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Day 9 What makes your protagonist angry

#ExploringNewWorlds Challenge Day What makes your protagonist angry! 

Laurie Kingston is pretty level headed, she doesn't get angry much but others being stubborn can sure get under her skin!

But here... don't take my word for it, see for yourself!

We must make it, we must, Laurie thought to herself.
“Hopefully they can’t climb trees,” Chris muttered to himself.
If only we can make it to the edge of the marsh, mused Tarpin. He had a plan.
It was a narrow escape when they finally reached the marshland.
“Climb the marshland trees!” Tarpin yelled over the hollering of the Platonians.
 Immediately Chris and Laurie grabbed hold of a tree and started climbing. Tarpin climbed up after them. They were hardly in the middle branches when out of nowhere came a band of one hundred Squirrels.
“Stay perfectly still,” Tarpin advised quietly to the two. “The Squirrels will attack the Platonians and drive them away; they think the Platonians are attacking them!”
The Platonians were close on the heels of the refugees and nearing their hiding place. In the branches of her tree Laurie fought back a giggle when she spotted a few of the Platonians jumping away quickly from the areas where the ground was the soggiest. The mud was soon the least of the Platonian’s worries once they heard the distant war cry of the Squirrels.
 Stunned they froze in the path and watched in horror as the band of Squirrels descended on them, through the treetops and on the ground. The Squirrels had spears, slings, and knives brandished high. The Platonians, knowing the reputation of these fierce warriors, turned and ran out and away from the marshlands as quickly as possible. The Squirrels stopped at the edge of the marshlands and watched the Platonian retreat.
After putting up his tegar, Tarpin hopped nimbly down from the tree,
“We thank you and your tribe for saving us from that murderous tribe of Platonians,” he said, smiling.
Startled from the voice behind their lines, the chief turned to face his new menace.
“What do you mean ‘saved you’? What are you doing here?” The Squirrel chief demanded.
“I said ‘we thank you’, not ‘I’. There are three of us,” Tarpin reproved, as behind him the two children jumped swiftly down, their tegars still extended full length. “We came here to ask if your tribe has seen a group of humans, like these children but older?”
“No,” the Squirrel chief answered deftly.
“I know otherwise!” Tarpin growled.
Unexpectedly rebuffed, the chief responded, “What does it mean to you? Our spies tell us that their group, calling themselves the EOE team, was planning to attack and overcome us.”
“EOE stands for Explorers of Exandra. We were on a mission to explore, not conquer!” Laurie exclaimed, quite consumed with anger and frustration.
Chris laid a hand on her shoulder.
“The young one speaks the truth,” said Tarpin, his face stern.
“How can you be so sure; you were not here when the humans came!” The Squirrel chief accused.
 “These two were,” Tarpin answered.
“How can you believe their story? How do you know they are not lying?”
“It is called trust, thou who have none,” Tarpin said sternly.
“Ha, trust,” the chief mocked.
Laurie knew that neither the chief nor the Squirrels were convinced that the EOE team had not come to the marshlands to cause them harm. Laurie was still quite aggravated with the Squirrels, but now she had an idea. She took her MTD out of her pocket and began pressing a few buttons. Chris looked over her shoulder curiously; Tarpin was still arguing with the chief over whether or not the members of the EOE team were conquerors or explorers.
After having finished, Laurie walked over to a stump of a tree and set her MTD down on it. It looked very tiny sitting open there, with its blue screen glowing slightly. She turned it toward the others, who now stared at her with suspicion, wondering what she was doing. She pushed a little blue button on the side of her MTD and stepped to the side.
The Squirrels gasped and muttered in surprise, a light shone from the MTD on the tree stump. Two feet away from the screen, a hologram began to flicker and then the image became steady. It was a 3D map of Exandra. It showed in detail all the hills, valleys, rivers, and wooded areas that the EOE team knew of before they started on their trek.
Most of these things on the map were from the information Trib had given them. Nevertheless, there was still a vast area of Exandra that not even the Laskonians had explored; these areas were blank on the 3D map. The team had set out to explore a certain piece of this unknown land. Laurie showed and explained to the Squirrels the map and the team’s detailed plans for exploring more of the blank areas on the map. Trying to persuade the Squirrel chief that the EOE team had not come to conquer the Squirrels, she insisted that the members of her team did not even know the Squirrels lived here.
“If we knew you were here, don’t you think we would have ignored this area?” She asked.
“Not if you were coming to attack us,” the chief answered.
Laurie shut her MTD off and closed it.
“Oh, you are hardheaded!” she exclaimed. “Don’t you think that if we were trying to attack you we would try to come undetected and not walking out in the open?” Laurie said, exasperated.
“Or what about the fact that if we were attacking you we would have brought weapons; we were unarmed when you ambushed us,” Chris added.
The Squirrels just looked at the two children blankly.
Laurie shook her head.
“If you still don’t believe us, why don’t you ask our group why they were headed here?” she exclaimed.
“That is a capital idea,” said Tarpin.
“Humph. Oh, very well,” the Squirrel chief answered.

(End excerpt)

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