Saturday, October 6, 2018

Day 6: Photos that remind me of The Star Traveler Team

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As you all may know by now, my book Visionary From The Stars has just been released!

So today I will be introducing you to the Star Traveler team by finding pictures that remind me of how I think they look!

Crew of the Star Traveler EX 001 and EX 002

Lookalike for Captain Mitchell 

work man person suit people male office human professional business profession glasses job official success politician appearance delegate shane robinson facial hair military officer military person
Look Alike for Eli Kingston (Laurie's Father)

A young woman doctor with her arms crossed isolated over a red background
Look Alike for Anna Kingston (Laurie's Mother)

Portrait of girl with light of study.
Look Alike for Laurie Kingston

I tried to find a look alike for Dr. Eric Smith but the best I could come up with was Robert Downy Jr. here in this picture.
Image result for black guy

This guy reminds me of what I always imagined Mr. Gorioshi Higashi looks like

So... care to tell me what you think? Interested in the book? Visionary From The Stars is free on Kindle till October 9th!

While we are waiting... Come check out others who are posting their Day 6 Blog Challenge as well!

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