Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Day 3 The Platonian's Favorite Song

Exploring New Worlds Blog Challenge Day 3 Find your bad guy's favorite song! You can join this challenge too! On a blog or on social media, whether you are a writer OR a reader! Just pick a favorite book off of your shelf (or a story you are currently writing) and click on the image below for info on how to join in on the fun!

The Platonians, specifically their Military Guild, are the Antagonists in my newest release Visionary From The Stars. They have spent so many years trying to stop others from finding the cylinder relics, it is a shame really. Many of their kind have become disenfranchised with the way the Military Guild has been doing things... they've taken to living in secret cities to escape being drafted into a battle they feel is unnecessary.

The Military Guild's most recent accomplishment has been simulating Exandra's legendary blizzard with the added effect of managing to knock out the human colony's electrical system. Therefore, this is currently their favorite song:

Ho Boy... awfully sure of themselves aren't they. They do end up blowing up a few ships with our friends onboard so... I think I'll step out of their way for now.

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