Monday, October 1, 2018

Day1 A Song That Reminds Me of Visionary From The Stars

To kick off this month's Exploring New Worlds Blog Challenge, I will be trying to match my newest release to a song that reminds me of it. You can join this challenge too, whether you are a writer OR a reader- on your blog OR on social media! Just pick a favorite book off of your shelf (or a story you are currently writing) and click on the image below for info on how to join in on the fun!

 As I mentioned, this month I will be exploring my newest release, Visionary From The Stars... Oh Wait! You guys haven't seen the cover yet! Well today is your lucky day!

There you have it folks! A Shiny new cover!

Now, what song reminds me of Visionary? I have two...

This one probably because I was watching this series pretty seriously when I was doing the bulk of the story building for this book.

This one... Not sure, it has always resonated with me. It helped me get a handle (or as much of a handle as my earthbound self could possibly hope to get) on the helplessness an astronaut might feel in space when something goes wrong.


You can find Visionary From The Stars out on kindle today!!! 

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