of stars, his mission patch, and the image of the sailboat from his favorite book. Maybe some blue and silver ribbons, and the buttons from his favorite shirt.

The alien touched her injured arm gently.

 “I saw your burning ship. Would you like to make one?” The translated voice said.

 No longer able to hold them back, her tears poured from her eyes and dripped to the rocky ground beneath her feet.

 “Yes please,” Dreea mumbled.

This post is part of the 52 week flash fiction challenge on facebook
Week 52 word prompt: Story
Word Limit: 20- 500
Word Count: 423

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Planet Of Perpetual Twilight- Flash Fiction

rocky landscape
photo credit: We are Fires in the Night! via photopin (license)
Nellie walked along the rocky terrain, peering through the darkness, watching the horizon carefully. It had been almost three months since she came to Nostra with the main research team. Not once had they seen so much as a sunrise.

As far as her eye could see, all she saw were rocks and short mountains. Members of her team had gone out on many treks this past year and that's all they ever found, more rocks and more mountains. A cool breeze tickled softly past her neck, blowing her short hair back ever so slightly.

She shivered. This whole planet gives me the creeps!

Sure, they found water here, but you had to dig a well to get to it. As for light, the one essential thing for plant growth, the cloud cover was dense enough to block out most of the light here. The team resorted to using artificial light sources to help break up the perpetual twilight. That is, when the daily solar flares weren’t interrupting their power sources.

Just a few more months! I’ll be happy to get off this rock!

"Have you seen them yet?" A colleague asked, striding up behind her.

"No, Alexi, I haven't. Any word on the radio?" Nellie asked.

"No, the radio is down again." Alexi answered.

"Ugh, go figure." Nellie rubbed her hands over her sleeves vigorously to fight off the chill.

All of their clothes were made with built in thermal materials designed to keep Earth's arctic winds out. Yet here, where the temperature was barely below 65, a slight breeze could chill you to the bone in no time.

What I wouldn't do for a hot summer beach and a margarita right now!

"Go on in and warm up, I'll keep watch." Alexi suggested.
Nellie turned to walk toward their base camp. She’d only made it half way when the breeze came through again. This time, she thought she felt icy cold fingers brush past the side of her neck. She whirled back toward Alexi in shock.

She saw him, at the bottom of their little hill, right where she left him.

Um Alexi,” She called out.

Yeah, what is it?” He called back without turning towards her.

Nothing, I just...”

The breeze came again.

This time Nellie could have sworn it felt like she had been shoved. She landed on her backside, rocks skittering away from her.

Nellie quit fooling around!” Alexi groaned.

I’m not. I...” She stuttered.

Nellie stood and brushed herself off.

This time it was Alexi’s turn to be knocked off his feet.

But how could Alexi be knocked down by the wind and she didn’t feel even a breeze this time?

Wispy streams of light appeared between them, seemingly floating on the wind. As Alexi stood up the streams of light bowled him back to the ground. He sat up wide eyed and waved at Nellie to run.

Either this planet doesn’t want us here or something is here with us!”

This post is part of the 52 week flash fiction challenge on facebook
Week 50 word prompt: Haunted
Word Limit: 20- 500

Yep I started the challenge late but it looked too fun not to jump right on in.

This one tops out right at 497 words.